Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, December 14 (Reporter Li Binbin) – Hong Kong Cyberport 14 announced its creative community company breakthrough 1000, Cyberport start-ups, technology companies and industry representatives such as hundreds of people gathered together in Cyberport, witnessed its step into a new era。   Cyberport is an innovative digital community, owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government wholly-owned Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited。 Cyberport Creative Community, including financial technology, e-commerce, networking, wearable technology, big data and artificial intelligence technology areas, including more than 200 financial technology company。   Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau of the HKSAR Government Zhong Weiqiang pointed out that the number of Cyberport not only heavy but also high quality。
During April to September this short period of six months, the Cyberport start-up company has been successful in attracting investor funds of approximately HK $ 1 billion。 The SAR Government will continue to work with research, innovation and technology-driven economic development of Hong Kong's new。
  "Large and small, in different stages of start-ups and technology companies gathered today to celebrate the new milestone Cyberport, it just marks the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving and diversified development of Hong Kong。
"Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyberport Lee Lam said the Cyberport brings together more than 1000 technology companies, marking the creative community continue to grow and add new impetus to Hong Kong's economic development。
  It is understood that the Cyberport in mid-2006 and mid-2009 respectively to launch the Cyberport Incubation Program and Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, has Incubatees nearly 500, and its creative projects funded over 350。 In addition, the Cyberport attracted many well-known international technology companies stationed in more than 350 start-up companies have chosen to share the wisdom of space Cyberport workplace as a base to develop their business ideas。 +1。