When I play with the car and rushed to July Tianlong Hotel door, on the bus to the airport would have got into a lot of people, perhaps waiting for me.。I did not say anything and July, because at this time I do not want to say, on the bus and walked toward Guzi。    I know the War of parting, for me is a kind of sadness, for July, but also a ruthless pain。I stood in the doorway of the bus, watching the July hastily ran over, and I said, let me be careful along the way, I want to take care of yourself。I looked July tears filled eyes, straining nodded, and she also said you take care of yourself, I turned around, to July, leaving a heavy back, walked to the car seat。    Bus sailed opened, I looked July also riding on a bike waiting for her car。Through the window glass, I saw in July goes against the window glass face, full of tears shed in July that face, at this time, my heart is pulled tightly, while sad tears naturally want Yun came out, I fight back, carried away to go。    At this moment, I go left, right in July。    I know that before long, but we are far apart, but I believe our hearts are really connected with the。    July car sitting in my field of vision disappeared when my phone unique bell sound up, I know my July called me on the phone, I quickly pick up。    “Honey, I could not bear you walked, when you are gone, my heart seemed empty, like you took my heart away。”    “Baby, I also want to leave you ah, I just saw you is already in tears, and I do not want you cry, baby, I said do not you cry。”    “Honey, you said do not leave me, you leave me again。”    “Baby, my heart to you, I did not leave you。Baby, you have to remember to eat breakfast, for me to take care of my baby, I promise, okay?”    “Honey, I remember, I will take good care of their own。You also go back later to take care of yourself, you have to carry, we have good。”    “Baby, we isolated is temporary, you give me confidence。”    “Honey, let us not always faced with separation, OK?I am afraid you out of my mind when the moment of feeling like a lost。”    “Baby, I think of you, no matter where my people, I always carry your heart with walking, just as my heart on your body as。”    I know, I can not say anything and I July, and I said to her to let her take care of myself, I will take good care of their own, hurry to hang up the phone。    I know I love my July is true love, love the cut, after we separated, I think deep, she's even read, we miss each other together, the pain of Shen。    I think I left my July, thinking she had a deep kind of tenderness in me, and she is truly in love with my heart and soul to come。I know I love my July, I think a person's life, freedom can be very comfortable life, but only one person, it can not be said to be happy, never be happy。Think of these, my heart seems suddenly lost, I ask myself: Who am I in July?I want to go?Where's my fate in life?Why should I let my July endless wait forever?    I think Ever since July, body and mind have a love, you can make me write the a miss, so I can read unlimited thinking, can I no longer lonely, no longer alone。July ah, since you have been, you can let me have a lot of care in every day and night, I finally got in your body, I feel that this a miss, is the only thing on earth violation of gravity。    In July, my July, I know, I left you in the face of the avalanche of share miss, I feel love you love so feeble。Although it is known, to execute an idea, a thought will suffer; an idea down, self-will that to heart。But I also know that I love to share persistent, perhaps only feel your heart in July。    I'm just resting against the seat stop thinking, stop pondering。Thinking about life among the real encounter with July, attracted to love, I know what you want is。I know no one can help me, and everything, I can only rely on yourself, give yourself enough confidence and firm belief; do not wait until everything lost time, still intoxicated with。    Life is too short to have it repeated a clutch?Inadvertently, they have become a twilight。In the journey of life, I know, I have a short sunset, I still can not slow down to enjoy the scenery around me, although that is a life to be indifferent, but the thought of you from afar, but always for me waiting for the share of deep love, at this moment, all my bitter loneliness, in my heart, in my mind, as if to have a way home。    Happy moment, is already in my brain aftertaste behind me, I know, can not forget is that once。I firmly believe that my July has been by my side, my search, I belong to pursue my happiness, I have a happy July, this love is not lonely, not a flash in the pan。    In July, I July, and I do not say never, because I do not always know there will be more distant。    I think one day I will take my July, get on the bus in my life, towards love happy place。    In July, we have this love only three words: walk together。