March 19, after the thirteenth meeting of the Seventh National People's Congress plenary session, the fifth "minister channel" opened in Beijing's Great Hall, Minister of Ecology Environment Minister Li, Science and Technology Minister Wang Chih-kang, auditor general Reached via, Minister of housing and Urban-Rural construction Minister Wang Meng Hui and other seven appearances minister channel。  "Unswervingly adhere to the regulation goal, not to relax efforts to maintain policy continuity and stability, in particular, to further reinforce the main responsibility of local governments。"Wang Meng Hui in answer to a reporter's question, said the past year, adhere to the classification regulation, because of the city due to the measures and policies, the real estate market remained stable running。Specifically, there are two characteristics: First, housing prices momentum has been effectively suppressed; the second is the expected positive changes in the real estate market。  "Next, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of nineteen, insists the house is to live, not to fry。Accelerate the construction of reform and long-term mechanism of the real estate housing system, to maintain stable and healthy development of the real estate market。Accelerate the establishment of multi-agent supply, multi-channel support, hire-purchase housing system simultaneously。"Wang Meng Hui said, to establish and improve statistical and monitoring and early warning mechanisms for the real estate market, this can increase the accuracy of regulation, strengthen the supervision of the real estate market, in particular, to crack down on the real estate business and illegal activities intermediaries, to ensure that people the legitimate rights and interests are protected。  As any radical ecological environment minister, Minister Li bluntly responsibility of the body feel heavier, more pressure。"Eco-Department of Environmental Protection Ministry of Environment integrates all existing related duties and responsibilities of the other six sectors, a wider range of future work, something more and greater challenges。"Minister Li said that the formation of the Department of Ecology of the environment to solve our long-standing presence in the environmental protection of the ecological problems and create better conditions。  At this stage, the blue sky Battle undoubtedly a tough environment faced by the Department of Ecology。Minister Li said that at present the relevant departments are developing a three-year action plan for the Battle of the sky in accordance with the central requirements, the program will strengthen law enforcement inspectors, zone defense, technological innovation, supporting the role of social forces, the PM2.5 concentration decreased significantly, significantly reduced the number of days of heavy pollution, atmospheric environment significantly improved governance, people's well-being significantly enhanced blue sky。  Issues related to the construction of an innovative country, Science and Technology Minister Wang Chih-kang said that science and technology more and more important in the modern era, a new era of support is an important part of national prosperity。He said that the innovative nature of scientific and technological talent-driven, so the introduction of science and technology policy, to think about how to make people's ability to innovate, more respect by society, including material and spiritual。In addition, the strengthening of international cooperation, scientific and technological achievements, to attract more people to participate in research activities, the direction is the next step of reform。  Reached via Audit Office said that audit institutions should play a strong professional, wide touch surface, rapid response and other advantages, deeply revealing shadow banking, non-performing loans, financial risk table outside the business impact of hot money and so on, pay close attention to local government debt, real estate, etc. hidden fields which contribute to preventing and defusing a significant risk。At the same time, the audit authority to achieve full coverage in poor areas of audit, revealed serious misuse of anti-poverty funds misappropriation, fraud and other issues, promote accountability Responsibility。  Recommended reading trends in the property market around