What are the skills serve tennis is a sport that recent rise gradually, it has a fun, confrontational, more can a strong body, so are a lot of people love。 Then you know what are the tennis ball skills you bring the following small series for everyone tennis ball skills, teach you curve ball!Four points Teaches you how to send a curve ball.To make a high-quality way to adjust the grip of cutting the ball, starting with the correct grip way to start, a lot of players in the Continental grip tee can exert enough to cut the ball。
If you can, without changing grip。
If you can not grip the ball with Continental to produce enough rotation, I suggest that the way you grip the Continental grip slightly eastward direction way backhand grip adjustment。 In this way during the swing the racket grip the entire racket frame Ying collar, and so that when a ball contacts the side tempo paddle and ball generate more friction and thus bring more cutting。
2.When the body movement to serve many parts of the body to coordinate the move, so keep playing tennis can exercise the coordination of our body。
But in order to cultivate cutting the ball feel, the entire action to keep your body as still as possible to the beginning。
To focus primarily on the contact and swing the racket and ball。
You can own a virtual standing start a cylinder within the swivel ball。
If you want to send a good curve ball, then you have to remove all excess body movement, do not do useful。 Holding the front body weight, and remains straight, strong back posture。
Such errors can be reduced swing, the ball when the ball experience brush operation more accurately。
When your ability to side spin serve is getting better and you can start adding more body movement during the swing。 3.With the net post to calibrate the physical footprint in order to properly coordinate the body, drop and swing, you can use the column across the net as a reference。 To serve the body (toe) and face toward the net post on the right side (opposite Left-handed person)。 Then the upper body is rotated so that a straight line perpendicular to the shoulders of the net。
This calibration stations will increase the efficiency of your next service action。
4.Improve the accuracy of the drop at the start tossing arm should be straight but stay relaxed, you relax here is not to completely relax, but to grasp a degree。
Toss arm against the net post in line and move the ball along the line。
But like position of the ball in the net in just above the column of your hand and can range。
Cutting serve sweet spot is usually lower than the strong level serve the ideal sweet spot。
This allows the brush to the racket ball outer portion, an upward better sidespin。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。