Spring Liver health congee which in Spring with Liver-based, and most dependent porridge。So, what spring Liver health congee, how do eat together and take a look at the spring of 6681 net night Liver health congee introduced it!Liver health Yupin spring 1, black rice practices: black rice 80 grams, 20 grams of rice, jujube 40 grams, 5 grams medlar。5 grams of sugar。Black rice washing clean, soak for 5 hours; Wash rice, soak for 30 minutes; dates washed, pitted; washed medlar。
Set the fire pan, into the black rice, rice, dates and amount of water, boil turn a small fire boil congee, then add medlar cook 5 minutes, you can use white sugar。
Efficacy: black rice sweet nature, containing 15 amino acids and vitamins, can Liver and Spleen, Kidney Stomach, good food for the tonic。
This porridge for liver and kidney deficiency, postpartum women, physically weak。2, milk, porridge practices: 250 ml of fresh milk, 60 grams of rice, sugar amount。First boiled half cooked rice, to soup, add milk, slow fire gruel, sugar was added with stirring, to fully dissolve Serve。
Effect: You can complement deficiency, spleen and stomach, run five internal organs。
Applicable to weak strain, lack of blood, after the illness virtual win, frail, malnutrition embolism。3, walnut porridge practices: the nutcracker open the flesh removed, soaked in water, it was peeled off and a thin skin mashed。
After the red dates soaked in water and mashed。Walnuts, dates, rice add appropriate amount of water in a small pot。
After cooking, season with salt or sugar。Efficacy: walnut not only contain calcium, iron, phosphorus and other elements, also contains zinc, manganese, chromium and other minerals indispensable body。A variety of vitamins and protein, minerals, are conducive looks fit and nutrients。The walnut is rich in vegetable fats in linoleic acid, it is regarded as the taste of Run-skin cosmetic agent, which can make the skin soft and smooth, resilient。Spring Liver health congee 4, almond porridge practice: about almonds (peeled) 20, 50 grams of rice。
Add the apricot continue to cook until cooked porridge instant, then add a little sugar or salt。Effect: it can cough and expectorant moistening。
This uneasiness of mind as well as the effectiveness of diets, insomnia, irritability symptoms friends may wish to try。
5, plum porridge approach: first take 5-7 plum flower, washed, and then 100 grams of rice into the pot cooked, add the amount of sugar and plum, you can boil。
Efficacy: This plum porridge with liver and eyesight, spleen appetizer effect, suitable for liver pain, stomach pain, belongs to the weak, dizzy crowd, is a good appetizer food。
Very good to eat in the spring。