Before powering November 29 British traffic control department DVSA (DriverandVehicleStandardsAgency (DVSA)) announced that from December 4, the British driver's license exam to usher in the eighth round of reform。 In addition to Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales have to perform a new test。
The reform is mainly to cater to today's science and technology crescent-specific development, in order to develop more in line with the current driving test case。 The new regulations change what?Independent driving time increases to 20 minutes before the exam, candidates need to separate the road driving 10 minutes in the absence of guidance from the new regulations in this part-time increased to 20 minutes, which accounts for about half of the overall examination time。
Must learn the proper use of the most important reform was the introduction of satellite navigation course of navigation in the new regulations, it is learned, exam examiner will provide navigation (model TomTomStart52), and a good location for navigation, candidates must use the navigation provided by the examiner, then follow the instructions to open to the designated location。
After the addition of navigation, the first benefit is a bit small Luchi candidates no longer have to worry about the wrong destination, and if you are not sure destination, ask the examiner to confirm the location permit exam。
The second point is the examination even if the wrong way wrong turn does not matter。 The new regulation stipulates that as long as the safe operation and reach the destination, the wrong way will not be penalized。 "U-turn" and part of the operation to cancel the new test will be canceled and the reverse turn in the road U-turn。
Accordingly, this part is replaced by the more life scenes operations, the candidates will increase to test any of the following three operations。 Roadside parallel parking back into the garage: entered and poured, and poured into or out of, the examiner on the spot to tell you what needs to be done。
Parking on the right road, back two spaces after re-entering the traffic either cancel or add test content will be taught to the students during the teaching process in。 Responding to security issues road test, candidates need to be answered in two types of security issues raised by the examiner, "SHOWME" and "Tellme Company"。 The first "Tellme company" problem, before driving examiner will ask you meet certain safety accident how to do, you have to answer their responses。
The second "SHOWME" issues, the process of driving examiner will ask you meet certain safety accident how to do, this time to use practical answer, such as how to use the buttons and the car windshield wiper cleaning, etc.。
New Research on the season, those who will be affected?Before the exam defeat, need to re-test after December 4 candidates。
For various reasons canceled or delayed examination of the candidates, the examination will be carried out after No. 4 December。
But do not worry, learn to drive during the teach will teach, there is no need to worry about learning new things。
Score, complete the exam and examination fees unchanged except for extremely serious and dangerous operation, as long as the mistakes are not more than 15 (same score), you can pass the exam。 Costs the same exam, the theory test car is still 23 pounds, 62 pounds for the road test (about 1 pound yuan)。
Overall, the UK driving test the most important thing is to have a sense of security, the reforms also do additional emphasis in terms of security, I hope you drive carefully, pay attention to safety。
(British Overseas Network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。