Ticker May 15, Cavaliers away to 94-73 victory over the Bulls, with a total score of 4-2 qualify for the Eastern Conference finals。
  Knight's next opponent will be the winner of the Hawks and Wizards。 LeBron – James scored 15 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds, Tristan – Thompson 13 points and 17 rebounds, Iman – Hong Porter 13 points and seven rebounds。
Carey – Owen in the second quarter injury leave, only played 12 minutes, scored six points。
Matthews, who came off the bench – 德拉维多瓦 19 points, JR- Smith 12 points。   Bulls were eliminated 2-4, this season's mission accomplished。 – Jimmy Butler scored 20 points, Derek – Rose 14 points and six assists, others have failed to double。
Paul – Gasol back, scored eight points and five rebounds。
  James's career, the Bulls out of the playoffs several times。 This time they met the Bulls, James has played very difficult。
Four games before the battle a draw in the last game, James almost perfect game for the next Cavaliers won the Battle of King Mountain。
  In the last game, James scored 38 points, 12 rebounds and six assists, more importantly, the audience is not a mistake。
In the last critical moment, James Ross gave a note blocks, to avoid being equalized。 "I never praise myself, but now can not help but do a。 "James said, not without pride。   For the Bulls, this is life and death, so they sent after Gasol's absence。
After the opening, Gasol hit the first shot on, Ross hit a ball, the Bulls 4-0 start。
After the first section hit four minutes, leading the Bulls to 12-6。
Owen CIC angry, he first cast also to a ball, followed by three hits, Cavaliers 7-0 to 13-12 overtake。
This half after the holiday, Knight hit rate has dropped only gradually beyond this。 In this section there are 3 minutes 07 seconds, Dunleavy hit three-pointers, leading the Bulls to 25-18。 Jones thirds vote twice, once to overtake the Knights。
After the first section, Knight only 31-33 behind to。
  Gibson on an expulsion, suspension has not been lucky。
Today he was a bit cool, the first section there are three fouls, the Bulls upset the plan, starting from the second they hit not going well。
  There Section 9 minutes 47 seconds after the jump pass Owen, floor, right foot hook to mate, a twisted ankle, is strapped to leave, then do not play。
After his departure, Jones immediately thirds vote, the Cavaliers to 38-35 beyond, but this is their only score in 5 minutes。
After the Bulls to 40-38 ahead, 德拉维多瓦 and Shumpert have hit the third, the Cavaliers continue outside shooting, a wave 20-4 end of this section, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 58-44。 In this section the last 7 minutes and 53 seconds, the Bulls hit only two goals this mess。
  The third quarter played 5 minutes and 47 seconds, the Knights still scoreless, but the Bulls hit only one ball。 The two sides have strengthened the defense, hit rate has dropped。
After more than half of this section, 德拉维多瓦-thirds vote, and James twice in the field goal, the Cavaliers to 67-48 obtain 19 points of advantage。
Butler finally Bulls-thirds vote, one with 5 points, but also to third twice Smith, the Knights maintained a double-digit advantage to 73-60 through three quarters ended。
Knight this section only 15 minutes, the Bulls 16 points。
  Owen Knight less, for the Bulls would have been a good opportunity, but unfortunately they failed to grasp。 After the fourth quarter played 2 minutes and 30 seconds, they have failed to score。 德拉维多瓦 continuous shooting, two cast succeeded James, the Cavaliers to a wave of 11-2 start this section, in one fell swoop to throw off opponents 84-62。
  Knight Yuezhanyueyong, this section there are 4 minutes 37 seconds, Thompson shot and foul, vote with a penalty scored three points, they lead to 93-66。 Snell hit three, then two free throws, the Bulls scored 5 points, chasing the score 71-93。   But the Bulls have been uninterested。 Although the Cavaliers last 4 minutes and 57 seconds not shooting, he remained more than 20 points advantage。