5 consecutive months of sales of the top of Mount Housing prices Country Garden (02007.HK) is changing the expansion strategy, policy tightening financing to ease the pressure brought about, trying to sacrifice profits even scale to ensure cash flow。  Recently, informed sources told from inside the Garden of surging News, " 'full coverage' has clearly stopped inside, temporarily outside preached。"The mouth of the so-called 'full coverage' strategy refers to all three hundred forty-five tier cities in the county and even township are required to have a well-developed Country Garden project。  By the end of 2017, Mo Bin, president of Country Garden had issued notice issued "Rolls-Royce project development stage incentive measures" proposed "full coverage" for three hundred forty-five-city concept。  Notification requirements, in November 2017 to the end of 2018, the regional companies need sank to a blank prefecture-level cities and county-level city under the jurisdiction of the blank, the county seat, developed township (population of more than 1 million people in the town)。  In addition, full coverage area also incorporated into the company's rewards and penalties, the region earn rewards on the premise that the completion of full coverage by the end of 2018, failed to achieve full coverage of the regional president of reprimand, chief executive removed from office, and now this measure is pre-announced termination。  In front of the scale and profits, cash flow is selected Country Garden。  Country Garden insiders from at least five regions surging told the news, now work all around cash flow, cooperation projects, do not "Trader" project。  To develop real estate projects in the "Trader" means a business of a master key sectors of marketing, engineering, design, development, construction and other newspaper after node operations tempo and the whole project was carried out in a manner acceptable to the enterprise。  To Country Garden, for example, from the requirements of urban project that is to take place three or four lines must start, and adhere to the "456" principle, that opened four months, five months funds is positive, six months to return the funds will be invested in new projects among the。  Surging News was informed earlier, Country Garden has two sets of evaluation system of cooperation projects。Country Garden cooperation projects, such as self-manipulator, Country Garden's press schedule, time node assessment, non Trader items can only be reported。  Today, in order to improve the flow, accelerate cash back, non-project Trader Country Garden, Country Garden also included in the evaluation system, also need to be in accordance with the time node of Country Garden。  According to surging News reporter, Country Garden a number of cooperation projects have been several areas of ongoing or quit, quit the project are non-project Trader。  Informed sources The news has been confirmed that the inner Garden, their regions and several cooperation projects waiting to exit, mainly because of changes in the evaluation system of Country Garden, Non-reach project assessment criteria Trader。  Another Country Garden insiders different areas of representation, it is true, just not up to the high turnover of rhythm Country Garden, the project would rather not do, cash flow is king。  At present, the Country Garden to deal with two types of cooperation projects, has signed a cooperation agreement in the equity, if not carried out in accordance with Trader Country Garden high turnover of rhythm, will exit; cooperation projects, has not yet entered into a share agreement, if they can not exercise plate, to give up direct cooperation。  Moreover, in order to achieve rapid reflux of cash turnover, there is Country Garden insiders, some projects even if profits turn negative, but also robbed of cash flow。But because the system Country Garden with the investment project, which greatly dampened the enthusiasm of frontline staff。  Related reports