February 22, the three major indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened higher collective, made a good start the first trading day of the Dog。At the close, reported 3268.56, up 2.17%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 10658.94, up 2.18%; 1677 report.76, up 1.88%。In addition, the industry sector rose across the board, in which the civil aviation airport, cement, nonferrous metals and other gainers。  1, China Galaxy Qingchun Road, Hangzhou Guoxin main limit buy purple stock opened the day significantly higher, after opening slightly dropping, fast higher volatility around 10:00 hit the daily limit, then re-open board, but still the daily limit to close。Data show that net buying terms, Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, China Galaxy to buy 38.1 million, Huatai Securities bought 25.9 million Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Zibo Branch of CITIC Securities bought 21.3 million, Zhejiang Securities Chun buy 1550 Pearl Road million and Ningbo, China Galaxy cypresses way to buy 12.6 million。Sold a net connection, Intime securities Qingdao Ningxia sold 21.6 million, four other amount sold are less than 10 million。China Hangzhou Qingchun Road, which involved the stock Galaxy。  2, Haitong Securities in Bengbu Wing Street, the main Hong Bo shares to buy the stock the day markedly higher limit, opening soon hit the daily limit, after multiple re-open board, around 10:40 sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Haitong Securities in Bengbu buy 33.5 million Wing Street, GF Securities bought 21.6 million Wujiang Zhong Ying Road, Changjiang Securities Shenzhen Fuhua buy 14.9 million, two other purchase amount less than 10 million。Net selling, Ping An Securities, Guangzhou Newport Road, sold 13.1 million, four other amount sold less than 10 million。Which Haitong Securities Wing Street to participate in the stock Bengbu。  3, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch main buy music network limit the stock opened slightly higher on the day, dropping opening once turned green, then the shock around the flat line, around 10:40 apparent shock upstream, around 13:30 in the massive pay driven, sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch to buy 1.4.1 billion, Quanzhou branch of Societe Generale Securities bought 23.3 million, Hongta Securities bought 15.3 million Shanghai Li Shan Road, Wenling, Zhejiang Securities bought 12.4 million people of East, and another 10 million less than the purchase amount。Net selling, China Galaxy Nanjing Hongwu Road, sold 22.3 million, CITIC Securities Shanghai Dongfang Road, sold 18.6 million new Securities Chaozhou City West sold 18.3 million investment in China sold 16.6 million Global Center of Hangzhou, Soochow Suzhou Street Northwest Securities sold 12.4 million。Hangzhou in China where the investment involved in the stock Global Center。  4, the main institution Air China to buy the stock the same day limit, opening to go, closed limit up late。Billboard data shows, buying terms, the two agencies together to buy 1.3.5 billion, Huatai Securities Chengdu South Second Ring Road securities business department to buy 43.4 million Cathay Pacific Jun An Ningbo Rainbow Road to buy 31.2 million, Jiangsu, China Merchants Securities Shenzhen Nanshan Road Building, buying 27.9 million。Sell, the four agencies together to sell 2.7.4 billion, Zhejiang Branch of CITIC Securities to sell 24.2 million。Guotai Jun An Ningbo Rainbow Road to participate in the stock。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 10 stocks, of which four were net buyers of stocks institution, the Green League and Technology is buying most, 2937.70,000 yuan。The other six stocks were sold, of which Air China is the most sold for 13958.780,000 yuan。