April 13, (600,519) shares opened higher, closing at 398 as of.39 yuan rose 2.09 percent, a new closing high, with a total market capitalization exceeded 500 billion yuan to 5004.5.7 billion yuan。Since 2016, Moutai shares rose over 85%, valuing the company recently has surpassed Diageo (Diageo), jumped world's most valuable wine prices。  [Reports] Guizhou Moutai chairman Yuan Renguo has said publicly that Moutai target catch up with Diageo, the world's wine take first place。April 10, finally achieved this goal!Guizhou Maotai opening day total market capitalization rose to 494.9 billion yuan, equivalent to about US $ 71.8 billion, beat the market value of $ 71.7 billion global wine king Diageo, becoming the world's most valuable spirits company。  Recalling the king of wine "Moutai" Over the past year, share prices rose more than 55 percent, more than double the same period of Diageo rose, rose overwhelmed not only the achievements of its own as the world's other wines, but also for many domestic institutional investors and retail investors made huge profits!  (Source: Tong) Moutai VS Diageo Maotai has been "wine country" as its own position, culture deep, so the brand itself carries profound historical and cultural, as well as the vision of national prosperity and national rejuvenation of China's modern since the Industrial and rejuvenating the typical case, and therefore has a high value identity in the global Chinese community。  According to the official website data show Maotai, Maotai has wholly-owned subsidiaries, 30 holding companies, and shares of 21 companies involved in industries including liquor, wine, securities ,,, property, scientific research, tourism, development。  Compared with the Guizhou Maotai, Diageo, the world's wine valued at $ 71.7 billion market capitalization of the king is not so famous in China, even though it accounted for more than 30% of the global wine market share, and has more than a dozen of the world's leading liquor brands。  Diageo's wine brands include Johnnie Walker, treasures, Windsor, Smirnoff, poetry Locke, Kantor One, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray, Guinness, etc., while the Chinese liquor market, Diageo has also been intervention, and indirectly through multiple acquisitions to become the actual controller Shuijingfang。  Both analogies market revenue, one-third of Diageo North America, a quarter from Europe, while Maotai 95% of its revenue from the domestic market。  King Road, King of Maotai liquor Maotai the world today is not the name of power overnight。  By the end of 2012 China's liquor industry into a deep adjustment period, 2013 Maotai volume and price down, the share price was down, then Maotai market value of only $ 20 billion, a quarter of the market value of the same period Diageo。  After five years of adjustment, Maotai success of the consumer market shift from government to business, revenues were more than double-digit annual growth, flying 53 degrees Maotai market retail price rose to 1300 yuan / bottle in 2017, or more than 50 %, the corresponding Maotai is in the capital market, shares soared more than 40%。  Maotai summarized in just a few years of success ahead reason Diageo, including three。  The first is because Maotai liquor out of the plasticizer and anti-double crisis in the second half of 2012 to the end of 2013, when the Maotai liquor stocks and due to plasticizers and anti-corruption upgrades fell sharply, down more than 60% of stage。Since 2014, Maotai from public consumption had accounted for more than three percent, the proportion drops to 1%, high-end consumer replaces the residents of public consumption。  The second is due to the 2014 to 2015 bull market a share of every year, at the time of the great bull market environment Maotai market capitalization more than doubled, closer to the market value of the distance and Tia Bellagio, despite the stock market crash later also appeared in large fall, but the first half of 2016, stock prices resumed rising。  The third is due to the recent price surge six months Maotai 53 degrees Flying Moutai price from 800 yuan rose to the current way of more than 1,300 billion yuan, up more than 50%, corresponding to Moutai's stock price and market capitalization sharply in the past six months up about four percent。  Although April 10 Moutai for $ 71.8 billion in market capitalization to become the new king of wine, spirits industry, but there is a long way from the world of wine king of $ 177.1 billion market capitalization way to go。  [Reports] Rank Name Total portfolio return operation 177.277 54%.377 25%.477 12%.577 11%.02% Data deadline: at 15:00 on the April 12, 2017 (Original title: another record high!Guizhou Maotai breakthrough 500 billion market capitalization) (Editor: DF142)