Stanley Ho is called "Macau casino", and since the 60s of last century, once the monopoly of Macau gambling industry for nearly 40 years。  In January 2008 Forbes rankings, Stanley Ho, Hong Kong ranked 19th richest; February 2009, Forbes magazine noted Stanley Ho net worth due to the financial crisis plunged nearly 9 percent; in 2011, its control of the assets of HK $ 500 billion ( about 408 billion yuan), a personal fortune of $ 3.1 billion (about 20.4 billion yuan), 40 rich List ranked 13 in Hong Kong。  Is such a legendary entrepreneur experienced ups and downs, in the following Li Ka-shing recently announced his retirement, also officially retired the stage of history。  June 12, SJM Holdings (00880, HK) announced that the retiring Chairman Stanley Ho, executive director and member of the Executive Committee of the Board duties, completely withdraw from the board of directors and served as honorary chairman of the company。  In fact the past five years, SJM's performance as before long。The newly appointed chairman can afford to carry, "" Kings "" banner yet?  "Kings" officially retired, Daisy took over the presidency on June 12, SJM Holdings announced that since June 12, 2018, Stanley Ho retiring chairman, executive director and member of the Executive Committee of the Board duties, completely withdraw from the Board of Directors and he served as honorary chairman of the company; second daughter Daisy Ho Ho second wife took over as chairman, Timothy Fok and his wife Angela Leong Stanley Ho's four co-chaired。  Daily News reporter noted that as early as April 12 this year, SJM Holdings announced that the company chairman Stanley Ho will officially retire on June 12 annual shareholder meeting。In fact, last year's Stanley Ho from another listed company Shun Tak (00242, HK) retiring chairman, handed over to the other Mrs. Lucina eldest daughter Pansy Ho "taking over"。The exit SJM, also indicated that he would withdraw all listed companies, officially pass the torch to relatives。  It is understood that Mr Ho's many enterprises, including: SJM Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, Melco International Group, Hong Kong Shun Tak Holdings Ltd., the Macau International Airport Company, Trump International, Macao Seng Heng Bank。Which was established in mid-1972 and mid-1973 in Hong Kong-listed Shun Tak Holdings Limited most important。  Shun Tak Group holds Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "STDM") of about 11.5% of the actual stake holders and STDM and SJM Holdings listed in Hong Kong about 54.92% of actual equity; SJM holds one of six eligible to grant an operating license casino gaming operators in Macau government's entire interest of SJM。  As the founder of the Macau gaming industry, the 96-year-old Stanley Ho is now called "Macau casino tycoon", from the 1960s, and Stanley Ho Yip Hon, Henry Fok has made Macau gaming franchise, which opened near Macau gambling industry 40-year monopoly of the road。  According to published reports, Ho married four life wife, 17 children, according to the June 12 announcement shows, 53-year-old Daisy since June 2017 he was appointed as executive director of SJM。  On the other hand, Timothy Fok and Executive Director Angela Leong addition SJM outside, have each been appointed as Co-Chair。Now 72-year-old eldest son of Henry Fok Timothy Fok was in 2010 appointed as executive director of SJM, and since 2014 served as director of the company。  As a four-Ho's wife, Angela Leong since 2005 as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on employee benefits SJM, SJM since 2007 as a director, since 2010 as managing director of SJM, and since 2014 served as executive director of SJM。  In addition, the current Executive Director and Chief Executive Ambrose So, was appointed as vice-chairman, Stanley Ho's third wife chen wanzhen elected executive director of the company。  Net profit declined for five consecutive years, according to China News Network reported that in 2010, Stanley Ho's casino, the annual betting HK $ 130 billion (about 106 billion yuan), equivalent to six times the gross production of Macau, on to the government each year gambling taxes over HK $ 4 billion (about 3.2 billion yuan), accounting for more than 50% of total Macau。There are about 30% of Macao people employed directly or indirectly, to benefit his company。  However, as a representative of the Macau gaming company, SJM revenue year after year despite a slight increase in 2017, but in recent years shows a decreasing trend year by year as a whole。Business has gone down。  ▲ Source: Every time there was the small series in mid-2017 according to the annual report data collation In fact, in mid-2017 with Macau gaming revenues or enhance the overall increase related。According to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau show that in mid-2017 an increase of 19 gambling.1%, mainly due to the new casino resort in Cotai opening, and an increase in visitor arrivals due to passengers。  According to the Macao Statistics and Census Bureau data show that visitor arrivals to Macau in 2017, 5 microliters.4% to 32.6 million people, including visitors from the mainland increased by 8.5% to 22 million passengers。  The earnings from the business points of view, the Macau gaming industry's growth mostly from VIP gaming operations in mid-2017 an increase of 26 compared with 2016.7% midfield slot machines and gaming operations in the business during the year were up 9.7% and 15.6%。  However, according to data released by SJM, compared to the overall gaming industry in Macao, SJM Holdings, the main business growth is not optimistic: VIP gaming revenue of 198.HK $ 7.7 billion (about 16.2 billion yuan), compared with 199 in 2016.HK $ 3.4 billion decrease 0.3%; gaming revenue for the mass market tables 203.HK $ 8.6 billion (about 16.6 billion yuan), compared with 202 in 2016.HK $ 7.2 billion increase was only 0.6%; earnings were 10 slot machines.HK $ 2.7 billion (about 800 million yuan), compared with 10 in 2016.HK $ 6.7 billion a decrease of about 3.7%。  Or involvement in the main industry growth is weak, SJM's share of revenue also fell in the Macau gaming industry, in mid-2017, Macau casino gambling revenue for 2580.HK $ 0.3 billion (about 210.4 billion yuan), which accounted for 16 SJM.1% market share in 2016 compared with 19 the year.1% decline。  In addition, the Daily News reporter noted that SJM Holdings net profit has declined for five consecutive years。  ▲ Source: Every time there was the small series in mid-2017 according to annual data consolidation, "the company will strive to maintain the midfield and advantages of the VIP gaming operations and continue to improve operational efficiency。"SJM Holdings, said in its annual report in 2017。  Zhitong, according to financial reports, SJM Chief Executive Ambrose So the shareholders meeting held recently said that plans to spend tens of billions on the integrated resort projects Lisboa project will be completed by the end of 2018, the second half is expected to start operating in 2019。He also said SJM gaming revenue target for the full-year double-digit growth, and the first half of this year, gaming revenue has increased significantly, especially in the midfield income ideals, double-digit growth。  Further reading: "Macau casino" Stanley Ho has a Jewish legend, the Netherlands, Britain, China, more than national origin, according to the traditional native of Ho Tung family to follow the matrilineal Baoan。  Stanley Ho has said, "to open a casino is like printing money, only a small difference between Indore and India, there is no loss。"The casino is relying on this money machine, Stanley Ho built a huge business empire。  And Li Ka-shing was born in a different family roots, Stanley Ho was born in Hong Kong's most aristocratic financial situation of the early 1900s, his grandfather HE Fu did Jardine Matheson, Sassoon Matheson comprador, worked as legislators, beats at the mall, wealthy one, was the Big five Chinese businessmen。  HE Fu total of 13 children, the father of Flora Ho Ho Ho is a blessing fourth son。Flora Ho is also a prominent businessman, any body Sassoon Matheson comprador, Chairman of Tung Wah Hospital, President of the Chamber of Commerce round-lines, the Chamber President of the club and other duties。Flora Ho also has 13 children, Ho ranked old nine。When Stanley Ho was born, his father's business is at peak。As one of the biggest comprador At the time, Flora Ho seems to have money to burn。  In 1934, 13-year-old Stanley Ho was getting the most life changes, his father play the stock market because of bankruptcy, its brother fled to Vietnam。In the late 1940s, Hong Kong's major comprador family retired, Flora Ho's property in large quantities shrink。HE families fading, Ho overnight sheltered by the master wealthy, poor boy became cute bully。  Stanley Ho suffered from the living know that only reading will it be possible to make a comeback Ho。In mid-1939, Stanley Ho, with honors admitted to the University of Hong Kong, specializing in science。Year after year by the end of 1941, Hong Kong's Stanley Ho was invited by a friend, with a body of HK $ 10 left the war-torn to Macau。  Shortly after Stanley Ho to Macau, entered the pot of gold let him get started CIMB company。CIMB was one of the largest companies in Macau, the company's main business is barter, exchange shortage of foodstuff and other substances Macau with machine parts and boats。  Mr Ho CIMB secretary, grain and cotton yarn cater to business。As secretary, Stanley Ho just one year, because of superior talent, to be absorbed as a partner。In another year, that is 1943, CIMB one-time dividend of HK $ 1 million to Ho。  This dividend of HK $ 1 million pot of gold to be Stanley Ho's life。After that, he founded the independent Macao kerosene (kerosene) company, and later diverted development of Hong Kong, a joint venture with the people Lee Construction Company。By the mid-1950s, he has become well-known in the Hong Kong tycoon。  Ho Yip Hon and mid-1961, Teddy Yip, Henry Fok and other alliances, competing in the Macau gaming franchise, the founder of Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd., built Lisboa hotel and registered company in Hong Kong Shun Tak。In the 1990s, he established the Imperial Palace casino in Macau。As a result, beginning with the "Macau casino," the name of the first。(Original title: 96-year-old epic officially retired!Casino business as before, the daughter of the second wife can do to turn the tide?) 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