14, circulated on the Internet a photo of the scene takeaway US group of channels 2017, the slogan on the photograph, "In addition to dropping off the hungry, the channel win-win" is very conspicuous。Netizens have on the micro-blog Ait bit hungry and yet, even enthusiastic users to pieces and what ideas hungry, hungry joint anti-US, anti-American aid drops, etc.。  User reviews Screenshot rivers and lakes rumors, the US group drops Cheng Wei Wang and good personal relationships, even Cheng Wei had to leave Alipay founded by bit, by the Wang also encouraged to some extent。  But no permanent friends, only permanent interests, since starting the year 2018, US travel group drops to the opponents take away the two companies started the fire intensified backyard。  After earlier before, the US group taxi to test the water for 10 months in Nanjing, in Nanjing, officially launched the "US Mission taxi" service, news release said to be synchronized on the line in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other seven cities, it can be said to be positive Yingkang drops the drop。  In fact, the Internet company on the slogan "Taking a mutual hate" is already commonplace。Every major shopping festival, such a slogan after another, most notably during the annual two-eleven。  Double eleven pre-mid-2015, Internet rumors Jingdong Mall offices and departments linked to Exit "grasping Lynx, grilled rookie"。War between the Lynx and Jingdong Taobao also known as the "Cats & Dogs," the fight。  In order to release the consumer's shopping enthusiasm, even at the home appliance makers to "create Festival", from March 8 to June 18 in the big promotion, the electricity supplier's sales more intensive rhythm。Regardless of how electricity supplier slogan "chicken blood", the extent to which none other, and ultimately pay for the electricity supplier war is a consumer。  In addition to "Cats & Dogs," "Battle of Jing Ping", Suning and Jingdong electricity supplier in mid-2015 session is also very famous。"Jingdong trip level, comprehensive counterattack", "Jingdong: not afford to fight, carry long, can not win '," the dog does not leave the hand, fight unsparing " ……Slogans endless。  The atmosphere killing more than reflected in the atmosphere of online shopping "positive battlefield", even Suning canteen also hung out a banner "eat, drink up, do not give Jingdong half a grain"。  In fact, for consumers, concerned about is not real benefits in saving shopping, and "the smell of gunpowder" between the electricity supplier slogan full of shopping at the most is the spice gap。Consumers will not be a party and a platform at a disadvantage in the war of words, then switch to a strong。  And what's the difference streets shouting match like this directly rude Suning, Jingdong slogan, shops and traditional offline?Just a line occurs, a move to line up。This "war" slogan, in addition to the enterprise through the mouth addiction, stimulate the optic nerve of the spectators, the meaning of existence is not large, and even sometimes become a corporate marketing hype topic。  Say shout slogans may just tear each other Internet companies fight in the political arena "combat skills" related to the brutal life and death struggles, eat with ugly could be forgiven。But in various Internet company's annual meeting, it seems we also lower the bottom line。  January 2014, a famous Japanese AV female worry Yui Hatano appeared in a Shanghai game company's annual meeting, the scene caused a sensation。According to friends, he said the game company NetEase Shanghai nets gaming company, when the company just on the line, "Hearthstone legend: Warcraft Heroes", please Yui Hatano one hand to give the annual rally, on the other hand is out to promote the game of consideration。  And even before that defunct Eslite, in January 2012, where the customer is invited Aoi when the annual meeting held in Beijing, where the customer CEO aged and many other Internet industry heavyweights have power to its embrace。  There was even a saying, a measure of a Japanese actress red is not red standard, there is no Chinese Internet company asked her to go moonlighting rally。But it is clear that Aoi is still Aoi, and Eslite but had not had the Eslite, it has long been run over by the wheel of the Internet。  January 2017, Tencent's annual meeting broke a scandal, so many users experienced a return to Tencent's "lower limit"。  At that time, Tencent namely through the application unit (Dongguan Branch) annual meeting, vulgar play a game: male employees with legs clamped mineral water bottles, mouth open-bottles of female employees, is said to live many male colleagues shout slogans beside "Come on."。  The event after fermentation network, Tencent immediately issued a statement on the incident indecent programming solemn apology, showing the annual plan strict, management dereliction of duty, the correct values, strengthen management。  However, this kind of thing again apologize for the parties is also will leave psychological shadow of it……?  While Tencent Annual Meeting of concern, far held the annual meeting in Beijing millet also led to controversy。Millet 2017 annual meeting, there is a "MI secret show" program, hired Several foreign models, dressed in underwear dimension dense ubiquitous ball-like wings, dressed in tulle, tied balloons, were regressed stage show。The move was interpreted friends as "reward the soldiers," have switched to scream for millet。  We come to feel style: In fact, the lingerie show, this dress is not out of line, but there are friends from a "fan's point of view" grasping afraid of a "naked" photos on the microblogging PO, about the child pushed the cusp millet, millet users of a vocal opposition。  Wang had to accept the "Finance" magazine interview that, in fact, there is no simple things boundaries, I do not think to give their own restrictions, as long as the heart is clear。In other words, this means that the US group's business without borders。"There is no boundary," the US group gradually get involved in Bed and Breakfast, fresh, taxi and other areas, but that does not mean you want to get involved in other business competitors forced out on a limb。  Internet development in the second half, competition among enterprises can be rational and win-win。Technology is constantly updated iteration, users of consumer literacy is also rising, the traditional business model in a rapidly changing market environment should flow change。  But the adjustment is not competing this slogan "change", or search around the object cross-border competition。More companies should consider how to better serve customers, so users must be assured that the use of Shuxin。Whether a long technology to enhance or adjust the strategy to obtain the user's trust and dependence is an important factor in the rapid development of enterprise。  Father pop ads of Ivan Zuoke Man has publicly repented, advertising is the Internet's original sin。One of the important factors for homeopathy and health of the Internet companies, shaping corporate culture also affect the development of enterprises。  "Dog eat dog" Internet speed in the process of development, please stop and wait enterprise culture。Playing the "edge ball" behavior detrimental to not only the loss of a variety of corporate image and credibility, but also to employees and customers to lose trust in business。We lost the trust of the user enterprise is tantamount to the kiss of death。Future of Internet companies should be healthy competition, cooperation and win-win, stop outdone, for users to create a better Internet (original title: "In addition to dropping off hungry," Hande Huan, Internet companies do not even have the underpants) (Editor : DF155)