Beijing, March 15 (Xinhua) China · uxin dances and the Ministry of Culture Symphony "Happy New Year" activities come to wrap up the show in Nice, France on the 14th Academy of Music, "white geese" "full steam ahead" and other unique features tracks well received by the audience。   March 10 to 14, Chinese-uxin dances and Symphony Orchestra in Nice, France to participate in EU-China Tourism Year 2018, respectively cathedral in the old port of Nice, Nice Conservatory of Music perform two。   China · uxin dances and symphony orchestra was founded in 2010, is China's only a Mongolian dances and traditional character-based string instruments, with strong ethnic characteristics and local professional style multi-voice Symphony Orchestra。
The orchestra presented dances and string ensemble song "He Mu Day" for the local audience, "recall the song" "white geese" "full steam ahead" and other tracks with strong Mongolian ethnic characteristics, fully expressed the Chinese people's national minority in Inner Mongolia enthusiasm and spirit。   Mayor of Nice Enderle · Xia Wei said that the city of Nice from the beginning of January this year, held the "2018 EU-China Tourism Year", has received a lot of artistic groups from China。
Dances and symphony orchestra musicians playing level high。
Hope that through this cultural exchange, so that more local residents a better understanding of China and feel the charm of Chinese culture。