British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday, if possible, about whether he would withdraw Britain from the European Union in advance of the date of the referendum scheduled for mid-2017。  EU to send suspect because the people inside Cameron's party continues to exert pressure against the UK Independence Party and support for the EU has increased, Cameron promised to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU 28 countries, trying to get the British government to recover part of the authority。  Cameron said that if the Conservatives where he wins in national elections May 7, the referendum will be held in 2017。  "If I think we can advance the referendum, I will be very happy。Promises a referendum on re-negotiations and, of course, the sooner the better, "he told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)。  Cameron on Wednesday to discuss his reform plans in London with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European Union limit immigration issues including social welfare。Cameron has said that it needs to amend the agreement, but Merkel also shows that the EU does not allow compromise on free movement of workers regulations。  UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Fallaci (Nigel Farage) on Sky News said, according to Cameron's plan, the referendum has been "shelved indefinitely," adding that his renegotiation looks "can not be reached the possibility is quite high. "。  May election would seem to be the most intense in the history of modern Britain a campaign。Most of the polls, the Conservatives are only slightly behind the Labor Party, many analysts predict that the two parties can not win more than half the vote, the final bipartisan or multi-party coalition may appear。  Cameron on Sunday with the Labor Party on economic issues and health care fierce battle。He belongs to the middle-right Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats since 2010 have formed an alliance with the center-left ruling。  "Unconscionable" represents the Labor Party, the Conservative Party of debt than originally planned, because ideology now intend to cut the deficit too fast, the rates are too deep。  Cameron supporters said, the scale of 2。The most serious landslide 5 trillion (trillion) dollars in the UK economy has come out since the Second World War, and now enjoys the fastest growth rate in developed countries。  Cameron said, "I'm really worried about is that if we go back, back to the malignant expansion of borrowing, spending more, raising the old debt…We will go back to the origin, and constitute a real threat to economic recovery。"He pointed out, taking a step forward to reduce spending plan 'quite moderate, and reasonable', and it means that the Labor Party's proposal to expand the loan, also means that before the next parliamentary term maturity debt interest payments will increase by an additional 13.5 billion pounds (207 One hundred million U.S. dollars)。  Business-Labor Party spokesman Chukha Munnar, said the comment was "a desperate Prime Minister proposed despair statement。"Labor Party Sunday to launch two points campaign document, and a copy of up to 27 documents, which criticized the British National Health Service in any Cameron (NHS) standards decline, and warned that spending cuts Tory plans will It will further undermine the NHS。  Labor Party campaign leader Douglas Alexander said, "If any of Cameron adjourned for five years, our health care is probably not survive。This is a cause of NHS vote this election issues。"(End) (compiled Wayne Wang / Chen Zongqi / Zhang Mingjun; revision Zheng Yan / Zhang Di) (Reuters Chinese network)