March 22, according to South China Press news report on the 21st, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry said that low inflation caused by food prices, especially the price of chocolate, which will drive growth in retail sales in Brazil this year Easter。
  According to reports, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry estimated that this year Easter will be achieved R $ 2.2 billion in retail sales, an increase of%。
If this prediction is confirmed, it will be the highest increase since 2013。
Last year, retail sales rose Easter%, the first increase after two consecutive years of decline also。   "Easter retail recovery mainly because of low inflation。
"Brazil's chief economist for the National Federation of Industries, said this Benitez。
As of February, the price of chocolate in the past 12 months has fallen by 8 percent, the biggest drop since 2006, the price of chocolate。 2016 and mid-2017, prices were up chocolate% and%。
  This Benitez said that despite this year's inflation rate is not as low in Brazil last year, but the main Easter chocolate products appeared deflation, thus promoting the growth of retail sales。 In addition, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry is expected during Easter this year will hire ten thousand temporary workers, and similar to last year。