South Korea dual standings behind the Korean market in the first Kwai "phenomenal hot", the product is interesting, easy to use, driven by a large number of popular Korean star spontaneous deft use video production, thus driving the star fans concerned about the trend of young and dynamic people of all ages to follow and, through deft Korean netizens have started recording short video, Kwai comparable national-level applications。
  In the Russian-speaking countries and Southeast Asian markets rapid upward trend in fact, there is a widespread strength in the deft Russian market。
Beluga Racer first entered the Russian market is the neighbor, belugas Institute data show that in June 2017, deft ranked No. 4 in the Apple store in Russia in photography and video categories list。
By cultivating Russian community, deft in Ukraine, Belarus have entered the top five overall, the first video list for communication and cultural exchange between the Russian national users also play a huge role。   At present, the international version of deft rise in Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian market momentum and win the love of young people, the younger generation as the world record expression and social platforms。
The world's leading mobile games and application platform SensorTower intelligence report recently published data in the reports, since early October last year, deft on the Apple store among all categories of frequent applications into strong five-day income。   Pratt & Whitney Power deft principle of long-term studies to sea to sea Internet companies in the industry believe that, regardless of the form of products or technical skills, deft advantage of filling in on globalization。
This short video carrier has a natural advantage over language that allows people of different nationalities to break the shackles, exchange understanding。 The source said the internal logic look, deft based on the concept of empowerment to the center of the distribution of AI, so that ordinary users are more deft sense of presence on, and easier to find people and things of interest, the principle of value contained Pratt & Whitney universal concept of party-all。
This is the deeper reason deft able to be so successful on an international level。
  Wuzhen Fourth World Internet Conference, deft CEO Su-hua told one of his dreams, "Let the girl be able to understand the Ukrainian folk song Chinese young man on a deft platform and experience the folk songs in the mood."。
Su Hua said, deft there have been no "record" it to the extreme, I hope the next day to have one billion people worldwide and recorded on the deft share。