In daily life, each food has its own nutritional value, but once is not fresh, germinate, undercooked, or using unconventional means after ripening, it may produce toxins harmful to health。
Pregnant women as a special group, if not careful to eat these foods, ranging from their mothers may affect the gastrointestinal health, weight may threaten safe motherhood。Therefore, pregnancy can not understand what is important to eat foods。  Lee married for two years, finally get pregnant with a baby, he quit his job, at home and at ease to be produced。Family members also value, due to the hot summer weather。Her mother would buy her a watermelon hot weather every day, she would eat some of the day。A few days later, lower body suddenly see red, go to the hospital when it knows that the situation is very serious, can only terminate the pregnancy。
Ms. Lee recalled: the toilet becomes frequent, the beginning thought it was watermelon appetite after eating a better cause, there is no note, results……The doctor said: For pregnant women, belong to cold watermelon, easy to stimulate the woman's uterus, fetal development is extremely unfavorable, and eating too much may cause diarrhea, can easily cause abortion。
In addition to easily lead to excessive consumption of hyperlipidemia, but also prone to gestational diabetes。  Pregnant women pregnant with a child, be sure to eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, which is to a child's own body and inside the stomach of health reasons, but in fact, pregnant mothers eat fruit is also a lot of stress, I eat fruit but there is harm Oh。  Pregnant mothers to eat a lot of fruits and benefits 1, the parent regulation, increased storage of various nutrients in the body; 2, enhance physical fitness, increase resistance to disease; 3, baby high IQ。Fruit multivitamin can promote your baby's brain development, brain cells synthesize help section, so that after the birth of your baby's IQ high。
  Pregnant mothers to eat a lot of fruit to pay attention to 1, but the amount of fruit daily。
When it comes to pregnant mothers eat fruit, moderate amounts can be, but how much is the right amount, the right amount of fruit a day is half a catty, preferably not more than half a catty oh。Eat more fruit during pregnancy, during pregnancy may increase the incidence of disease, but also a serious harm to the pregnant mother and baby's health。
  2, choose to eat a variety of fruits and better integrated, not singled out one or two species, do not place excessive, such as eating too much lychee or longan, easy to get angry。  3, eat watermelon amount of cold constitution, easy to make excessive uterine contractions, it is best to make appropriate adjustment according to their own preferences and physical condition。  4, persimmon contains tannic acid easily combined with iron, it will hinder the absorption of iron, iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women not to eat, but eat too much fasting, easy to vomiting, nausea phenomenon。
  5, eat fruit after a meal will increase the burden on the stomach, affect pregnant women absorption of vitamins and other nutrients; at the same time, consumption of fruits after a meal, it is easy to become obese pregnant women。
Fruit should be within 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals。  Mom Eat fruits are good for pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women should be preferred to a relatively low sugar content of fruit, fruit to eat in between meals choose the best time to eat, so will neither be too high blood sugar, but also to prevent hypoglycemia。And pregnancy eating fruit and more attention to pregnant mothers to come to choose their own fruit according to their own situation Oh。  If pregnant women crave certain foods hesitant, may wish to consult a doctor, a specialist in accordance with their own situation to determine whether the consumption of such foods as well as the frequency of consumption。It should be noted that some foods such as due to its effectiveness and other reasons, some pregnant women are not suitable for eating too much。For example, crab, barley, etc.。If the health of pregnant women during pregnancy, eating a small amount of the food, do not worry too much, generally do not hurt。