Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin is a type of skin is very prone to goose bumps, people suffering from this skin is very troubling。
So in the end how to remove the chicken skin it following small for everyone to talk about Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin, help you get rid of pimples!TCM treatment using chicken skin habitat ,, Ligustrum, Eclipta prostrata, Atractylodes fried potato flesh ,,,, emperor sheet, prepared Radix figwort ,, ,,, ,, Nepeta Ling Xian, like Chinese medicine prescription for improved activity in vivo, may be employed, white peony root, safflower, wind, comfrey, suet, cream wash endures。
Western medicine treatment of chicken skin cream is preferred, such as formic acid, salicylic acid and urea,。 5% of salicylic acid, have very good effect, can be dissolved keratin, improve symptoms, you may also be used exfoliating bath products, such as scrub, scrub brush, sponge cloth。
Luminescence quantum chicken skin treatment in recent years as luminescent quantum used in skin care, cure a lot of "hairy" patients and freckles ,, stains clinical patients。 While in treatment found that those affected part of the patient with follicular keratosis "little lump" has magically disappeared。 Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin follicular keratosis usually after two or three cold quantum can be cured。 Luminescence quantum can not only cure Darier while discharging the affected area can be broken down to return to normal skin color pigment。
If the patient has been suffering for many years Darier's disease, cold quantum can not be cured prior to treatment after cryotherapy accompanied by cold quantum, can have a good healing effect。 A lack of chicken skin treatment recipes, it will produce in chicken skin, so you can eat more of these foods contain vitamin A, such as oranges,, peaches, etc.。 The broccoli chicken skin is the mitigation of。
Chicken skin treatment Notes 1, do not hand squeeze, grab, scratch chicken skin, easy left a small scar, use moisturizing body milk。 2, chicken skin needs to be patient quit alcohol, because alcohol damage to the skin is very large。 At the same time patients have to maintain a happy mood。
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