What can beat Meridian Health are very popular since ancient times, many people have come to believe that the purpose of health, then beat which energy meridian health and small series together to see what can meridian health of the introduction beat it!You are no longer connected scapula dried recess from a straight line along the inside of the arm, to stop the inner end of the thumb, is the human lung: 1 health which can meridian, lung beating。 "Lung fur", often beat lung while ensuring the amount of water at least 1500 ml per day, can make the water transport through the lung into the dermis, so that no longer dry your skin!When the beat lung, from the arm above the wrist, available mid-air boxing beat, due to the smaller palm area, from the wrist to the inside of the thumb, it is recommended that you press with your other hand's thumb, so that sufficient force points。 In addition, early in the morning 3:00 to 5:00 is a lung operation period, and normally at this time beat the best, if you do not want to disturb your own sweet sleep, you can beat the lung as the first morning exercise class!2, pericardium: so that you do not eat fat to start from the outside of the nipple hole an inch of Tianchi, middle finger to the end, as the pericardium。 In the beginning of the heart periphery pericardium, the pericardium is the TCM of said outer film layer of the heart, when violated evils, pericardium stand in front of the heart, play a protective role in。 What can beat Meridian Health often beat pericardium, in addition to improving heart function, breathing and let your blood flow more powerful, there are some reduced fat。 19:00 to 21:00 is the pericardium run time, if you beat the pericardium after dinner, the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood can be smoothly removed from the body, speed up the metabolic rate of dietary fat in the body, even eat a lot, do not worry get fat!3, Heart Sutra: The most accurate method of self-examination the Heart Sutra began in the armpit, beyond the little finger fingertips throughout the inside of the upper arm。
Chinese medicine, heart can reveal the most accurate human health indicators, health is a must-try self-test method。