"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 report: Beijing June 18 2:00 am Brazil against the Swiss team, with the goal Kudiniao Brazil opened the scoring, but then Zubair Swiss team will score big tie。Brazil Hanping Switzerland, but produced a series of interesting statistics。 [3] against Switzerland, Brazil completed 21-foot shot, the World Cup is the third most single-game shot game (Argentina 27, Germany 26), coincidentally, these three teams failed to win games。[7] In the last 7 games against European teams in the World Cup, the Brazilian team made only a victory。From the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals in France lost 1-0 start, Brazil's only win in the last World Cup game, they are 3 to 1 victory over Croatia in the opener, the remaining six games, two draws and four defeats Brazil。[9] before the game against Switzerland, Brazil has achieved his first World Cup battle 9 game winning streak, their once failed to win in the opener, or the World Cup in Argentina in mid-1978, when they draw with Sweden。[10] After the draw with Switzerland, Brazil, Europe has 10 teams had a record of appearances, which the German team became the only team to lose the team, the other nine European teams made a total of five wins, four draws results。[13] against Brazil, Switzerland Behrami became the key to get out of the whole game, Behrami ball 44 times, completed 41 times, including 13 times in the other half passes, all successful。[23] After the draw with Brazil, the Swiss team lost only one game in the last 23 games (lost to Portugal in October 2017), and achieved 16 wins, six draws and results。[37] With the arrow through the clouds Kudiniao, since 1966, Brazil in the World Cup has scored 37 long-range, this figure up to 11 more than second ball。