"China Statistical Yearbook" data show that low-income people accounted for 80% of the total population of our country, their 2016 per capita disposable income of 17,836 yuan。 This figure, yet not as good as 20% of the total income of high-income groups of the population in the mid-2006's (19,730 yuan)。
The income gap between different groups, also caused two very different spending habits。
For high-income people, their financial resources sufficient to support the purchase demand, they also logical to become a consumer upgrade of the target audience。 They are more willing to dig into their pockets to enhance the quality of life, "sea Amoy", "custom" such as a public service aimed at high-end consumer are all these people's pocketbook。
  When we desperately manufacture of various marketing gimmicks to make "golden master" when they pay, some people shift their attention to hundreds of millions of "grassroots" consumer。 Thus, we see the "fight a lot," the fame, see "Today's headlines" "Fun headline" "quickly" to be known as such a public rising "young town" cultural product of APP。 Behind these products, stood a large group – the gradual popularization of mobile Internet services today, they borrow from these products, find their own position in the wave of。   Today, the cost of acquiring traffic in a city high。
There are entrepreneurs said that in big cities to push a new APP, the basic cost of acquisition (CPA) in 100 yuan / bit up and down。 In the four-tier cities, some consumers though there is no strong purchasing power, but in the flow of scarce giants had to go to the next line, "arrests" Today, they have become natural "flow bonanza"。 Internet went "second half", the fierce competition to see the product, rather than rob high-end profits, flee overseas markets, it is better to turn around deep behind the broader land。
  Consumption upgrade is the trend, regardless of income, consumers should enjoy more high-quality products and services。
This is not only inevitable expectations, but also the commercial development of the people。
But look at the moment, we should pay attention to the concept of consumer grade, encourage businesses to combine their positioning, sinking to promote Internet services, activation and the release of more people's consumption potential, so that's convenient and efficient new technologies extend to every corner。