"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: Russia has gone through four World Cup race day, yesterday favorites Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil draw with Switzerland, could not be more upset。World Cup there is an interesting phenomenon, has ended in a total of 11 games produced 25 goals, which by positioning the ball directly to score 12 there, and many times the last minute decided the game in the game。Argentina and Peru, respectively, missed a penalty opportunity, but almost 50 percent of the positioning of the ball scoring rate can be described as alarming。Here we take a look at these 12 fantastic positioning the ball score。1, Russia Saudi Arabia 5-0, 95th minute free kick opportunity to the Russian frontier top of the key, Golovin right foot inside the arc the ball around the wall, close to the right side of the column to fly into the net nest。2, Uruguay, Egypt, 0-1, in the 89th minute, Carlos – Sanchez takes the free kick, headed home Jimenez, Uruguay lore!3, 0-1 Iran, the first 95 minutes, Haji Safi left foot at the left sideline kick before the games kick to the front point of Morocco off the bench Buhaduzi headed clearance under pressure from the Ta Leimi The results siege turned into shot, the ball struck the left column into the goal corner, 1-0 final lore Iran。4, Spain, Portugal, 3-3, opening game only 2 minutes, C Luo Nacho ball was tipped into the restricted area, the referee penalty;?Luo surgeon personally kick hit Portugal fortunate 1-0。5. Portugal 3-3 Spain, 54 minutes, David – Silva front kick picked spread to the right side of the goal, Busquets header ferry, Diego – Costa front of Qiangdian Tuishe score It is once again to tie 2 to 2。6, Portugal 3-3 Spain, 87 minutes, Pique down to the ground?Luo, C Luo direct free kick broke to level the score, C Luo hat-trick。7, France, Australia, 2-1, 54 minutes, Gerry Postman hand surgeon penalty kick, left foot shot succeeded, 1-0。8, France, Australia, 2-1, 60 minutes before the games kick to the right of Australia, muy hanging ball into the restricted area small, when Umm Titi Zhengding handball, the referee ordered a penalty kick, yedi ng operation knife kick hit more than 11, the two sides back to the same starting line。9, Nigeria Croatia 2-0, 32 minutes, Croatia opportunity to obtain the right corner, Modric takes the kick into the restricted area, Lei Biqi header ferry, restricted area Road, Man Zhu Qi header to keep up, the ball hit Nigeria player Yi Tebo who flew into the goal, Croatia lead。10, Croatia, Nigeria, 2-0, in the 69th minute, Nigeria player Nkunda Man Chu Keech both hands and hold it down, get a penalty chance in Croatia, Modric takes the kick, his right foot hit the bottom left corner score。11, Costa Rica 0-1 in Serbia, 56 minutes, Serbia obtain direct free kick on the right side of the box once before, Kolarov direct free kick, the ball directly fly to score the door right upper dead。12, Brazil 1-1 Switzerland, 50 minutes, Sacchi right corner sent to the center of the box, Zubair small shakes center of the box broke, Switzerland equalizer。