"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Oolong and loss point who is more unforgivable) night with everyone watching, chatting Huan, there is beauty posed a question, suddenly boasted veteran fans and so I stuck collective。If a player seventy-eight scored an own goal, he can not when the World Cup top scorer?But along this brain-hole wide open ideas to advance, you will find the current top three scorer, not the people down there are two。4 penalty goals, beat?Luo leader, broke twice Oolong, then followed after them。This penalty Jun said: Well, all of that Lai Meixi and Peru who, either they kicked lost two, I had to break away from?Luo Lian taillights could not see。Men do halfway to bomb you dare to imagine, one day, they reached the national football World Cup, scored the first goal on the face of the history of Chinese football, a golden opportunity to get the first minute, but striker someone kick the point aircraft hit the ball yet?Ah, that Peru who is so smashing things to do。The Peru and Africa famous star, named Cueva。Danish first half of the game with his penalty shot went straight to the stands roared away。Men do not cry easily, but this man is so sad that the referee just blew the halftime whistle, he had tears rushing down。Peru teammates quickly go around comforting and heartening, but ultimately Peru 0: 1 defeat, Cueva tears, could not help but once again welling。Speaking of tears on the World Cup, the first thing a lot of people, would be the United States after the 1994 World Cup, Baggio kicked a penalty in the final shootout, Italy lost to Brazil, Nalv lonely ponytail。Kick a penalty of loss of feeling, how?Baggio once recalled: Even after all these years, he still has nightmares, if you have the opportunity to delete the memory of life, they will choose to erase it forever。Consider themselves better than the idiot killed often walk by the river, how can I not wet shoes?Morocco is not a person in Buhaduzi own goal, Nigeria player Ai Tebo, followed by Croatia and also in the game, scored the first World Cup history 43 Own。He publicly apologized after the game: "I'm sorry 35 million people of the team, the fans and Morocco。I'm an idiot!"Buhaduzi consciousness high, kept the people shocked, not that own goal Well, as to what?Who can say where it may, Zhibuding correct attitude of confession, but to protect him。The history of football darkest scene takes place during the World Cup in mid-1994。Colombian defender Egyptian Sike Ba scored an own goal, leading the team lost to the United States, the group stage out。Ten days later, his body in 6 rounds, fell into the pool of blood outside his home bar。Allegedly, Escobar was killed, not the rumors offended gambling group, but because of a dispute – the face of ridicule drug lords scolded the fans, Escobar even dare to defend themselves Haizui。Two sinner you let go of who phase Bi Kuiwa, Buhaduzi, Macy's "nerve" seems to be a lot thicker。Throw penalty kick Messi, generous after the game, he said: the team did not win, I take full responsibility。Then, there is no then the?Apologize it, I burst into tears? Who but Messi has emboldened it。After all, he was experienced in the last 7 times penalty have lost four, more important is the strength of Argentina's lingering, then he has the chance to atone。Cueva, Buhaduzi were difficult, the team they are located, are only a few years into the World Cup, once the mistakes, most likely had no opportunity even to correct。Precisely because of this, just let the World Cup underdog players, the reaction in this case, more often than teams players to be excited too。So, come to China to participate when the national football World Cup in 2002, a penalty kick two did not enter Oolong, safe on home really is lucky enough。At that time, although they are no less ridicule, but many years later, I discovered that the original national team, was actually strongest in the history of national football, but when we did not know to cherish。A own goal is scored, one is not able to scored the other goal, oolong and loss point, which one is more sinful unforgivable?Or, when we praise the star, and then how to blow not matter, when they criticize, but the Care, how much to give them leave a way?