Common hazards whitening whitening needle which has always been more concerned about the topic is, and surely we all know some of it, which is undoubtedly one of the white needle now the most rapid and effective。
But the fact is there are a lot of white needles harm, the following night network come to you talk about common hazards of white needles, a variety of hazards to look at how much you know!White needle body will harm you have white needles need to be injected into the bloodstream, if the injection needle whitening without the health and safety inspection departments in the use of the most basic security has not。
Even if some kind of white needle can have a whitening effect, but such a role than physical safety is concerned, it will be very minimal。
In addition, if the white needle may contain steroid hormones, long-term use can also cause dermatitis hormone-dependent and hormone production, causing irreparable harm to health。White needle heart and brain damage due to the system of white needle injecting intravenous injection, is white needle drug delivery directly to the heart and brain circulatory system, for physical damage is extremely large, and therefore does not appeal to female beauty whitening by injection needles way white skin。White needle injection common hazard prone to infection white needle of a lot of people from abroad like to come back with a white needle injection, usually choose to go private spaces whitening injection needle, so easy to produce because of poor equipment disinfection infection。Long-term whitening injection needle will be detrimental to health It is understood that the white needle guarantee period of up to one year, if improperly after injection whitening care needle, needle whitening effect will be greatly reduced, so I want long-term whitening, it is necessary for a long time injection, injection and long white needle in the body makes the liver, kidneys suffer damage and is not recommended to use whitening whitening needle mode。