Beijing on February 2, according to US media reports, LeBron – James may meet in this summer's free agent market, and the Golden State Warriors。 In this regard, the famous NBA reporter Stephen -A Smith pointed out that if James really join the Warriors, it would be his career forever stain。   "If LeBron – James even a hint of the idea want to join the Warriors, his place in history will be forever tarnished。 "Smith said in the program," If this is the case, he will never become the world's best player。 "" He has won three NBA championships, he brought the NBA championship for the first Cleveland。 Over the past three years, he twice lost to the Golden State Warriors in the finals, and then you decide to turn to join the Warriors?"Smith continued," whether Kevin – Durant how great, and he is a phenomenal player, but when he joined the Warriors in the summer of that year, I said this is the weakest I've ever seen superstar behavior。 If LeBron to join the Warriors, it is absolutely the most superstar acts weak。
He can go to Houston, he can go to many other places, and he could even return to the Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade, he can also stay in Cleveland。
But if he went to the Warriors, even if he and the Warriors held a meeting this summer, then he proved his weakness。 "(Rosen) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。