Because of love, there is always an expectation。Because of love, there is always a dedication。Because of love, there is always a touch of sorrow。    Love, hate obscure, too hard Acacia。    Xinshou Nian Hua, flower without a word。Is wandering around in the bushes under a Melancholy, powder shake hairpin get, like, etc. of hope for thousands of years。Mo someone young enough to Merry。That kind of love, hidden above the terraced rice paddies, peek into that of a fool, go hand in hand, followed by a crazy-like flowery Meijuan, sequential blossoming, that swept like a good girl heart Qingdouchukai。Love, Acacia into worry those expectations, always beautiful and mesmerizing, and then, disappeared in the mud of the persistent, and thanks hurried Chunhong, heard the sound of melancholy parting sigh, they languish who home of the woman, Jun aware。    Because of love, there is always a look。A long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night。The expectations of heaven and earth, beautiful and desirable, meteor mass hate the helpless, and tell what kind of Acacia; and persistent with a trace of sadness of parting a little, melancholy kind of hard phase solution of。Where people, groaning shortness, monopoly return path。This is a look forward, always arouses pity sigh。However, I had to pity sigh of admiration infatuation Shu Yu。Look forward to working together with people from the reunion, and look forward to the initiation of the Acacia infatuation, the United States was hard to bear sad。If she was able to even the dreams of people from the encounter at dusk, perhaps, also for her Looking back, it added a hint of warm aftertaste。It is because of this incomplete, leaving her expectations, but also worry about how many people's heartstrings。    Because of love, there is always a dedication。This is a look derived from the dedication, floating on the water flow in the long roots。Willing Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy。This full of crazy dedication, smoke filled the water between sunset defeated spend, then, that when they go for water Anestrous not break the oath, this is a persistent also look more attractive。Concubine intends to marry and body, and his break, longitudinal been mercilessly abandoned, not shame。No poetic beauty of painting-like mood, that only one regret, that she is full of poignant and tragic love。However, by contrast, is more in love with this bone-deep sadness。She also regrets that this is a more touching and regret。    Because of love, there is always a touch of sorrow。Love, all leave together also a cause for sorrow and tacit up。Injuries, the high city monopoly, the lights have been evening。This touch the blue lamp, Gu tears phase parting melancholy, no pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish persistent, but a plain injury, it is so touching; and it was compared Lightly people, but he said it is sad people are fickle, and even more tragically ordinary, also easily lead people pain。However, the worry still like Shu Yu, such as silk thread-like subtle sadness, always so confused。Gazing at, from now on have added, a period Xinchou。Scattered in front of the old thinking Xinchou, waiting, gazing at the meet by chance encounter at, it will naturally worry more worry。Under yellow, emaciated children, wandering alone with anyone worthy pick。Whispering, only said one The first, Sorrow。This situation no account can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts, how can such a helpless。Tangled with thoughts, who solvable。Coincidentally, this happens to dye Passions over the sad heartbroken thread。Shu Yu Hai in the heart of this one worry, all the good becomes pale at the moment, so eventually allow this worry over the hearts and minds of Intrigue。    Because of love, with no emotional fireworks cleared, and you would like to make spring catkins silly mess。Love, who no longer had, a rain curtain quiet, worry over sentimental south road。Love, sorrow with King and King and laughing face。Later, all of this, after all leave, become vanished。    This life, die in blossom in death。Oh that when curtain westerly, in addition to yellow, do not forget there are people children languish。