Since April 1, the import of Chinese milk powder infant formula labels must be printed directly on the smallest packaging before entry, shall be affixed in the territory。 No Chinese label on the product packaging or labels does not comply with Chinese laws and regulations of China and the national food safety standards, should be done by defective products returned or destroyed。
"Policy is more for non-standard small no-name foreign milk powder, for foreign brands as well as domestic brands have little effect, and even out of the 'cake' it would not be a huge change in a short time directly on the market share of each brand。 But overall, the message is still positive, can stimulate the capital market to boost confidence in domestic milk powder。 "Insiders pointed out that after the implementation of new regulations, at least eighty percent more milk on the Chinese market 'fake foreign devil' will be eliminated。 "State regulation of the infant formula industry become more stringent, there are purifying effect on the industry as a whole。 "Overseas production of infant formula companies should CNCA and AQSIQ registration for the record, these provisions can avoid purchasing large quantities of small-scale and overseas OEM and other acts, but also to put an end to foreign brands of milk powder black workshop generic input territory and other acts。