How long had pink eye can be good, pink eye is very common in our lives, because it has a certain contagious, so a lot of people at arm's length for pink eye, then got pink eye and how long can the good with the small series to see how long it had pink eye can be good We introduce!How long had pink eye pink eye can be a good incubation period of 5?12 days, usually both eyes simultaneously or successively sick。 Just sick, manifested as eyelid swelling, conjunctival congestion and edema also, foreign body sensation in eyes, itchy and tender。
Also tearing, photophobia and other。 Late pink eye visible conjunctival hemorrhage, eye syndrome, severe trachoma is different, the main difference is that more water discharge secretion little pink eye, trachoma and secretions。
Children's eye for about 20 days, the symptoms gradually subside。
Bacterial infections usually culminates in three to four days later will gradually reduce。 Viral usually ten days to fifteen days, if chlamydial infection is to adhere to medication one to two months before completely cured。 Already infected patients but also to prevent pink eye pink eye spread to the surrounding crowd。 Pink eye pink eye following precautions are common, infectious, often in groups the incidence, onset of severe symptoms, but do not panic, easy to cure, not easy to stay sequelae。
Conditions should be to have eye specialist hospital for examination and treatment need to identify not to abuse drugs and other pink eye。
Usually pay attention to eye health, substandard with a towel, basin, sick pay attention to isolation。 How long had pink eye can be a good diet should be light more appropriate, as should be appropriate to drink。 After red eye diseases have active treatment, general requirements should be prompt, thorough, stick。
Once found, immediate treatment, do not interrupt, symptoms disappeared completely after 1 week to continue treatment to prevent relapse。
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