Today, many countries have set off such a trend: made of chocolate SPA。
The beauty of this new way to attract customers not only in the name of novelty, and its health care role is to let a lot of fashion people it is difficult to resist the temptation。
Take a look at the following cosmetic effect magical chocolate bar!In addition, cocoa powder contains an alkaloid similar to caffeine, it can act directly on the nervous system, stimulate the physiological cycle, keep your skin elasticity and vitality。
Cocoa powder further contains vitamin B2, and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements, the body and can effectively promote muscle reflex system, and to stimulate blood circulation。
So chocolate beauty in fatigue, but also have a good effect on improving people's mental state。 In addition, chocolate can also inhibit the melancholy mood, especially dark chocolate, more people produce pleasure。
According to a recent opinion poll, 34 percent of French women and 38% of Canadian women admit that they like to enhance sexual pleasure by eating chocolate, chocolate and this is due to sexual stimulation。
In fact, chocolate SPA can do it yourself at home。 1000 g of chocolate, stirred with warm water soluble after about 45 degrees Celsius to a liquid, but not stirring too thick or too thin, is not applied to the skin to dripping to form blocks nor advisable。 When applied to the body to be fast, otherwise the chocolate will condense a cold; after a little massage, time control in 20 minutes or less。 Women do 1 Spa beauty benefits to stay healthy and maintain a good body, you must consider a variety of factors, say, low-calorie intake diet, exercise, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, relax tense muscles, are part of the spa part。 Further, the seaweed spa treatments with sea, various minerals may be absorbed through the skin and rare trace elements, the interior of the cell to restore the balance; Penetration and then stimulated by the lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins, have the effect of continuous physical recovery。 Common types of hot springs natural balance of the body 2 to resist the pressure is always threatened by external stress factors, in order to cope, the human body will automatically release a series of neurological hormones, so-called adaptation syndrome。 Spa compression design will be able to offer to relieve stress。
3 intake of low-calorie weight-loss diet, exercise and a change in attitude is the root of the weight-loss。
Spa relaxation treatment helps the body fluid, the total flow of water in the body is increased by about 30%。 It can reduce the population of engagement between the groups of fat cells in human tissues, with tissues or tissue。 Spa can also speed up the body fat and carbohydrate metabolism。 Hydromassage with seaweed on the application, in terms of weight loss does have effect。
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