March 22, according to the Russian satellite network reported 22, the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko said that Russia would guarantee the safety of British fans during the 2018 World Cup。   Reported that Alexander Yakovenko said at a news conference, he said: "The fans will be safe and sound。 We are taking all the necessary measures。
Britain and Russia relevant agencies will jointly guarantee the safety British fans in Russia。
Whenever our preparation for international events, will be to work with countries to ensure the safety of all participants。
Guests of security will be guaranteed, the corresponding visa regime will also be introduced。
"2018 World Cup will be held in Russia June 14-July 15。 Russian satellite network previously reported that British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that Russia will be the World Cup as a "public relations", and Hitler practice of the Olympic Games in mid-1936, "exactly the same"。
  Russian presidential press secretary Peskov said the Kremlin believes that Johnson's remarks extremely harsh, insulting, can not be tolerated。