Every morning cup of milk sufficient vigor every day, every day will be broadcast on television advertising such milk advertising。Our real life most people this morning is a cup of milk and an egg on toast for breakfast every day, but you know you can eat eggs, milk cartons with you today night network will take you to find out, in the end Can you eat milk and eggs together。
Milk and eggs you can eat eggs with milk, could have been a lot of people's favorite breakfast, in fact, they are not suitable with food。Milk contains lactose, galactose and glucose dimer, which galactose is its nutritional located。Eggs contain many proteins, into amino acids, amino acid absorption energy (active transport intestinal wall)。
In this case, less available blood glucose, galactose will be oxidized energized。Some egg and milk protein will in certain nutrients react with each other, so that the nutritional value decline, so should not the same food。At the same time, not red eggs with milk。
Some people like to eat raw eggs washed up with milk after boiling, add believed to make up make up, in fact, because the temperature is not high enough milk, eggs and not fully cooked, so this way of eating is unhealthy。Raw eggs may carry salmonella virulence of the bacteria kill requires a certain temperature, the temperature of the milk alone, not all bacteria are killed, the food can cause gastroenteritis。Raw eggs contain avidin, which would interfere with biotin absorption in the intestine; antitrypsin factors may also inhibit the activity of trypsin。