Recently, a woman due to run in Changsha night, leading to vigorous exercise of the right ovary corpus luteum cyst, bleeding reached half of the body, approximately 2200 ml。Doctors advise: luteal phase is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise, nor excessive weight loss, too thin, then prone to similar problems。
    Refers to the day before the menstruation after ovulation, luteal affected ovary stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone secretion, to maintain endometrial thickening, to facilitate implantation of fertilized egg, without the process of implantation endometrium will disintegration, the end of the menstrual cycle with menstrual cramps。  Comparison of constant length, in non-pregnant women in an average of 14 days and on day 1 of the menstrual ends。
  Low progesterone how to do 1, food supplements daily life, should choose those more phytoestrogen-rich foods, these foods estrogen (progesterone) widespread, mainly food legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.。。
  2, supplemented by intramuscular injection of the drug supplemented progesterone, 1 min 10?20 mg must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor。
Medication (usually progesterone tablets), your doctor will be based on the recovery of the pregnant woman's decision, the case of drugs make up more common in pregnant low progesterone。
  Corpus luteum rupture occurs because there are three types: a, break itself。  Under normal circumstances, the body had had a small amount of yellow, but if too much bleeding can occur spontaneous rupture。Have explained that the period since the coagulation vessel luteinizing dysfunction, which leads to bleeding, such as bleeding yellow lumen pressure increases, eventually leading to rupture。  Second, increased abdominal pressure。
  When, by the impact of the raw abdominal, bucking or flutter and, after running, intra-abdominal pressure will suddenly rise, making the mature corpus luteum rupture。
Some girls even in hard cough, bowel movement can also occur when the corpus luteum rupture。  Third, the roll sheets cause。
  During sex, female reproductive organs will naturally dilatation and congestion, such as reaching orgasm, muscle tissue will show spasmodic contraction, tension Huang was forced to increase the body。As boyfriend lovemaking session action is too simple and crude, abdominal girls have a strong impact, it can lead to rupture of the corpus luteum。
So after the pitched battle, the girls have little stomach pain is not normal, or need to go to the hospital to see the。