Say "an old house, a treasure。"The old man is not only life experience can teach us not to teach our approach when dealing with others, but also dedicated our lives to help us deal with things at home, so that we can devote all our energies into work。
Advanced age home for the elderly need more attention in our daily lives。Let the elderly to maintain a pleasant mood, let the old man's body to stay healthy!  Matters elderly when the family needs a lot of attention。
The elderly because of the aging of the body, take a bath when there is some danger。
  When the old man what precautions 1, the water temperature is too high many elderly people do not like to like when the water temperature up too high, but the elderly poor blood vessel elasticity, the regulatory function is relatively weak, if the bath water temperature is too high can lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia, likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and the bath water temperature is too high, prone to itchy skin。  2, before a bite to eat in the bathroom when a small space feel hot, this environment will consume part of the energy of the human body, it is recommended that older people have something to eat before the bath mat pad the stomach, so as not to feel in the shower dizziness, nausea。But experts have warned that the elderly should not take a bath immediately after meals, otherwise they will feel tired after taking a bath。  3, the old man is best not to lock the door lock is a good habit, but for older people with limited mobility is concerned, taking a bath when your family can not lock the door for easy access in the event of accidents。In addition, family members of the elderly for long bath should pay attention to do more, but the old man into the bathroom a long time, we must knock on the door to ask about the situation of the elderly, to avoid accidents。
  4, drink plenty of water after the bath 10 minutes and then I believe a lot of friends after a bath will feel thirsty, the elderly are no exception, this time to drink a cup of warm water is a good choice, but experts have warned that the elderly best to drink water again 10 minutes after the bath, in order to avoid a situation flustered shortness of breath, or the elderly can drink a glass of water first, so you can ease the situation thirsty bath。  5, after the bath should not be working there are some old friends immediately wash the dirty clothes after the bath, but experts have warned that old friends do not do this, we have mentioned above, when the elderly may feel flustered If labor does not break immediately after a bath will increase if physical discomfort, it is recommended that the elderly can rest after the bath for 20-30 minutes and then do something else。
  6, the elderly should not be too frequent summer sweat more, many of my friends can not wait to one day wash bath 10 times, there are some old people will do the same, but older skin is thin, and in shrinking the state, often the skin surface will then protection was washed off, the skin becomes more dry, it is recommended for the elderly day only a bath, after the bath can also apply some lotion to protect the skin。
  To the health of the elderly, as the children need to be aware in all aspects, to prevent things that could harm the health of the elderly。