Xiamen is one of China's four major cruise home port, sail the same day, two cruise "meeting" in the port。  Chen Yueshe during the event, in addition to cultural performances, the delegation also held several high-level exchanges and Xiamen local tourism, cultural figures in the cruise dock each city。
The two sides will protect cultural heritage, heritage Taiwanese context, deepen cooperation in tourism and other issues, in-depth substantive explore。   Yang Qi, director of the Xiamen Tourism Development Committee look forward to, through this activity, the "Marine Silk Road" countries along the showcase rich and diverse tourism products, build boats ASEAN friendship and promote Xiamen accelerate the development of cruise tourism。
  In recent years, cruise tourism has become a new driving force of global tourism development in Xiamen。
2012-2016, Xiamen cruise home port passenger throughput from a million passengers per year soared to more than 200,000 people, and become a new bright spot in the internationalization of business cards Xiamen tourism economy。
  Xiamen Port Holding Group Co., Ltd., deputy general manager Cai Siwei said China Xiamen Culture and Tourism Department of creating a 'cruise + culture' of this external communication mode, Xiamen promote cruise tourism product specialization, differentiation, promote Xiamen cruise industry from quantity to quality development of。