Protein-containing foods are meat, eggs, milk and beans。
For new born baby, breastfeeding is the best source of protein。 Short milk baby can obtain the desired protein from the various formulas ,, dried meat, and soy, walnut Lane; diluted new protein can also be administered agents Po zinc and selenium Tablets natural biological extract。
3: Carbohydrates refers to carbohydrates, the main function is to provide energy for the baby's growth and development。 Breast milk and lactose in milk, formula milk powder sugar ,, syrup, maltose containing starch and glucose produced by the human body after amylase breaks down, all your baby grow up and get absorbed carbohydrates。 4: rich in vitamin A; vitamin d can be obtained from breast milk, egg yolk, often take the baby to the outdoors in the sun, but also help your baby's health; all kinds of fruits, especially oranges are rich in vitamin C, to promote your baby synthesize vitamin energy。
5: Calcium winter what to eat baby breast milk, milk, eggs, soy products, kelp, seaweed, shrimp, sesame,, fish, vegetables and other foods rich in calcium, especially milk and breast milk, calcium than other foods to much higher, the baby enough calcium for bone growth and helps a lot。 6: zinc。