Ma Ying-jeou made a hat "Women's Department" of the Kuomintang regressed to advertise。
(Source: Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper") Ke Zhien said she was particularly Ma Ying-jeou to visit in the afternoon, the main purpose is to express the gratitude of his hat done for the KMT, "Ministry of Women"?Propaganda, driven by panic buying。
Just warm weather, especially sending him two short-sleeved T-shirt, also hope that through his high popularity, a new?Buying a new shirt。
  Talks on a number of topics, from before to Hualien Travel, Tourism plight, energy issues, fraudsters sent, to encourage the birth of the Democratic Progressive Party's evaluation, Ma eloquent, digital master familiar, in a relaxed and humorous talk , but also showing his concern for Taiwan's status quo。
  Ke Zhien pointed out that Ma step down over the trailing foot, we remain confident in the future of the Kuomintang。
Ke Zhien said that while relying on cap?KMT can not save, but it represents an effort "from the heart, again," the change, Ma Ying-jeou to Sun Yat-sen's words, "to aspire to do great things, we do not aspire to a high official," to be encouraged, and "What is the big event?One thing is to do a good job from start to finish, so successful, is a major event. "。 (China Taiwan Network game Yin Nan)。