When it comes, everyone is familiar with, "kidney" "kidney" ads simply everywhere, everyone seems to have kidney virtual ah……This kidney ah, ye casually "imaginary" of it?  Say "imaginary", probably a little fantasy, and we put it another way – "hurt"。Kidney, it did not legends so fragile, but if you have a 6:00 today, Dr Leung Speaking of, can not say。
  We make it clear, that is the modern medicine as one pair of large beans organ, is the urinary system, and "kidney" that "kidney" is not the same。  We like a city sewage treatment plant, through various channels shipped supplies needed to operate the plant, sewage treatment。
The difference is that, after the discharge of pollutants sewage treatment plant is clean water, and kidneys are useful things to leave, filtration of waste discharge。
  Drink plenty of water too poor circulation, insufficient supply you can imagine, if the sewage treatment plant did not have enough power energy, workers can not get supplies, urban sewerage is not smooth, naturally shut down。  Dirty, too, if insufficient amount of blood reaching the kidneys: one can not transport enough "nutrient" to dirty, ischemia, hypoxia occurs, the result is impaired renal function; second is the rest of the body's metabolic waste can not be timely discharge。  Everyday drink less, if not immediately hurt, but not conducive to human metabolites discharge, especially for patients with hyperuricemia and urinary calculi, drink plenty of water to help alleviate the condition, prevention of recurrence。  Eating too much produce too much waste burden that life is really everywhere pit, not easy to be a food goods!  Like flavors, it is to live enjoyably!However, excessive intake of sodium。
  Like to eat hot pot, Shabu-Shabu finished even drink soup, old fire soup, how delicious!However, a high purine content。  Beer and seafood, wonderful life!However, hyperuricemia occur。  Meat and fish, good nutrition-rich!However, more protein。  ……These circumstances, not only everybody needs to clean up dirty garbage last, eliminated from the body, a long time kidney overwhelmed, but also cause various diseases, such as eating too salty, high blood pressure increase the risk of collateral damage kidneys。  Maybe you've just feeling: only eat goods have a heart, but did not eat the stomach of goods……Starting today, you may have to add: it did not seem to eat goods。  Looks great demand too fat, plump burden friends see this sentiment may be a bit small。Obesity and how dirty it to provoke?  You think, ah, a huge population of the city, it is not a sewage treatment plant will be more than a little busy city?  The same reason, the huge weight of people, more dirty must work hard to meet the needs and long working overtime to dry, after all, the kidneys, it is a challenge。
  Moreover, obesity itself but also bring a variety of diseases, will eventually damage dirty。
  According to statistics, obese people eventually develop chronic disease risk is ordinary 2?It seven times。  Smoking own function injury, damage to plant machinery cigarettes said they did not convinced, let me back what pot!= It really is not injustice, tobacco ingredients, especially nicotine heavy metals, lead and cadmium, will be hurt, and, if the patient already has high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic kidney problems, smoking will only make matters worse。
  Holding back urine retention of waste, sewage treatment plant pipeline damaged nothing if they are extremely competent, however, if the waste water discharge pipe blocked, and still work stoppage。  Life of the most common is holding back。
Everyone is always a variety of reasons, do not have time, toilet far, the game hangs in the balance, a good comfortable bed inside……Holding back what is not a good thing, over time, the bladder will be affected and continue to develop, urine may back injury。
They might, but also "sad", "brain injury", induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease。  Oh, I had so vulnerable, it quickly Bubu!Tonic, look how wonderful recipe is rather charming feel to control myself……Inappropriate medication asking for trouble, destruction of plant machinery 1.Recipe: not only useless, harmful remedies may also, really is a very mysterious thing very mysterious。  In modern medicine knowable range, which never studies have shown beneficial dirty health remedies。  The fact is that these drugs are not really "side effects is not clear", has been clinically clear, so-called "remedies" There are a lot of ingredients will hurt dirty。
  For example, a substance called "aristolochic acid", even once taking small doses, it may cause irreversible damage to the dirty。
  2.Medication should pay attention to, but also to pay attention to special populations dry most toxic medicine will be marked in the specification, and read more medication before some good drug efficacy, can not eat something right。  Drug labeling for the specification will function should not have a good patient, how to adjust the dose。When we go to the hospital, and doctors say clearly remember history, and pay attention to read the instructions before you can take medicine。
  This ah, but their use is broken, what means you lose yourself?。