Spring temperatures rose rapidly, all kinds of bacteria, viruses began was the explosive growth, the baby gastrointestinal function is not yet complete, the care of a little attention, it is easy to cause diarrhea。
Spring baby diarrhea precautionary reasons, we must first understand what the baby in the spring of diarrhea。Spring baby diarrhea precautions 1, the head diet everyday life, diet therapy is the most simple method of conditioning。Mom usually can eat some baby food to the stomach, such as mountain ones, almond soup, sesame paste, etc., and avoid eating spicy, cold, greasy food。2, sports keep getting warmer spring temperatures, the mother can bring a baby to outdoor activities, such as doing running, skipping, aerobics, ball games and other outdoor and baby together, to help the baby limbs, improve the body immunity, to stay away from spring diarrhea。
3, pay attention to hygiene usually let your baby develop good habits of washing hands, fingers and other unhealthy eating behavior should be properly stopped before eating bacteria, germs, etc.。Meanwhile, my mother also used to baby utensils disinfection, the food must be clean and sanitary。4, leading to the baby vaccination due to the common cause of diarrhea rotavirus and other pathogens, suggested that the mother rotavirus vaccine for vaccination before 3 years old baby。The best time to be vaccinated every year from July to October, winter and spring to avoid the high incidence of diarrhea。Of course, the baby after 3 years there is no need of the vaccine, TA who have basic rotavirus antibody。
5, Chiropractic "Chiropractic" can stimulate the baby through the air, strong taste function, promote digestion and absorption, enhance immunity。
The correct way is the mother handed the baby to pinch the skin at the back of the caudal, lift, pinch to move up the spine along the neck, pinching even 6 times。Best every day。These are preventive measures for diarrhea in infants and young children, mothers and quickly get up GET。
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