People of a foot, as if the tree has roots; tree dry root first dried up, old people feet first decline。
Since ancient times, many doctors and saints have described the use of holographic medical treatment from the soles of the feet of the Chinese and foreign history。Medical St Bian Que Spring and Autumn Period, proficient foot therapy, stimulate the foot to save the dying days of Guo State Prince; Han Shen Yi Hua compiled the "Hua Tuo Tips Zuxin Road" from plantar treatment of systemic disease , in minutes and seconds to the rescue, medical treatment between coaching。
In ancient India Sakyamuni passed away before leaving the code of life treatment of plantar map, posterity。Positioning human organs in the sole of the foot, which is the organ in the foot reflex zones。
Physiological changes and pathological changes of the positive reaction occurs in the reflection area, specific treatment is to heal the point of the disease, also known as plantar life password。First, a disease, a trick, too good! 1, hypertension trick down position: bottom right thumb bone the bone joints performer method: using a tool or finger joints to rotate counterclockwise as pain intensity of 2 stimulation, hypotension trick boost position: front feet intermediate sole chevron surgical operation method: a tool joint or finger pressure above the point 3 forward, headache headache trick position: inner feet foot heel slopes surgical operation method: forward and upward with the index finger or tool joint 4 point pressure, dizziness, vertigo trick position: the back of the feet, muscular depression treatments method 1 cm of four or five toes instep fingers: index finger or tool joint with vertical tap 5, palpitation palpitation trick position: bis intermediate sole forefoot chevron surgical operation method: a tool or finger pressure point 6 above the articulation forward trick constipation constipation position: both feet above the ankle muscles after depression, the ankle up four horizontal central finger width performer method: by scraping tool or finger, pushed up at three minutes to start again from 7 to push down two minutes, back pain trick position back pain: pain spot treatments edge method in the talus and the navicular feet ankle To have a tool or finger joint pain pressing point 8, knee pain spur trick knee pain position: feet below the arcuate outer ankle muscles art methods in band: the index finger or tool joint 9 on the point stimulation as pain, pain tonsillitis tonsillitis trick position: dorsal feet thumb root treatments method: index finger or tool joints 10 massage pain, sciatica sciatic pain trick position: inner side with feet pain point intermediate performer method: tool blade or finger joints pain Pusher Editor's Choice:。