On a certain age of the woman, no stranger to Wujibaifeng。
It is a woman used to conditioning, the pill, generation after generation of Chinese medicine and the woman says。
Upset stomach, eat a few pills Bak Foong Pill; leucorrhea more, irregular menstruation, and also eat it for a two boxes; and even now there is the beauty of Chinese medicine said the woman warned, Nobody is allowed to spend money on beauty products, every day take two pills Wujibaifeng, inexpensive, more than anything else obvious effect。
As for the service tube no matter what, it does not matter, after all, is a traditional Chinese medicine Well, so what side effects?Eat better than not eat well。
  However, the reaction of people around, Bak Foong Pill is not the panacea。
For example, for irregular menstruation such symptoms, some women eat really solve the problem; while some women ate, the more stressed the more chaos。
So, what is a medicine Wujibaifeng?How broad its scope?With these questions, we went into the Shanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, please 66-year-old Yu-Fen Zhang, director of the authority of a physician to talk about one of Gynecologic Wujibaifeng。  Dr. Chang said: Bak Foong Pills is the ancient books, "Jiyin outline" of plus or minus side Wuji pill size, estimated to have a hundred years of history。
Wuji is very rare in the past, it is only for the court, and now black-Montreal run, it widely used among the people。
Because it is prescription, regardless of which manufacturers, the dose is fixed。It consists of black chicken, ginseng, astragalus, red sage root, Chinese angelica, peony root, habitat, Rehmannia, licorice, Cyperus, antler, Lugushuang, silver Bupleurum, oysters, do A, Sang cuttlebone, Gorgon, yam, asparagine and the like made of 20 herbs。Wherein, astragalus, ginseng for qi; antler, Lugushuang for liver and kidney; Sang cuttlebone to receive kidney yang; angelica root, peony root, habitat, commonly known Siwutang for nourishing; Salvia , oysters, not for a blood circulation, relieves congestion, Yin and nerves; silver Bupleurum, do not have Qingxudong a heat only; Yin is asparagine; yam, Gorgon with spleen, dehumidification, and Gushen stopband effect; perfumery Annex drug is qi。