Zeng Xiaoxian Hu Yifei finally married!Love Apartment 5 broadcast in 2020

Zeng Xiaoxian Hu Yifei finally married!”Love Apartment 5″ broadcast in 2020
A syndicated film by Syndicate, which belongs to Watts Creek, co-produced by iQiyi, directed by Wei Zheng, led by Lou Yixiao, Li Jiahang, Sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, and the special feature of the urban comedy “Love Apartment 5” starring Chen He, released a trailer on December 23, intensiveSmile, familiar style.It is reported that as the final season of the “Love Apartment” series, the script will land on iQiyi in 2020.Trailer for “Love Apartment 5”.In the trailer, Zeng Xiaoxian (Chen He) and Hu Yifei (Lou Yixiao), who “love each other”, finally entered the marriage hall, and Zhang Wei (Li Jiahang) acted as a witness, but the seemingly romantic opening has “noAt the end of “romantic”, at the moment when Hu Yifei forced the ring to “return”, it would be a happy family.On the other side, Lu Ziqiao (Sun Yizhou) and Chen Meijia (Li Jinming) married “identity upgrade” after marriage, Lu Ziqiao turned into a “golden dad” to show off her baby everyday, and did not forget to “complain” “to raise a child is tired enough, One more. “Unlike these old friends, Zhang Wei is still “the feelings of fate are mysteries.” I wonder if in the new season’s plot, “reliable lawyer” Zhang Wei can successfully get rid of the order.Compared with the ignorance and awkwardness when he first met ten years ago, in the play Hu Yifei changed from an intimate, grounded rationalist to a red-lipped elder sister, Zeng Xiaoxian also transformed from a cheap and handsome young man to a mature charm.Men, Lu Ziqiao and Chen Meijia jumped directly from love to marriage, wearing a pair of pajamas, a happy look of enjoying life.In addition, “Love Apartment 5” also welcomed new tenants: “self-proclaimed handsome guy” Zhao Haitang (Zhang Yiduo decoration), “intelligence quotient” Zhuge Dali (result decoration), “duck essence” curry sauce (Wan Zilin decoration), Their distinctive personality makes the show’s level of humor a new level.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing