Ticker May 15, Cavaliers away to 94-73 victory over the Bulls, with a total score of 4-2 qualify for the Eastern Conference finals。
  Knight's next opponent will be the winner of the Hawks and Wizards。 LeBron – James scored 15 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds, Tristan – Thompson 13 points and 17 rebounds, Iman – Hong Porter 13 points and seven rebounds。
Carey – Owen in the second quarter injury leave, only played 12 minutes, scored six points。
Matthews, who came off the bench – 德拉维多瓦 19 points, JR- Smith 12 points。   Bulls were eliminated 2-4, this season's mission accomplished。 – Jimmy Butler scored 20 points, Derek – Rose 14 points and six assists, others have failed to double。
Paul – Gasol back, scored eight points and five rebounds。
  James's career, the Bulls out of the playoffs several times。 This time they met the Bulls, James has played very difficult。
Four games before the battle a draw in the last game, James almost perfect game for the next Cavaliers won the Battle of King Mountain。
  In the last game, James scored 38 points, 12 rebounds and six assists, more importantly, the audience is not a mistake。
In the last critical moment, James Ross gave a note blocks, to avoid being equalized。 "I never praise myself, but now can not help but do a。 "James said, not without pride。   For the Bulls, this is life and death, so they sent after Gasol's absence。
After the opening, Gasol hit the first shot on, Ross hit a ball, the Bulls 4-0 start。
After the first section hit four minutes, leading the Bulls to 12-6。
Owen CIC angry, he first cast also to a ball, followed by three hits, Cavaliers 7-0 to 13-12 overtake。
This half after the holiday, Knight hit rate has dropped only gradually beyond this。 In this section there are 3 minutes 07 seconds, Dunleavy hit three-pointers, leading the Bulls to 25-18。 Jones thirds vote twice, once to overtake the Knights。
After the first section, Knight only 31-33 behind to。
  Gibson on an expulsion, suspension has not been lucky。
Today he was a bit cool, the first section there are three fouls, the Bulls upset the plan, starting from the second they hit not going well。
  There Section 9 minutes 47 seconds after the jump pass Owen, floor, right foot hook to mate, a twisted ankle, is strapped to leave, then do not play。
After his departure, Jones immediately thirds vote, the Cavaliers to 38-35 beyond, but this is their only score in 5 minutes。
After the Bulls to 40-38 ahead, 德拉维多瓦 and Shumpert have hit the third, the Cavaliers continue outside shooting, a wave 20-4 end of this section, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 58-44。 In this section the last 7 minutes and 53 seconds, the Bulls hit only two goals this mess。
  The third quarter played 5 minutes and 47 seconds, the Knights still scoreless, but the Bulls hit only one ball。 The two sides have strengthened the defense, hit rate has dropped。
After more than half of this section, 德拉维多瓦-thirds vote, and James twice in the field goal, the Cavaliers to 67-48 obtain 19 points of advantage。
Butler finally Bulls-thirds vote, one with 5 points, but also to third twice Smith, the Knights maintained a double-digit advantage to 73-60 through three quarters ended。
Knight this section only 15 minutes, the Bulls 16 points。
  Owen Knight less, for the Bulls would have been a good opportunity, but unfortunately they failed to grasp。 After the fourth quarter played 2 minutes and 30 seconds, they have failed to score。 德拉维多瓦 continuous shooting, two cast succeeded James, the Cavaliers to a wave of 11-2 start this section, in one fell swoop to throw off opponents 84-62。
  Knight Yuezhanyueyong, this section there are 4 minutes 37 seconds, Thompson shot and foul, vote with a penalty scored three points, they lead to 93-66。 Snell hit three, then two free throws, the Bulls scored 5 points, chasing the score 71-93。   But the Bulls have been uninterested。 Although the Cavaliers last 4 minutes and 57 seconds not shooting, he remained more than 20 points advantage。

5 consecutive months of sales of the top of Mount Housing prices Country Garden (02007.HK) is changing the expansion strategy, policy tightening financing to ease the pressure brought about, trying to sacrifice profits even scale to ensure cash flow。  Recently, informed sources told from inside the Garden of surging News, " 'full coverage' has clearly stopped inside, temporarily outside preached。"The mouth of the so-called 'full coverage' strategy refers to all three hundred forty-five tier cities in the county and even township are required to have a well-developed Country Garden project。  By the end of 2017, Mo Bin, president of Country Garden had issued notice issued "Rolls-Royce project development stage incentive measures" proposed "full coverage" for three hundred forty-five-city concept。  Notification requirements, in November 2017 to the end of 2018, the regional companies need sank to a blank prefecture-level cities and county-level city under the jurisdiction of the blank, the county seat, developed township (population of more than 1 million people in the town)。  In addition, full coverage area also incorporated into the company's rewards and penalties, the region earn rewards on the premise that the completion of full coverage by the end of 2018, failed to achieve full coverage of the regional president of reprimand, chief executive removed from office, and now this measure is pre-announced termination。  In front of the scale and profits, cash flow is selected Country Garden。  Country Garden insiders from at least five regions surging told the news, now work all around cash flow, cooperation projects, do not "Trader" project。  To develop real estate projects in the "Trader" means a business of a master key sectors of marketing, engineering, design, development, construction and other newspaper after node operations tempo and the whole project was carried out in a manner acceptable to the enterprise。  To Country Garden, for example, from the requirements of urban project that is to take place three or four lines must start, and adhere to the "456" principle, that opened four months, five months funds is positive, six months to return the funds will be invested in new projects among the。  Surging News was informed earlier, Country Garden has two sets of evaluation system of cooperation projects。Country Garden cooperation projects, such as self-manipulator, Country Garden's press schedule, time node assessment, non Trader items can only be reported。  Today, in order to improve the flow, accelerate cash back, non-project Trader Country Garden, Country Garden also included in the evaluation system, also need to be in accordance with the time node of Country Garden。  According to surging News reporter, Country Garden a number of cooperation projects have been several areas of ongoing or quit, quit the project are non-project Trader。  Informed sources The news has been confirmed that the inner Garden, their regions and several cooperation projects waiting to exit, mainly because of changes in the evaluation system of Country Garden, Non-reach project assessment criteria Trader。  Another Country Garden insiders different areas of representation, it is true, just not up to the high turnover of rhythm Country Garden, the project would rather not do, cash flow is king。  At present, the Country Garden to deal with two types of cooperation projects, has signed a cooperation agreement in the equity, if not carried out in accordance with Trader Country Garden high turnover of rhythm, will exit; cooperation projects, has not yet entered into a share agreement, if they can not exercise plate, to give up direct cooperation。  Moreover, in order to achieve rapid reflux of cash turnover, there is Country Garden insiders, some projects even if profits turn negative, but also robbed of cash flow。But because the system Country Garden with the investment project, which greatly dampened the enthusiasm of frontline staff。  Related reports

HKEx announced that the share price and trading volume of unclear cause unusual movements, shareholder Lin Yuhao not pledge or sell any shares。April 11, Hong Kong-listed Chinese-funded financial holding company intraday straight down, the biggest decline in more than 83% of the time, fell 57.48%。  [Previously reported] April 11, China Financial Holdings 0.HK $ 127 opening, the stock price began to fall close to 10:00, half an hour, the share price decline was more than 80%, the lowest dropping to 0.HK $ 019, the market value of 1 billion yuan was evaporated!  Crash at the same time, the rapid turnover amplification, the Hong Kong stock market as of the close, China Financial Holdings fell 57.48%, close 0.054 Hong Kong dollars, turnover 6.HK $ 2.4 billion, turnover of up to 125.25%。  According to HKEx announced after the close of market intermediaries holding records show, hung (Hong Kong) in the name of the largest equity ratio reached 14.39%。  Trading records show, China's largest financial holding co-brokerage Changjiang Securities large number Paohuo, ranking first in the seller, net sales of 6032 million shares, involving an amount of HK $ 1.92 million, accounting for 4.01%。And Thailand's third-largest securities as a co-brokerage stock, ranking second in the seller, too, a large number of shipments, will sell 6440 shares, involving an amount of HK $ 1.86 million, the total turnover of 3.89%。  It is noteworthy that the two co-broker price per share were 0.0318 and 0.HK $ 0289, that is only shipping after crash。  The reason for the collapse of China Holdings, analysts believe that the main reason for China Holdings plummeted, it may be caused by the share pledge warehouse explosion。  However, according to some media reports, major shareholders Linyu Hao said that as the major shareholder, has never pledged shares, not the use of equity financing, but did not sell China Financial Holdings shares, the company is now operating as usual。For the stock price plummeted, Linyu Hao said he did not know the reason, did not receive shares pledged to report any member of the Board of Directors。  Past and Present: from agriculture to China FHC China Jade could have been one of the main agricultural financial holding company, after the company called "jade from agriculture"。Is the first in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board listed vegetable production and marketing enterprises, the main business covers vegetable cultivation, research and development, channel development, processing, trade, logistics and distribution。  Later renamed Fortune International, and then changed its name back from jade Agriculture。July 2015, the company officially changed its name to China Holdings, in addition to the original trade business, wore "financial holding" the title of the company began a variety of financial services, including money lending in Hong Kong, the stock brokerage business, finance。  (Picture from the official website of China Holdings) According to the 2016 annual report disclosed that China Holdings' revenues loans at 7.2-48% of calculating interest, which is similar to "usury" business, in the year 2016 reached the scale of 2.As much as HK $ 5.2 billion, which even up to 2.HK $ 3.7 billion of unsecured loans。  Lending to the road, we have a great relationship with the current Chairman of the China Financial Holdings Lin Yuhao。May 13, 2016 formally to run for the chairmanship of the Board of Lin Yuhao, according to public information, has served as corporate vice president of the Federation of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, Chinese microfinance, credit, and operational experience in the consumer finance particularly rich。  Lin Yuhao has publicly said that China has made Holdings in Hong Kong and the Mainland financial companies ,, small loan companies and other licenses, said the future will be more involved and to initiate, build a fully licensed ecosystem services in the Industry。  China Financial Holdings in the past year in the capital is not low frequency。From April 2015 to April 2016, China Financial Holdings has 5 times to placing of new shares, issue new shares, etc. trying to get money, but there are three times have not been completed。  Dismal performance: nine years of losses despite continuing transformation, but still can not stop the loss and fell, from a performance point of view, China's performance is unsatisfactory financial holding。The past 10 years, the performance of Chinese financial holding only positive earnings performance in 2012。  Report shows that in 2016 China Financial Holdings annual earnings 9329.HK $ 20,000, but remove all kinds of expenses, the company's annual losses reached 4.HK $ 6.6 billion in losses compared with the year 2015, the huge expansion of more than 12 times。  In addition, so far in 2015, China Holdings' share price fluctuation is quite large。By 2015, the company's share price from 0.Hong Kong dollar has risen 068 0.HK $ 84, then began to decline sharply dropped some time ago 0.HK $ 111。  Hai Ali had the foresight to sell ago?  In the April 4, 2016, China Financial Holdings posted an announcement that the company entered into a subscription agreement with respectively two funds Mainland。Zhuhai Tak Gu Fund Management Co. agreed to subscribe for Chinese financial holding up to HK $ 400 million in 540 days of convertible bonds。Former Hai Ali also agreed to five years, to subscribe for China Financial Holdings HK $ 2 billion of convertible bonds。  China Financial Holdings said that if the conversion price of the Convertible Bonds in accordance with 0.HK $ 122 after exercise, Zhuhai German Valley will hold China Holdings 12.9% stake in the former Hai Ali will hold China Holdings 64.51% of the shares。Obviously ago Hai Ali will become the largest shareholder of China Holdings。  For HK $ 2.4 billion of convertible bonds to be issued and acquired, China Financial Holdings pointed to the future business development, provide certainty and flexibility for the next few years using capital。  But HKEx interest in disclosure of information, so far, the former major shareholder of Hai Ali was not on the list of Chinese financial holding appears, is currently the largest shareholder Lin Yuhao, holding 8.6.9 billion shares, its stake to 12.64%; however, before Hai Ali after achieving debt November 29, 2016, obtained 27.0.5 billion shares of China Holdings, holding the proportion reached 39.25%, after the reduction is likely to have, but information about the shareholders, and in the end of March 2017 disclosed in the annual report, did not elaborate。

February 22, the three major indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen opened higher collective, made a good start the first trading day of the Dog。At the close, reported 3268.56, up 2.17%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 10658.94, up 2.18%; 1677 report.76, up 1.88%。In addition, the industry sector rose across the board, in which the civil aviation airport, cement, nonferrous metals and other gainers。  1, China Galaxy Qingchun Road, Hangzhou Guoxin main limit buy purple stock opened the day significantly higher, after opening slightly dropping, fast higher volatility around 10:00 hit the daily limit, then re-open board, but still the daily limit to close。Data show that net buying terms, Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, China Galaxy to buy 38.1 million, Huatai Securities bought 25.9 million Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Zibo Branch of CITIC Securities bought 21.3 million, Zhejiang Securities Chun buy 1550 Pearl Road million and Ningbo, China Galaxy cypresses way to buy 12.6 million。Sold a net connection, Intime securities Qingdao Ningxia sold 21.6 million, four other amount sold are less than 10 million。China Hangzhou Qingchun Road, which involved the stock Galaxy。  2, Haitong Securities in Bengbu Wing Street, the main Hong Bo shares to buy the stock the day markedly higher limit, opening soon hit the daily limit, after multiple re-open board, around 10:40 sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Haitong Securities in Bengbu buy 33.5 million Wing Street, GF Securities bought 21.6 million Wujiang Zhong Ying Road, Changjiang Securities Shenzhen Fuhua buy 14.9 million, two other purchase amount less than 10 million。Net selling, Ping An Securities, Guangzhou Newport Road, sold 13.1 million, four other amount sold less than 10 million。Which Haitong Securities Wing Street to participate in the stock Bengbu。  3, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch main buy music network limit the stock opened slightly higher on the day, dropping opening once turned green, then the shock around the flat line, around 10:40 apparent shock upstream, around 13:30 in the massive pay driven, sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch to buy 1.4.1 billion, Quanzhou branch of Societe Generale Securities bought 23.3 million, Hongta Securities bought 15.3 million Shanghai Li Shan Road, Wenling, Zhejiang Securities bought 12.4 million people of East, and another 10 million less than the purchase amount。Net selling, China Galaxy Nanjing Hongwu Road, sold 22.3 million, CITIC Securities Shanghai Dongfang Road, sold 18.6 million new Securities Chaozhou City West sold 18.3 million investment in China sold 16.6 million Global Center of Hangzhou, Soochow Suzhou Street Northwest Securities sold 12.4 million。Hangzhou in China where the investment involved in the stock Global Center。  4, the main institution Air China to buy the stock the same day limit, opening to go, closed limit up late。Billboard data shows, buying terms, the two agencies together to buy 1.3.5 billion, Huatai Securities Chengdu South Second Ring Road securities business department to buy 43.4 million Cathay Pacific Jun An Ningbo Rainbow Road to buy 31.2 million, Jiangsu, China Merchants Securities Shenzhen Nanshan Road Building, buying 27.9 million。Sell, the four agencies together to sell 2.7.4 billion, Zhejiang Branch of CITIC Securities to sell 24.2 million。Guotai Jun An Ningbo Rainbow Road to participate in the stock。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 10 stocks, of which four were net buyers of stocks institution, the Green League and Technology is buying most, 2937.70,000 yuan。The other six stocks were sold, of which Air China is the most sold for 13958.780,000 yuan。

April 13, (600,519) shares opened higher, closing at 398 as of.39 yuan rose 2.09 percent, a new closing high, with a total market capitalization exceeded 500 billion yuan to 5004.5.7 billion yuan。Since 2016, Moutai shares rose over 85%, valuing the company recently has surpassed Diageo (Diageo), jumped world's most valuable wine prices。  [Reports] Guizhou Moutai chairman Yuan Renguo has said publicly that Moutai target catch up with Diageo, the world's wine take first place。April 10, finally achieved this goal!Guizhou Maotai opening day total market capitalization rose to 494.9 billion yuan, equivalent to about US $ 71.8 billion, beat the market value of $ 71.7 billion global wine king Diageo, becoming the world's most valuable spirits company。  Recalling the king of wine "Moutai" Over the past year, share prices rose more than 55 percent, more than double the same period of Diageo rose, rose overwhelmed not only the achievements of its own as the world's other wines, but also for many domestic institutional investors and retail investors made huge profits!  (Source: Tong) Moutai VS Diageo Maotai has been "wine country" as its own position, culture deep, so the brand itself carries profound historical and cultural, as well as the vision of national prosperity and national rejuvenation of China's modern since the Industrial and rejuvenating the typical case, and therefore has a high value identity in the global Chinese community。  According to the official website data show Maotai, Maotai has wholly-owned subsidiaries, 30 holding companies, and shares of 21 companies involved in industries including liquor, wine, securities ,,, property, scientific research, tourism, development。  Compared with the Guizhou Maotai, Diageo, the world's wine valued at $ 71.7 billion market capitalization of the king is not so famous in China, even though it accounted for more than 30% of the global wine market share, and has more than a dozen of the world's leading liquor brands。  Diageo's wine brands include Johnnie Walker, treasures, Windsor, Smirnoff, poetry Locke, Kantor One, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray, Guinness, etc., while the Chinese liquor market, Diageo has also been intervention, and indirectly through multiple acquisitions to become the actual controller Shuijingfang。  Both analogies market revenue, one-third of Diageo North America, a quarter from Europe, while Maotai 95% of its revenue from the domestic market。  King Road, King of Maotai liquor Maotai the world today is not the name of power overnight。  By the end of 2012 China's liquor industry into a deep adjustment period, 2013 Maotai volume and price down, the share price was down, then Maotai market value of only $ 20 billion, a quarter of the market value of the same period Diageo。  After five years of adjustment, Maotai success of the consumer market shift from government to business, revenues were more than double-digit annual growth, flying 53 degrees Maotai market retail price rose to 1300 yuan / bottle in 2017, or more than 50 %, the corresponding Maotai is in the capital market, shares soared more than 40%。  Maotai summarized in just a few years of success ahead reason Diageo, including three。  The first is because Maotai liquor out of the plasticizer and anti-double crisis in the second half of 2012 to the end of 2013, when the Maotai liquor stocks and due to plasticizers and anti-corruption upgrades fell sharply, down more than 60% of stage。Since 2014, Maotai from public consumption had accounted for more than three percent, the proportion drops to 1%, high-end consumer replaces the residents of public consumption。  The second is due to the 2014 to 2015 bull market a share of every year, at the time of the great bull market environment Maotai market capitalization more than doubled, closer to the market value of the distance and Tia Bellagio, despite the stock market crash later also appeared in large fall, but the first half of 2016, stock prices resumed rising。  The third is due to the recent price surge six months Maotai 53 degrees Flying Moutai price from 800 yuan rose to the current way of more than 1,300 billion yuan, up more than 50%, corresponding to Moutai's stock price and market capitalization sharply in the past six months up about four percent。  Although April 10 Moutai for $ 71.8 billion in market capitalization to become the new king of wine, spirits industry, but there is a long way from the world of wine king of $ 177.1 billion market capitalization way to go。  [Reports] Rank Name Total portfolio return operation 177.277 54%.377 25%.477 12%.577 11%.02% Data deadline: at 15:00 on the April 12, 2017 (Original title: another record high!Guizhou Maotai breakthrough 500 billion market capitalization) (Editor: DF142)

Stanley Ho is called "Macau casino", and since the 60s of last century, once the monopoly of Macau gambling industry for nearly 40 years。  In January 2008 Forbes rankings, Stanley Ho, Hong Kong ranked 19th richest; February 2009, Forbes magazine noted Stanley Ho net worth due to the financial crisis plunged nearly 9 percent; in 2011, its control of the assets of HK $ 500 billion ( about 408 billion yuan), a personal fortune of $ 3.1 billion (about 20.4 billion yuan), 40 rich List ranked 13 in Hong Kong。  Is such a legendary entrepreneur experienced ups and downs, in the following Li Ka-shing recently announced his retirement, also officially retired the stage of history。  June 12, SJM Holdings (00880, HK) announced that the retiring Chairman Stanley Ho, executive director and member of the Executive Committee of the Board duties, completely withdraw from the board of directors and served as honorary chairman of the company。  In fact the past five years, SJM's performance as before long。The newly appointed chairman can afford to carry, "" Kings "" banner yet?  "Kings" officially retired, Daisy took over the presidency on June 12, SJM Holdings announced that since June 12, 2018, Stanley Ho retiring chairman, executive director and member of the Executive Committee of the Board duties, completely withdraw from the Board of Directors and he served as honorary chairman of the company; second daughter Daisy Ho Ho second wife took over as chairman, Timothy Fok and his wife Angela Leong Stanley Ho's four co-chaired。  Daily News reporter noted that as early as April 12 this year, SJM Holdings announced that the company chairman Stanley Ho will officially retire on June 12 annual shareholder meeting。In fact, last year's Stanley Ho from another listed company Shun Tak (00242, HK) retiring chairman, handed over to the other Mrs. Lucina eldest daughter Pansy Ho "taking over"。The exit SJM, also indicated that he would withdraw all listed companies, officially pass the torch to relatives。  It is understood that Mr Ho's many enterprises, including: SJM Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, Melco International Group, Hong Kong Shun Tak Holdings Ltd., the Macau International Airport Company, Trump International, Macao Seng Heng Bank。Which was established in mid-1972 and mid-1973 in Hong Kong-listed Shun Tak Holdings Limited most important。  Shun Tak Group holds Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "STDM") of about 11.5% of the actual stake holders and STDM and SJM Holdings listed in Hong Kong about 54.92% of actual equity; SJM holds one of six eligible to grant an operating license casino gaming operators in Macau government's entire interest of SJM。  As the founder of the Macau gaming industry, the 96-year-old Stanley Ho is now called "Macau casino tycoon", from the 1960s, and Stanley Ho Yip Hon, Henry Fok has made Macau gaming franchise, which opened near Macau gambling industry 40-year monopoly of the road。  According to published reports, Ho married four life wife, 17 children, according to the June 12 announcement shows, 53-year-old Daisy since June 2017 he was appointed as executive director of SJM。  On the other hand, Timothy Fok and Executive Director Angela Leong addition SJM outside, have each been appointed as Co-Chair。Now 72-year-old eldest son of Henry Fok Timothy Fok was in 2010 appointed as executive director of SJM, and since 2014 served as director of the company。  As a four-Ho's wife, Angela Leong since 2005 as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on employee benefits SJM, SJM since 2007 as a director, since 2010 as managing director of SJM, and since 2014 served as executive director of SJM。  In addition, the current Executive Director and Chief Executive Ambrose So, was appointed as vice-chairman, Stanley Ho's third wife chen wanzhen elected executive director of the company。  Net profit declined for five consecutive years, according to China News Network reported that in 2010, Stanley Ho's casino, the annual betting HK $ 130 billion (about 106 billion yuan), equivalent to six times the gross production of Macau, on to the government each year gambling taxes over HK $ 4 billion (about 3.2 billion yuan), accounting for more than 50% of total Macau。There are about 30% of Macao people employed directly or indirectly, to benefit his company。  However, as a representative of the Macau gaming company, SJM revenue year after year despite a slight increase in 2017, but in recent years shows a decreasing trend year by year as a whole。Business has gone down。  ▲ Source: Every time there was the small series in mid-2017 according to the annual report data collation In fact, in mid-2017 with Macau gaming revenues or enhance the overall increase related。According to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau show that in mid-2017 an increase of 19 gambling.1%, mainly due to the new casino resort in Cotai opening, and an increase in visitor arrivals due to passengers。  According to the Macao Statistics and Census Bureau data show that visitor arrivals to Macau in 2017, 5 microliters.4% to 32.6 million people, including visitors from the mainland increased by 8.5% to 22 million passengers。  The earnings from the business points of view, the Macau gaming industry's growth mostly from VIP gaming operations in mid-2017 an increase of 26 compared with 2016.7% midfield slot machines and gaming operations in the business during the year were up 9.7% and 15.6%。  However, according to data released by SJM, compared to the overall gaming industry in Macao, SJM Holdings, the main business growth is not optimistic: VIP gaming revenue of 198.HK $ 7.7 billion (about 16.2 billion yuan), compared with 199 in 2016.HK $ 3.4 billion decrease 0.3%; gaming revenue for the mass market tables 203.HK $ 8.6 billion (about 16.6 billion yuan), compared with 202 in 2016.HK $ 7.2 billion increase was only 0.6%; earnings were 10 slot machines.HK $ 2.7 billion (about 800 million yuan), compared with 10 in 2016.HK $ 6.7 billion a decrease of about 3.7%。  Or involvement in the main industry growth is weak, SJM's share of revenue also fell in the Macau gaming industry, in mid-2017, Macau casino gambling revenue for 2580.HK $ 0.3 billion (about 210.4 billion yuan), which accounted for 16 SJM.1% market share in 2016 compared with 19 the year.1% decline。  In addition, the Daily News reporter noted that SJM Holdings net profit has declined for five consecutive years。  ▲ Source: Every time there was the small series in mid-2017 according to annual data consolidation, "the company will strive to maintain the midfield and advantages of the VIP gaming operations and continue to improve operational efficiency。"SJM Holdings, said in its annual report in 2017。  Zhitong, according to financial reports, SJM Chief Executive Ambrose So the shareholders meeting held recently said that plans to spend tens of billions on the integrated resort projects Lisboa project will be completed by the end of 2018, the second half is expected to start operating in 2019。He also said SJM gaming revenue target for the full-year double-digit growth, and the first half of this year, gaming revenue has increased significantly, especially in the midfield income ideals, double-digit growth。  Further reading: "Macau casino" Stanley Ho has a Jewish legend, the Netherlands, Britain, China, more than national origin, according to the traditional native of Ho Tung family to follow the matrilineal Baoan。  Stanley Ho has said, "to open a casino is like printing money, only a small difference between Indore and India, there is no loss。"The casino is relying on this money machine, Stanley Ho built a huge business empire。  And Li Ka-shing was born in a different family roots, Stanley Ho was born in Hong Kong's most aristocratic financial situation of the early 1900s, his grandfather HE Fu did Jardine Matheson, Sassoon Matheson comprador, worked as legislators, beats at the mall, wealthy one, was the Big five Chinese businessmen。  HE Fu total of 13 children, the father of Flora Ho Ho Ho is a blessing fourth son。Flora Ho is also a prominent businessman, any body Sassoon Matheson comprador, Chairman of Tung Wah Hospital, President of the Chamber of Commerce round-lines, the Chamber President of the club and other duties。Flora Ho also has 13 children, Ho ranked old nine。When Stanley Ho was born, his father's business is at peak。As one of the biggest comprador At the time, Flora Ho seems to have money to burn。  In 1934, 13-year-old Stanley Ho was getting the most life changes, his father play the stock market because of bankruptcy, its brother fled to Vietnam。In the late 1940s, Hong Kong's major comprador family retired, Flora Ho's property in large quantities shrink。HE families fading, Ho overnight sheltered by the master wealthy, poor boy became cute bully。  Stanley Ho suffered from the living know that only reading will it be possible to make a comeback Ho。In mid-1939, Stanley Ho, with honors admitted to the University of Hong Kong, specializing in science。Year after year by the end of 1941, Hong Kong's Stanley Ho was invited by a friend, with a body of HK $ 10 left the war-torn to Macau。  Shortly after Stanley Ho to Macau, entered the pot of gold let him get started CIMB company。CIMB was one of the largest companies in Macau, the company's main business is barter, exchange shortage of foodstuff and other substances Macau with machine parts and boats。  Mr Ho CIMB secretary, grain and cotton yarn cater to business。As secretary, Stanley Ho just one year, because of superior talent, to be absorbed as a partner。In another year, that is 1943, CIMB one-time dividend of HK $ 1 million to Ho。  This dividend of HK $ 1 million pot of gold to be Stanley Ho's life。After that, he founded the independent Macao kerosene (kerosene) company, and later diverted development of Hong Kong, a joint venture with the people Lee Construction Company。By the mid-1950s, he has become well-known in the Hong Kong tycoon。  Ho Yip Hon and mid-1961, Teddy Yip, Henry Fok and other alliances, competing in the Macau gaming franchise, the founder of Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd., built Lisboa hotel and registered company in Hong Kong Shun Tak。In the 1990s, he established the Imperial Palace casino in Macau。As a result, beginning with the "Macau casino," the name of the first。(Original title: 96-year-old epic officially retired!Casino business as before, the daughter of the second wife can do to turn the tide?) (Editor: DF142)

14, circulated on the Internet a photo of the scene takeaway US group of channels 2017, the slogan on the photograph, "In addition to dropping off the hungry, the channel win-win" is very conspicuous。Netizens have on the micro-blog Ait bit hungry and yet, even enthusiastic users to pieces and what ideas hungry, hungry joint anti-US, anti-American aid drops, etc.。  User reviews Screenshot rivers and lakes rumors, the US group drops Cheng Wei Wang and good personal relationships, even Cheng Wei had to leave Alipay founded by bit, by the Wang also encouraged to some extent。  But no permanent friends, only permanent interests, since starting the year 2018, US travel group drops to the opponents take away the two companies started the fire intensified backyard。  After earlier before, the US group taxi to test the water for 10 months in Nanjing, in Nanjing, officially launched the "US Mission taxi" service, news release said to be synchronized on the line in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other seven cities, it can be said to be positive Yingkang drops the drop。  In fact, the Internet company on the slogan "Taking a mutual hate" is already commonplace。Every major shopping festival, such a slogan after another, most notably during the annual two-eleven。  Double eleven pre-mid-2015, Internet rumors Jingdong Mall offices and departments linked to Exit "grasping Lynx, grilled rookie"。War between the Lynx and Jingdong Taobao also known as the "Cats & Dogs," the fight。  In order to release the consumer's shopping enthusiasm, even at the home appliance makers to "create Festival", from March 8 to June 18 in the big promotion, the electricity supplier's sales more intensive rhythm。Regardless of how electricity supplier slogan "chicken blood", the extent to which none other, and ultimately pay for the electricity supplier war is a consumer。  In addition to "Cats & Dogs," "Battle of Jing Ping", Suning and Jingdong electricity supplier in mid-2015 session is also very famous。"Jingdong trip level, comprehensive counterattack", "Jingdong: not afford to fight, carry long, can not win '," the dog does not leave the hand, fight unsparing " ……Slogans endless。  The atmosphere killing more than reflected in the atmosphere of online shopping "positive battlefield", even Suning canteen also hung out a banner "eat, drink up, do not give Jingdong half a grain"。  In fact, for consumers, concerned about is not real benefits in saving shopping, and "the smell of gunpowder" between the electricity supplier slogan full of shopping at the most is the spice gap。Consumers will not be a party and a platform at a disadvantage in the war of words, then switch to a strong。  And what's the difference streets shouting match like this directly rude Suning, Jingdong slogan, shops and traditional offline?Just a line occurs, a move to line up。This "war" slogan, in addition to the enterprise through the mouth addiction, stimulate the optic nerve of the spectators, the meaning of existence is not large, and even sometimes become a corporate marketing hype topic。  Say shout slogans may just tear each other Internet companies fight in the political arena "combat skills" related to the brutal life and death struggles, eat with ugly could be forgiven。But in various Internet company's annual meeting, it seems we also lower the bottom line。  January 2014, a famous Japanese AV female worry Yui Hatano appeared in a Shanghai game company's annual meeting, the scene caused a sensation。According to friends, he said the game company NetEase Shanghai nets gaming company, when the company just on the line, "Hearthstone legend: Warcraft Heroes", please Yui Hatano one hand to give the annual rally, on the other hand is out to promote the game of consideration。  And even before that defunct Eslite, in January 2012, where the customer is invited Aoi when the annual meeting held in Beijing, where the customer CEO aged and many other Internet industry heavyweights have power to its embrace。  There was even a saying, a measure of a Japanese actress red is not red standard, there is no Chinese Internet company asked her to go moonlighting rally。But it is clear that Aoi is still Aoi, and Eslite but had not had the Eslite, it has long been run over by the wheel of the Internet。  January 2017, Tencent's annual meeting broke a scandal, so many users experienced a return to Tencent's "lower limit"。  At that time, Tencent namely through the application unit (Dongguan Branch) annual meeting, vulgar play a game: male employees with legs clamped mineral water bottles, mouth open-bottles of female employees, is said to live many male colleagues shout slogans beside "Come on."。  The event after fermentation network, Tencent immediately issued a statement on the incident indecent programming solemn apology, showing the annual plan strict, management dereliction of duty, the correct values, strengthen management。  However, this kind of thing again apologize for the parties is also will leave psychological shadow of it……?  While Tencent Annual Meeting of concern, far held the annual meeting in Beijing millet also led to controversy。Millet 2017 annual meeting, there is a "MI secret show" program, hired Several foreign models, dressed in underwear dimension dense ubiquitous ball-like wings, dressed in tulle, tied balloons, were regressed stage show。The move was interpreted friends as "reward the soldiers," have switched to scream for millet。  We come to feel style: In fact, the lingerie show, this dress is not out of line, but there are friends from a "fan's point of view" grasping afraid of a "naked" photos on the microblogging PO, about the child pushed the cusp millet, millet users of a vocal opposition。  Wang had to accept the "Finance" magazine interview that, in fact, there is no simple things boundaries, I do not think to give their own restrictions, as long as the heart is clear。In other words, this means that the US group's business without borders。"There is no boundary," the US group gradually get involved in Bed and Breakfast, fresh, taxi and other areas, but that does not mean you want to get involved in other business competitors forced out on a limb。  Internet development in the second half, competition among enterprises can be rational and win-win。Technology is constantly updated iteration, users of consumer literacy is also rising, the traditional business model in a rapidly changing market environment should flow change。  But the adjustment is not competing this slogan "change", or search around the object cross-border competition。More companies should consider how to better serve customers, so users must be assured that the use of Shuxin。Whether a long technology to enhance or adjust the strategy to obtain the user's trust and dependence is an important factor in the rapid development of enterprise。  Father pop ads of Ivan Zuoke Man has publicly repented, advertising is the Internet's original sin。One of the important factors for homeopathy and health of the Internet companies, shaping corporate culture also affect the development of enterprises。  "Dog eat dog" Internet speed in the process of development, please stop and wait enterprise culture。Playing the "edge ball" behavior detrimental to not only the loss of a variety of corporate image and credibility, but also to employees and customers to lose trust in business。We lost the trust of the user enterprise is tantamount to the kiss of death。Future of Internet companies should be healthy competition, cooperation and win-win, stop outdone, for users to create a better Internet (original title: "In addition to dropping off hungry," Hande Huan, Internet companies do not even have the underpants) (Editor : DF155)

  Beijing, March 15 (Xinhua) China · uxin dances and the Ministry of Culture Symphony "Happy New Year" activities come to wrap up the show in Nice, France on the 14th Academy of Music, "white geese" "full steam ahead" and other unique features tracks well received by the audience。   March 10 to 14, Chinese-uxin dances and Symphony Orchestra in Nice, France to participate in EU-China Tourism Year 2018, respectively cathedral in the old port of Nice, Nice Conservatory of Music perform two。   China · uxin dances and symphony orchestra was founded in 2010, is China's only a Mongolian dances and traditional character-based string instruments, with strong ethnic characteristics and local professional style multi-voice Symphony Orchestra。
The orchestra presented dances and string ensemble song "He Mu Day" for the local audience, "recall the song" "white geese" "full steam ahead" and other tracks with strong Mongolian ethnic characteristics, fully expressed the Chinese people's national minority in Inner Mongolia enthusiasm and spirit。   Mayor of Nice Enderle · Xia Wei said that the city of Nice from the beginning of January this year, held the "2018 EU-China Tourism Year", has received a lot of artistic groups from China。
Dances and symphony orchestra musicians playing level high。
Hope that through this cultural exchange, so that more local residents a better understanding of China and feel the charm of Chinese culture。

Foreign investment in real estate during the first half half of China's total $ 6.6 billion of foreign investment in real estate accounted for one-third of total foreign investment in Asia。Foreign real estate investment in Asia is growing like crazy, but real estate investment in Asia dropped by four percent, local tyrants are working to accelerate the transfer of wealth to accumulate before the United States and Europe。  Leiya Liang of China's richest companies are becoming world's most popular real estate investors。Data from CB Richard Ellis show that only the first six months, the total amount of foreign real estate investment from China outflow of $ 6.6 billion, accounting for almost one-third of the total outflow from investing in Asia。  Within Asia, China outflow of funds from the $ 4.4 billion second place in Singapore, more than 1/2 full。Head of research at CB Richard Ellis in China, said Chen Zhongwei, Asian Foreign real estate investment rose, while real estate investment capital flows in Asia fell by 40% – suggesting limited investment opportunities in Asia and lower liquidity and other factors for the region investment in bringing greater challenges。  Asian investors continue to steadily rise to foreign investment standing assets, the second quarter of 2015 compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 8.9%, cash flow of $ 10 billion。  Most of these large sums of foreign investment in real estate capital flows to the United States。The first half of 2015, the United States acquired the investment from Asian investors amounted to 61 billion US dollars investment in the UK compared with $ 4.4 billion acquisition。In this connection the United States replaced Britain as the country's most popular Asian investors。  America has become the most popular country for real estate investors in Asia, Chinese investors have contributed most to。The United States has been China's investment demand, in particular investment needs of the most exuberant of the National Immigration。CB Richard Ellis, head of investment properties in China, Executive Director Sullivan said that in 2013 and 2014, Chinese investment flows to the United States in total overseas investment in China more than 1/5, of which most of the investment flows are located in major urban centers and office assets。  In a large New York-based media focus on the acquisition of the occasion, there are about four percent of capital inflows Boston, Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles。These markets have a very positive fundamentals and abundant investment opportunities。  But from the point of view of urban investment objectives, the British capital London to maintain its lead, is still the largest Asian investors to invest in the city, such as Hainan Airlines has just announced the acquisition of Reuters headquarters building is located in the City of London。Mid-2015 Asian investment funds during the first half of London to get $ 3.8 billion。In addition, the city also funds very popular with Asian investors welcomed the inflow of second place New York ($ 3.7 billion) and Sydney ($ 2.2 billion) in the third。  This year until now, about 85% of the inflow of British investment funds in London。Relative to other major global gateway cities continue to lower yields, London property yield was quite attractive, and the United Kingdom stable economic growth is also expected to continue to support the London real estate market performance in the coming years。  Meanwhile, as Chinese insurers in the first half of this year keen to acquire hotels abroad, contributed to a substantial increase in Asian investors outside the hotel investment。Asian investors this year, the inflow of funds outside the hotel acquisitions, accounting for three percent ($ 5.8 billion) in the first half of 2015, total investment in Asia。Among them, only Ampang Insurance Group acquired the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York 19.$ 500 million turnover, it occupies a third of the first half of 2015, total investment in Asia outside of hotel investors。  Outside the Anglo-American, the Chinese capital also large inflows Pacific region, up 63% over last year。In terms of the world's most popular destinations, Sydney and Melbourne were ranked third and sixth。Chinese tycoons believe that commercial real estate in these cities similar to global hot spots and is an attractive investment, and limited downside risk, in part because local alternative to provide a stable income with respect to its property, property prices in these areas more reasonable。  More and more Chinese companies are looking abroad, they will have accumulated wealth in the country diversification。Dynamic overseas markets, including stable fundamentals, regulatory support and market transparency, will continue to drive them to seek opportunities abroad。

  Source: Beijing Daily domestic credit card balance transfer business enterprise head WBL Jinke Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Wearnes Golden Section"), recently apply for Hong Kong IPO。
Compensatory credit card business in recent years gradually into the public view, from a performance point of view WBL Golden Section, while the last three years customers soared 40 times, the company's losses also expanded in recent years。
Wearnes Jinke industry is more like a mirror that lights up the current domestic credit card market compensatory financing expensive, difficult predicament profit。
Industry insiders said the low ceiling of the industry, mainly due to the limited market acceptance, with great difficulty off, the outlet market is yet to come。   It is a loss for three consecutive years WBL Jinke application materials submitted to the HKEx showed that the company is an independent online consumer financial services provider, began in mid-carry consumer finance services in the 2006, offers three main product lines of credit : credit card balance transfer, consumer credit products and product line to the next line of credit, installment models are。
  Wearnes Branch of consumer financial services also have color science and technology, official website said the company is "technology-driven smart consumer financial services provider."。 The company registered subscribers soared from the mid 1100000-48400000 in 2015-2017。
In contrast, however, Wearnes Jinke more often or it is considered to represent a credit card balance transfer industry, "credit card" in the last three years has grown into the company's leading products。 Data show that the end of 2015, Wearnes Jinke credit card balance transfer products in the company's share of the total loan amount is also achieved only% at the end of 2017 rose to%。
Wearnes Branch of disclosure, "credit card" products ranked first in China's business credit card balance transfer market, accounting for about% market share。
  Compensatory credit card business has become WBL Jinke's flagship product, but another set of traffic data reflects the industry is not so good money。 2015–2017 years, the net loss Wearnes Jinke were 300 million yuan and 1 billion yuan, was expanded year by year。
2015–2017 years, the company achieved a loan billion, billion, billion, CAGR%; but the total income respectively billion, billion, billion, CAGR% only。
  A source close to WBL Branch, told Beijing Daily reporter, earnings data is not satisfactory mainly due to a substantial increase in the fair value of the company's preferred shares due to the impact of fair value losses should the removal of preference shares and share-based compensation expense of outside, Wearnes Branch in 2015. adjusted net loss in 2016 were billion, billion, while adjusted net profit, compared with one hundred million yuan in mid-2017。
In addition, at the end of 2017, Wearnes Branch of the total customer loans million, remove the provision for impairment million, net customer loans of billion of overdue rate is at the industry average。
  But in addition to limited availability spreads factors change in fair value of preferred shares, many industry insiders believe, Wearnes Jinke is not optimistic about the profitability of the collection, high administrative costs, which are not unrelated。 It Wearnes Branch of the HKEx disclosure of data, 2015–2017, the company lending and collection costs reached million, million and one hundred million yuan。   A more important reason on the balance of payments, compensatory financing your credit card companies generally face the problem, or the constraints of industry profits。
, Is the platform from the start with financial institutions to obtain credit card compensatory funding model point of view, and use those funds to pay off credit card bills cardholder balances, cardholders pay installments to the platform and transaction costs。
  Lending spreads undoubtedly crucial in this mode, that is, to borrow funds at a low cost, then lend out at higher interest rates, in order to ensure the company's profitability。   But in order to obtain customer, the credit card company if the compensation fee is set too high, will "scare away" a lot of users, drive down rates of compensatory become a necessary means of competition among peers。
Senior credit card researchers Dong Zheng said for example, assume that a user A bank owed money to the bank to find a B or small loan company, A Bank interest income 18%, B 20% of bank loans has to fees, more expensive to borrow money does not make sense to pay off debts。   According to a customer service WBL Golden Section, the "credit card" monthly interest rate in% -% (annualized% -%), a user will receive up to 50,000 yuan credit card balance transfer service, including a period of three, 6, 12, determined by a specific rate calculation system。
Suppose a user to apply compensatory 1 million, repayment in three monthly calculated rate of 1%, a total fee of 300 yuan。   According to customer service personnel also provides credit card services 51 compensatory credit card platform introduction, if a user borrow 10,000 yuan, the monthly interest cost at 49-171 yuan, three-month fee at 147-513 yuan。   It is noteworthy that, Wearnes Branch has a number of credit card balance transfer can be a business channels "blood transfusion", including trust loans, brokered loans and other credit enhancement, and Wearnes Jinke own small loan companies, the company's compensation the cost of capital is relatively controllable。   However, compensation from the entire credit card industry perspective, statistics show that costs are generally compensated platform to obtain funds from financial institutions in more than 15% annualized, while the annual installments of compensatory fee from the customer side of the platform to get but 18% left and right, plus bad debt, labor costs, marketing expenses, profit space is limited。
  The arrival of the credit card market outlets has not compensated the company's survival pressure not only from peers, but also from banks。 In fact, credit card companies compensate customers, mostly in bank failed to obtain services。
Wearnes Jinke in the application materials made it clear, "but we usually get high-quality and near-prime borrowers traditional financial institutions to provide adequate services tailored to consumer financial products held bank accounts and credit cards."。
  Bank credit card installment rate itself, but also more cost-effective than many of the company's compensation fee。 According to data of Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Bu Wanquan and Diao Chadi, credit card bills monthly installments highest% interest rate, the lowest%, divided into up to 36; credit card installment monthly interest rate of up to 1%, the lowest%, divided into up to 24; If the application is 10,000 yuan installment credit card bills, according to its official website calculation tool provided, 3 total fee is 270 yuan。   Also because of this, China's current credit card compensatory market has not formed a certain scale。
Suning Institute of Finance researcher Zhao Qing, at present China credit card market is very small compensatory business, according to "2017 Annual China compensatory credit card industry research report" should be the end of my credit card outstanding credit balance trillion yuan, while credit card lending market compensation after the balance scale at around 87 billion yuan, accounting for only% of the loan balance, the body is very small。
  Bank credit card had also try to compensate business, but very soon died down。 Dong Zheng said that in practice China has done in 2007 on the banks of compensatory business, but was soon "death", the result of nothing more than compensated with a "cheap" bank to repay the cost of funds to help cardholders after the service, making their users, which is the core business of compensatory business。
At present, the so-called compensatory credit card, in fact, the deformation of small business loans。
  Qing Zhao further pointed out that, on the one hand, China's banking industry most credit card users are better qualified client base, good credit history, credit card installment business for not a lot, so small compensation for the credit card business requirements; on the other hand, banks compensatory credit card business is not much, mainly because some gold mutual platform to carry out shorter business hours, limited customer acceptance。
In this environment, the industry believes that the compensatory our credit card business has not yet come true outlet。 Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Cheng Weimiao and Shi Xi reporter Song Yitong / Wen Zhang Bin / tabulation。