As one of the world's most famous New Zealand milk, the milk prices in recent years has become China seeking overseas strategic cooperation gathering。 Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to New Zealand, during the visit, the newly signed several agreements and arrangements, cooperation in various fields have made new progress。 Among them, Ashley R & D institutions and the University of Auckland UniServices company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, which is located on the North Island of New Zealand Waikato production base will soon put into other projects, also came under scrutiny。 Relying on a new strategic cooperation between the two countries excellent new pattern, Ashley will accelerate the pace of industrial chain of deep extension of New Zealand to complete the strategic initiatives of the international high-quality milk layout。 All along, the New Zealand dairy products with high quality, safe and reliable world-renowned competitive advantage。
As consumers increasingly value the quality of milk products, the importance of milk, the producer and other information。
Back in 2008, Ashley began to seek overseas high-quality milk, "as I used to," all of its infant formula milk used in all New Zealand。
And in 2012, first to invest and set up factories in New Zealand, at present, it is located in the North Island of New Zealand Waikato overseas production base, invest one hundred million NZ, will be in full production in early 2015, it is expected to produce 50,000 tons of infant milk powder。
Meanwhile, Ashley also carry out product research and technology development in New Zealand Massey University, University of Auckland, in particular the cooperation with the University of Auckland, the two sides will jointly promote infant and young child nutrition, nutrition for pregnant women, infants and young children grow up, and immune mechanisms of food safety and other fields of science research and application of research results to enhance the development and processing technology of infant formula milk powder products and new。 Ashley through a series of initiatives to establish a stable supply of high quality raw material supply base in New Zealand, technical cooperation channels and production platforms, further "New Zealand elements" Ashley injected into the eco-industry chain。
As we all know, the New Zealand government for pasture, milk, and other dairy production management and very strict controls。 Ashley New Zealand on the basis of strict compliance with quality management, based on the original also established a sound traceability system, consumers in the two-dimensional code scanning milk cans, you can get a unique "identity information" for each of their products, from raw materials procurement, production, management, sale of part of infant formula milk powder full traceability to ensure that all milk products with reliable quality and consumer protection。
Industry insiders believe that, as Ashley put into production base in New Zealand, will lay the foundation for long-term development of high-end infant formula Ashley, and its international product quality development pattern even more clear。
Meanwhile, Ashley depth distribution industry in New Zealand, will cast Ashley international quality, enhance the market competitiveness of globalization, with a long-term strategic significance。
(Hu Bo)。

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday, if possible, about whether he would withdraw Britain from the European Union in advance of the date of the referendum scheduled for mid-2017。  EU to send suspect because the people inside Cameron's party continues to exert pressure against the UK Independence Party and support for the EU has increased, Cameron promised to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU 28 countries, trying to get the British government to recover part of the authority。  Cameron said that if the Conservatives where he wins in national elections May 7, the referendum will be held in 2017。  "If I think we can advance the referendum, I will be very happy。Promises a referendum on re-negotiations and, of course, the sooner the better, "he told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)。  Cameron on Wednesday to discuss his reform plans in London with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European Union limit immigration issues including social welfare。Cameron has said that it needs to amend the agreement, but Merkel also shows that the EU does not allow compromise on free movement of workers regulations。  UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Fallaci (Nigel Farage) on Sky News said, according to Cameron's plan, the referendum has been "shelved indefinitely," adding that his renegotiation looks "can not be reached the possibility is quite high. "。  May election would seem to be the most intense in the history of modern Britain a campaign。Most of the polls, the Conservatives are only slightly behind the Labor Party, many analysts predict that the two parties can not win more than half the vote, the final bipartisan or multi-party coalition may appear。  Cameron on Sunday with the Labor Party on economic issues and health care fierce battle。He belongs to the middle-right Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats since 2010 have formed an alliance with the center-left ruling。  "Unconscionable" represents the Labor Party, the Conservative Party of debt than originally planned, because ideology now intend to cut the deficit too fast, the rates are too deep。  Cameron supporters said, the scale of 2。The most serious landslide 5 trillion (trillion) dollars in the UK economy has come out since the Second World War, and now enjoys the fastest growth rate in developed countries。  Cameron said, "I'm really worried about is that if we go back, back to the malignant expansion of borrowing, spending more, raising the old debt…We will go back to the origin, and constitute a real threat to economic recovery。"He pointed out, taking a step forward to reduce spending plan 'quite moderate, and reasonable', and it means that the Labor Party's proposal to expand the loan, also means that before the next parliamentary term maturity debt interest payments will increase by an additional 13.5 billion pounds (207 One hundred million U.S. dollars)。  Business-Labor Party spokesman Chukha Munnar, said the comment was "a desperate Prime Minister proposed despair statement。"Labor Party Sunday to launch two points campaign document, and a copy of up to 27 documents, which criticized the British National Health Service in any Cameron (NHS) standards decline, and warned that spending cuts Tory plans will It will further undermine the NHS。  Labor Party campaign leader Douglas Alexander said, "If any of Cameron adjourned for five years, our health care is probably not survive。This is a cause of NHS vote this election issues。"(End) (compiled Wayne Wang / Chen Zongqi / Zhang Mingjun; revision Zheng Yan / Zhang Di) (Reuters Chinese network)

  March 22, according to South China Press news report on the 21st, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry said that low inflation caused by food prices, especially the price of chocolate, which will drive growth in retail sales in Brazil this year Easter。
  According to reports, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry estimated that this year Easter will be achieved R $ 2.2 billion in retail sales, an increase of%。
If this prediction is confirmed, it will be the highest increase since 2013。
Last year, retail sales rose Easter%, the first increase after two consecutive years of decline also。   "Easter retail recovery mainly because of low inflation。
"Brazil's chief economist for the National Federation of Industries, said this Benitez。
As of February, the price of chocolate in the past 12 months has fallen by 8 percent, the biggest drop since 2006, the price of chocolate。 2016 and mid-2017, prices were up chocolate% and%。
  This Benitez said that despite this year's inflation rate is not as low in Brazil last year, but the main Easter chocolate products appeared deflation, thus promoting the growth of retail sales。 In addition, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry is expected during Easter this year will hire ten thousand temporary workers, and similar to last year。

South Korea dual standings behind the Korean market in the first Kwai "phenomenal hot", the product is interesting, easy to use, driven by a large number of popular Korean star spontaneous deft use video production, thus driving the star fans concerned about the trend of young and dynamic people of all ages to follow and, through deft Korean netizens have started recording short video, Kwai comparable national-level applications。
  In the Russian-speaking countries and Southeast Asian markets rapid upward trend in fact, there is a widespread strength in the deft Russian market。
Beluga Racer first entered the Russian market is the neighbor, belugas Institute data show that in June 2017, deft ranked No. 4 in the Apple store in Russia in photography and video categories list。
By cultivating Russian community, deft in Ukraine, Belarus have entered the top five overall, the first video list for communication and cultural exchange between the Russian national users also play a huge role。   At present, the international version of deft rise in Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian market momentum and win the love of young people, the younger generation as the world record expression and social platforms。
The world's leading mobile games and application platform SensorTower intelligence report recently published data in the reports, since early October last year, deft on the Apple store among all categories of frequent applications into strong five-day income。   Pratt & Whitney Power deft principle of long-term studies to sea to sea Internet companies in the industry believe that, regardless of the form of products or technical skills, deft advantage of filling in on globalization。
This short video carrier has a natural advantage over language that allows people of different nationalities to break the shackles, exchange understanding。 The source said the internal logic look, deft based on the concept of empowerment to the center of the distribution of AI, so that ordinary users are more deft sense of presence on, and easier to find people and things of interest, the principle of value contained Pratt & Whitney universal concept of party-all。
This is the deeper reason deft able to be so successful on an international level。
  Wuzhen Fourth World Internet Conference, deft CEO Su-hua told one of his dreams, "Let the girl be able to understand the Ukrainian folk song Chinese young man on a deft platform and experience the folk songs in the mood."。
Su Hua said, deft there have been no "record" it to the extreme, I hope the next day to have one billion people worldwide and recorded on the deft share。

  In daily life, each food has its own nutritional value, but once is not fresh, germinate, undercooked, or using unconventional means after ripening, it may produce toxins harmful to health。
Pregnant women as a special group, if not careful to eat these foods, ranging from their mothers may affect the gastrointestinal health, weight may threaten safe motherhood。Therefore, pregnancy can not understand what is important to eat foods。  Lee married for two years, finally get pregnant with a baby, he quit his job, at home and at ease to be produced。Family members also value, due to the hot summer weather。Her mother would buy her a watermelon hot weather every day, she would eat some of the day。A few days later, lower body suddenly see red, go to the hospital when it knows that the situation is very serious, can only terminate the pregnancy。
Ms. Lee recalled: the toilet becomes frequent, the beginning thought it was watermelon appetite after eating a better cause, there is no note, results……The doctor said: For pregnant women, belong to cold watermelon, easy to stimulate the woman's uterus, fetal development is extremely unfavorable, and eating too much may cause diarrhea, can easily cause abortion。
In addition to easily lead to excessive consumption of hyperlipidemia, but also prone to gestational diabetes。  Pregnant women pregnant with a child, be sure to eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, which is to a child's own body and inside the stomach of health reasons, but in fact, pregnant mothers eat fruit is also a lot of stress, I eat fruit but there is harm Oh。  Pregnant mothers to eat a lot of fruits and benefits 1, the parent regulation, increased storage of various nutrients in the body; 2, enhance physical fitness, increase resistance to disease; 3, baby high IQ。Fruit multivitamin can promote your baby's brain development, brain cells synthesize help section, so that after the birth of your baby's IQ high。
  Pregnant mothers to eat a lot of fruit to pay attention to 1, but the amount of fruit daily。
When it comes to pregnant mothers eat fruit, moderate amounts can be, but how much is the right amount, the right amount of fruit a day is half a catty, preferably not more than half a catty oh。Eat more fruit during pregnancy, during pregnancy may increase the incidence of disease, but also a serious harm to the pregnant mother and baby's health。
  2, choose to eat a variety of fruits and better integrated, not singled out one or two species, do not place excessive, such as eating too much lychee or longan, easy to get angry。  3, eat watermelon amount of cold constitution, easy to make excessive uterine contractions, it is best to make appropriate adjustment according to their own preferences and physical condition。  4, persimmon contains tannic acid easily combined with iron, it will hinder the absorption of iron, iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women not to eat, but eat too much fasting, easy to vomiting, nausea phenomenon。
  5, eat fruit after a meal will increase the burden on the stomach, affect pregnant women absorption of vitamins and other nutrients; at the same time, consumption of fruits after a meal, it is easy to become obese pregnant women。
Fruit should be within 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals。  Mom Eat fruits are good for pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women should be preferred to a relatively low sugar content of fruit, fruit to eat in between meals choose the best time to eat, so will neither be too high blood sugar, but also to prevent hypoglycemia。And pregnancy eating fruit and more attention to pregnant mothers to come to choose their own fruit according to their own situation Oh。  If pregnant women crave certain foods hesitant, may wish to consult a doctor, a specialist in accordance with their own situation to determine whether the consumption of such foods as well as the frequency of consumption。It should be noted that some foods such as due to its effectiveness and other reasons, some pregnant women are not suitable for eating too much。For example, crab, barley, etc.。If the health of pregnant women during pregnancy, eating a small amount of the food, do not worry too much, generally do not hurt。

Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin is a type of skin is very prone to goose bumps, people suffering from this skin is very troubling。
So in the end how to remove the chicken skin it following small for everyone to talk about Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin, help you get rid of pimples!TCM treatment using chicken skin habitat ,, Ligustrum, Eclipta prostrata, Atractylodes fried potato flesh ,,,, emperor sheet, prepared Radix figwort ,, ,,, ,, Nepeta Ling Xian, like Chinese medicine prescription for improved activity in vivo, may be employed, white peony root, safflower, wind, comfrey, suet, cream wash endures。
Western medicine treatment of chicken skin cream is preferred, such as formic acid, salicylic acid and urea,。 5% of salicylic acid, have very good effect, can be dissolved keratin, improve symptoms, you may also be used exfoliating bath products, such as scrub, scrub brush, sponge cloth。
Luminescence quantum chicken skin treatment in recent years as luminescent quantum used in skin care, cure a lot of "hairy" patients and freckles ,, stains clinical patients。 While in treatment found that those affected part of the patient with follicular keratosis "little lump" has magically disappeared。 Chinese medicine how to treat chicken skin follicular keratosis usually after two or three cold quantum can be cured。 Luminescence quantum can not only cure Darier while discharging the affected area can be broken down to return to normal skin color pigment。
If the patient has been suffering for many years Darier's disease, cold quantum can not be cured prior to treatment after cryotherapy accompanied by cold quantum, can have a good healing effect。 A lack of chicken skin treatment recipes, it will produce in chicken skin, so you can eat more of these foods contain vitamin A, such as oranges,, peaches, etc.。 The broccoli chicken skin is the mitigation of。
Chicken skin treatment Notes 1, do not hand squeeze, grab, scratch chicken skin, easy left a small scar, use moisturizing body milk。 2, chicken skin needs to be patient quit alcohol, because alcohol damage to the skin is very large。 At the same time patients have to maintain a happy mood。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

What can beat Meridian Health are very popular since ancient times, many people have come to believe that the purpose of health, then beat which energy meridian health and small series together to see what can meridian health of the introduction beat it!You are no longer connected scapula dried recess from a straight line along the inside of the arm, to stop the inner end of the thumb, is the human lung: 1 health which can meridian, lung beating。 "Lung fur", often beat lung while ensuring the amount of water at least 1500 ml per day, can make the water transport through the lung into the dermis, so that no longer dry your skin!When the beat lung, from the arm above the wrist, available mid-air boxing beat, due to the smaller palm area, from the wrist to the inside of the thumb, it is recommended that you press with your other hand's thumb, so that sufficient force points。 In addition, early in the morning 3:00 to 5:00 is a lung operation period, and normally at this time beat the best, if you do not want to disturb your own sweet sleep, you can beat the lung as the first morning exercise class!2, pericardium: so that you do not eat fat to start from the outside of the nipple hole an inch of Tianchi, middle finger to the end, as the pericardium。 In the beginning of the heart periphery pericardium, the pericardium is the TCM of said outer film layer of the heart, when violated evils, pericardium stand in front of the heart, play a protective role in。 What can beat Meridian Health often beat pericardium, in addition to improving heart function, breathing and let your blood flow more powerful, there are some reduced fat。 19:00 to 21:00 is the pericardium run time, if you beat the pericardium after dinner, the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood can be smoothly removed from the body, speed up the metabolic rate of dietary fat in the body, even eat a lot, do not worry get fat!3, Heart Sutra: The most accurate method of self-examination the Heart Sutra began in the armpit, beyond the little finger fingertips throughout the inside of the upper arm。
Chinese medicine, heart can reveal the most accurate human health indicators, health is a must-try self-test method。

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 report: Beijing June 18 2:00 am Brazil against the Swiss team, with the goal Kudiniao Brazil opened the scoring, but then Zubair Swiss team will score big tie。Brazil Hanping Switzerland, but produced a series of interesting statistics。 [3] against Switzerland, Brazil completed 21-foot shot, the World Cup is the third most single-game shot game (Argentina 27, Germany 26), coincidentally, these three teams failed to win games。[7] In the last 7 games against European teams in the World Cup, the Brazilian team made only a victory。From the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals in France lost 1-0 start, Brazil's only win in the last World Cup game, they are 3 to 1 victory over Croatia in the opener, the remaining six games, two draws and four defeats Brazil。[9] before the game against Switzerland, Brazil has achieved his first World Cup battle 9 game winning streak, their once failed to win in the opener, or the World Cup in Argentina in mid-1978, when they draw with Sweden。[10] After the draw with Switzerland, Brazil, Europe has 10 teams had a record of appearances, which the German team became the only team to lose the team, the other nine European teams made a total of five wins, four draws results。[13] against Brazil, Switzerland Behrami became the key to get out of the whole game, Behrami ball 44 times, completed 41 times, including 13 times in the other half passes, all successful。[23] After the draw with Brazil, the Swiss team lost only one game in the last 23 games (lost to Portugal in October 2017), and achieved 16 wins, six draws and results。[37] With the arrow through the clouds Kudiniao, since 1966, Brazil in the World Cup has scored 37 long-range, this figure up to 11 more than second ball。

  "China Statistical Yearbook" data show that low-income people accounted for 80% of the total population of our country, their 2016 per capita disposable income of 17,836 yuan。 This figure, yet not as good as 20% of the total income of high-income groups of the population in the mid-2006's (19,730 yuan)。
The income gap between different groups, also caused two very different spending habits。
For high-income people, their financial resources sufficient to support the purchase demand, they also logical to become a consumer upgrade of the target audience。 They are more willing to dig into their pockets to enhance the quality of life, "sea Amoy", "custom" such as a public service aimed at high-end consumer are all these people's pocketbook。
  When we desperately manufacture of various marketing gimmicks to make "golden master" when they pay, some people shift their attention to hundreds of millions of "grassroots" consumer。 Thus, we see the "fight a lot," the fame, see "Today's headlines" "Fun headline" "quickly" to be known as such a public rising "young town" cultural product of APP。 Behind these products, stood a large group – the gradual popularization of mobile Internet services today, they borrow from these products, find their own position in the wave of。   Today, the cost of acquiring traffic in a city high。
There are entrepreneurs said that in big cities to push a new APP, the basic cost of acquisition (CPA) in 100 yuan / bit up and down。 In the four-tier cities, some consumers though there is no strong purchasing power, but in the flow of scarce giants had to go to the next line, "arrests" Today, they have become natural "flow bonanza"。 Internet went "second half", the fierce competition to see the product, rather than rob high-end profits, flee overseas markets, it is better to turn around deep behind the broader land。
  Consumption upgrade is the trend, regardless of income, consumers should enjoy more high-quality products and services。
This is not only inevitable expectations, but also the commercial development of the people。
But look at the moment, we should pay attention to the concept of consumer grade, encourage businesses to combine their positioning, sinking to promote Internet services, activation and the release of more people's consumption potential, so that's convenient and efficient new technologies extend to every corner。

  China Securities Journal open market operations interest rates up slightly Fed rate hike limited impact, experts say the Fed to raise interest rates have an impact on China's foreign exchange market, but has little direct impact on the stock market and bond market。 According to the current economic situation and the financial situation of supply and demand, the central bank monetary policy tone will continue, "not loose not tight" sound neutral, will not be significantly affected by the Fed's policy direction。   Show the effect of adjusting the Beijing property market volume and price decline over the past year, Beijing introduced more than 30 times the relevant control measures。 In this context, whether it is a new house or second-hand housing, whether ordinary residential or commercial buildings, whether it is six districts of the city or suburban area, volume and price fell to varying degrees。
    Industry insiders estimate that the four listed insurance firms profit growth will significantly exceed market expectations, venture capital investment rate of return will continue to maintain a steady increase is expected in 2018, venture capital configure the equity assets of value is still blue chips stocks dominated the White Horse investment will shrink slightly in Hong Kong。
In the overall configuration of the structure remains stable pattern of alternative investments is expected to increase the proportion of。   Shanghai Securities News since March, A shares time shares sector has maintained a high degree of activity, leading stocks out of the wave is amazing "Nine board" trend。 However, not all time shares are able to have strong performance, just a week ago, just refresh the fastest recovery of new shares break record since the normalization issue。
Between the strong and weak, reflecting the latest changes in the capital stock in the sector sub-shares ideas。
    March 22, the State Council issued "guidance on the promotion of global tourism development" (hereinafter "Opinion"), proposed to speed up the tourism supply-side structural reforms, efforts to promote the tourism industry shift from economy to economy tickets from extensive fine way to change inefficient and efficient way, from a closed to an open cycle tour from "travel +" changes to achieve the global development of tourism, the quality of the tourism supply, tourism management standardization, to maximize tourism benefits of the main objectives。   Securities Times Mobile Payment lose ground: ATM machine frustrated two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh industry believes that mobile payment menacing, will eliminate a number of industries, will drive the rise of a number of industries, such as the production of two-dimensional code scan code reader business is one of the beneficiaries。
  % Have been rare!Trust passage rates soared after the Spring Festival market participants referred to digital, if the asset side there is some defect, will further push up the trust channel rates。
"%?This channel% rate in the market is not the case。 "Stakeholders reflect。   This year the first batch of battery power or welcome the influx of capital to seize ten billion retirement recycling market Recently, the State 7 ministries jointly issued the "new energy automobile power battery recycling Interim Measures" to further promote the industry to build a recycling system。 Some analysts believe that, with the capital from various quarters to seize the layout, scale battery recycling is expected to seek collapsed in 2018, to form a new outlet in the next ten billion。
  Securities Daily crude oil futures market traders outside the countdown to introduce a comprehensive industry believes the move will improve China's pricing power in the global oil market, but also the expansion of China's external financial opening up an important measure。
  7 days a slight increase in the central bank reverse repo rate or the efficacy of "three birds with one stone" had been due for two consecutive days suspended reverse repurchase operations, the central bank yesterday symbolic restoration reverse repurchase operations and increase the successful rate, which aims to reflect market conditions delivered to the market open market operations to adjust the interest rate information。
Expected to follow reasonable liquidity will continue to show steady state, reverse repurchase may continue to be suspended。   RMB exchange rate yesterday rose 229 basis points short-term high probability of a smooth continuation analysts believe that yesterday's Bank of China implemented "following the rate hike," a move that will help maintain the recent US interest rate has narrowed the range, with the RMB exchange rate a supporting role。