”I think it took me.”He never changed his tune.
  ”Then we bet!”Li Zhengping admit defeat,” if he is to shoot you, I while doing push-ups on the floor, calling your boss!If he did not shoot you, then.”He chuckled twice, quite tinkling Joseph, he can position the boss coveted for a long time, can be called the best team performance of Pei Xiangdong told him the boss is!
  Pei Xiangdong淡水桑拿网 looked at his eyes a bit strange: “Are you sure?”
  ”Of course, you will not be afraid to bet on it?”In the face of gambling will win, Li Zhengping especially excited.
  ”Then you do not regret.”Pei Xiangdong soon as he finished, with the other hand is pulled in the past made a sealed agreement, but he more than Li Zhengping have confidence, because it stands a man, he is too familiar.
  ”Yes, that, young man wearing fluorescent green clothes, the board inch!”
  Originally staggered to sit in the stands, I do not know why, there are a lot of people gathered together, listened attentively the middle man to take the camera’s “correspondents” Commentary.
  ”So powerful it!”Li Ru’s boyfriend is today’s referee, she came and others, had bored, I heard someone behind in helping explain, they invariably getting in the way, other special professional equipment, two cameras hanging around his neck one she knew, was expensive digital camera, and the other, it is the legendary SLR, a boss, looking to sink to her formidable.
  ”Yes!”Pei Naochun take the camera holding hands are sore, changed hands, he faces calm, but in reality almost broken neck.
  His acti北京夜网vities for today, has been prepared for a long time, what photography-related stick went to the bar looked a long time, ever more foggy may, in the future, taking pictures is a simple live three hundred sixty degrees without dead stereoscopic shooting What effect can be adjusted in the light of brain; he experienced a f

  ”This morning was first performed, is 200 meters preliminaries, to the east, you are the third set of fourth road.Start 苏州夜网400 m eleven preliminaries, the sixth channel of the second group east.”Coach Wang facing the Assembly Manual, one by one account, and so he had pulled the man to do it View entry.
  ”Good stands deserted.”Pei Xiangdong Li Zhengping and could not help but Tucao,” the last time I’ve seen on the Internet, people?Province Youth Games, venues smaller than this, to do a special people, great atmosphere, and there applauded it.”
  ”You’re not afraid not hear the Fa gun.”Pei Xiangdong Britain habitually trot to pace the floor, let the body heat up, could not help but wonder,” But why is it?”
  ”You do not understand it?”Li Zhengping a lot of experience,” people?Province and we are not the same, conveying a lot of talent to the national team, if available, people will come to make a speech or something, those media, that it may not get first-hand information?Why do we have this interview, perhaps in another ten years, who do not know who the!”He comes Tucao.
  ”So this is.”
  ”That is not.”Li Zhengping hand blocking the light, overlooking a circle, hand stands at the west means that very good position, facing the finish line, of course, no one above, swearing, n北京夜网o one even chaos do know that he soon found the target, “you see, that look that television and reporters, people also equip it with!Then a camera boss!”He is also not quite understand, all the people from that to find out.
  Pei Xiangdong follow each other’s hand look at the past, then that startled agitated in the.
  ”Well, go warm up, why do you watch?Not our thing, they will not beat us.”Li Zhengping waved his hand indifferently.
  ”No, I think he had come to take my.”Pei Xiangdong suddenly smiled, touched his nose, not the nerve.
  ”You’re a good thick skinned ah!”Li Zhengping was shocked, felt mistaken Pei Xiangdong,” Bro

  In fact, the change more than you?And I did not think much, father and son separated by three or four hours’ drive, normally even fewer have met only by virtue of this information, telephone communication with each other.But those words from the mouth of the father, but changed the meaning, we have had the opposite experience Pei Xiangdong.
  Of course, if the father stood before him, he proba苏州龙凤网bly still would like, stuck, do not send it a?
  ?The overall level of provincial movement has always been very good, not as some provinces and cities, will be listed directly adolescent level of the game alone, or start, but overall the merger, the unified organization of the provincial Games, then p深圳桑拿网ress group to more than, like this level of competition, not many people understand always, the competition venues and staff than the audience is much more to come.
  Thirteenth?Provincial Games are held in the capital of what Xie stadium, the venue is located in the outskirts of the provincial capital and a half, has just completed a year early, from the appearance, the overall shape is oval spread, the choice of silver-blue paint finishes, rather technological sense, because the is the venue for the first major event to enable the parties very seriously, overstating the size of the competition, the overall referees, management, all to the national level by Qi.
  Provincial team of people come in, that is a mighty, it caused a lot of attention, C province and elsewhere are not the same, there are two economically developed prefecture-lev苏州夜网el city, the city equipped to attract a lot young athletes, strength is not more than the province is poor, on both sides of each other signs, looking at each other, forcing up the chin, Pei Xiangdong this is not such a high-profile person, it fit in among the group, Mian Bude

he bamboo杭州桑拿 strips prepared to put half of the basket on the ground, which he learned inside the village with old craft, how much can subsidize some life.

  He frowning hair, “high jump, Ruan girl was sixteen years old, but also other people’s places, where you do a bad conscience to deceive people!”He said these words a high Yue Cheng Yuan Qing and know not the way people, no wonder that he objects at when I first ran away with eating the food supply lame inside the city.
  She sneered, “Cheng youth, I do not believe you do not want to return to the city?”
  Cheng Yuan Qing put down a small machete in his hand, looked at seriously high Wyatt, “I want to return to the city, but I would not use such dirty tricks another way!”If nothing, Cheng Yuan Qing willing to use such dirty tricks, he had all returned to the city, rather than dragged on for 广州桑拿网so many years, then at the object also he ran with the people.
  Pass the village with the old man, then seven is that this drive educated youth is a real child, temper straight, not rub the sand inside the eye.
  The high Wyatt this sinister another way, in Cheng Yuan blue eyes, is that a grain of sand.
  ”You can really noble, even his wife could not have tied!”High Wyatt was a girl, she did not want to describe the mouth of the opposite sex from her in disdain for the dirty tricks Cheng Yuan Qing, staring at her bitterly Cheng Yuan Qing, head inside the mind really ran away, no, she to test the waters wind old Ruan.
  It is not, on her own.
  When her who see a high kang Xu Tong Tong Yue clouded face, could not help shrink the shrink shoulder, put his quilt inside the nest to nest.
  Xu Tong Tong younger, she Pass Village to seven杭州百花坊论坛 when only thirteen years old, foreign lied five, to four years, but this year it was seventeen years old.
  But before Xu Yangzhou is large, and later was beaten into capitalism, but capitalism lady as she is by nature the most difficult ordeal, the family had exhausted all the money and relationships, the yo

  Many words have been keeping everything inside, you can just say it, there is an exceptionally heavy force.
  Pei Xiangdong stared at his father, waved, the two lopsided, the day he looked back at his father many, many times, do not know to open his mouth to say something, fortunately, the phone at this time and have actually become a bridge in the absence of face to face, people always more courageous few, Rao is Pei Xiangdong, also finally able to say something more sincere and father then, and now, throw out the case, and not to fight back shop bonnet face of a scolding – –
  [Dad苏州桑拿, today I am training performance is not very good, the coach said I was not content muscles, began to adjust my diet.]
  Process [all right, everything has to adapt, I take it, I believe coach.] If in the past, this should already tell you to pay attention to diet, do not eat the food total, which soon too thin?
  [Not in accordance with the orders of the coach, could not help but secretly practicing the two movements, almost strain, has been criticized coach.]
  [Strained better yet?what did the doctor say?What is more important than the body, we want to follow the coach’s plan.] Previous version, should you and I say a hundred times?To listen to the coach, then why did not you given a free hand up?You also terrific trainer than others?You can do your own Lord?
  [Today’s test track and field team, I have got the first 400 met广州桑拿ers and 200 meters, the coach said that my technique is very prominent corner, he suggested that I participate 4X100-meter individual training, I agree with the.]
  [The great!I know you can do it, if not a burden to you, train with it.] Before my father, probably the fastest speed reply, this is t

bath towe广州桑拿网l, the probe came in track and field team dormitory some relatively old, is one of the two men, he caught a look of adultery,” Hmmm, I this can tell, girlfriend.”

  ”.”Pei Xiangdong frustration, quietly shutting the book, in fact, the father of these specially made for him useless, the ranks have special education teacher and guidance with the team doctor, can for him, but still this book is a treasure, he put it carefully packed, back into the lockers in.
  ”Yes, your luggage is not a good income?”Li Zhengping suddenly remembered that he did it in the afternoon, Wang coach announced in the ranks?Provincial Youth Games track and field team dispatched candidates, of which he is also Pei Xiangdong.
  ”Well received.”Pei Xiangdong should he altogether how many things they do not bring, so two pieces of clothing.
  ”And do not look to your home?”Li Zhengping is the countryside of his home to see his little game, just because a trip to spend no small effort.
  ”No, my dad is a doctor, busy.”Pei Xiangdong’s voice was low, he knows his father is busy, did not tell his father directly, from A county to the province, you have to ride four hours in 苏州桑拿网a day back and forth, and my father a week to have a day off, we can not leave.
  Before he trained, that from my father received another gift, a large color screen of a certain brand music phone also comes with inside game, you can send a message, call, father and son on weekdays links thanks to this.
  That day in the center of the door, say goodbye to his father, who carries the package, left hand holding a cell phone box, then exceptionally dismay and hugged him, obviously quite nauseating things can really embrace the moment, only full of sadness.
  Wang coach standing near the location, the father against his ear and spoke softly: “the East, I’m sorry, father of the future will more than pay you a compliment, you are really good, and very good.”
  When father and son separated, the two came face red, Pei Xiangdong never thoug

  ”Just this, you.”Pei Naochun hand touched the table, it caught a black leather notebook, estimated to be what units to send the event, also printed on top of gilt armor county hospital signs, see Pei Xiangdong received a hand, he is also very satisfaction, directly sat on the bed, slowly take off your shoes, take off a jacket, got into bed, impatiently waved his hand, “go, go.”
  ”Dad, good night.”Leng Leng Pei Xiangdong clutching the book, subconsciously helped father the quilt cover, turn off the light and left the room, he was moving their home that are shut off, back to the room, sat down, first thing, they It is to open the book, but after that startled in 爱上海龙凤419网the.
  The book’s title page, is exceptionally familiar with his father’s words, after all, a child, every time recite, parents are to be signed, on top of it simply write five words: “Son, come on red!”Later turn, is being covered, filled with page after page of.
  If you want to describe, it is probably a homemade Personal Tailor athletes exclusive manual, Pei Naochun also made himself a rough version of the directory is to come from the analysis of each muscle, nutrition, sports medicine to the knowledge base, are the most used plain language to explain, and occasionally a few mouthful, illegible word, also with a black pen mark on top of the alphabet, such as muscle, bone chapter, there is a pure hand-painted body structure chart; it’s nutrition section, there are vivid pattern snacks.
  At this moment, Pei Xiangdong think of last n杭州桑拿洗浴ight, good night it did not go out of my father’s room lamp, when he thought his father was looking at a regular paper, no one thought may finally handed the hands of so of a book.
  ”Pei Xiangdong, you have a look at your book.”Li Zhengping just washing head, his head hung a large

  Smile with a smile, tears would fall, and I do not know where’s, man’s stubborn, he should simply endured, raising his head, chin on people, Wang Litou hold back the tears: “You know you taught me what it?Not modesty, but low self-esteem.Every time I had been wronged, they both told myself, if I have kids later, I have to hurt him, love him, and he praised to th北京夜网e skies, even if he was pinching a plasticine, I will praise him Niede nice, only I know that you feel no need, then, to me, how important.”
  Pei Xiangdong knelt down, put my father’s hand on his face, probably after drinking the blood circulation, can feel that even some high temperatures, his father saw a long, long time: “The more I admire it, Dad.”Putting thoughts of my heart, to the mouth, leaving only these words.
  Dad, you see it?I have been very hard, but you do not see or selectively ignored Bale.
  Naochun suddenly Pei Qing Ke twice, immediately stood up and scared Pei Xiangdong, is colored, has become a serious tone: “Dad, how you?”I wanted to say, after the fall finish, but rather give birth to endless regret and says that what use is it?Dad will listen to you?No, he’s a child, and the father quarreled do not have?Onc杭州桑拿洗浴e hopping, shouting cried hysterically complain, I’ve done very well!Then my father is not always, did not seriously.
  ”I.There is a gift to send you.”He racking our brains, like suddenly remembered, he tried to stand up, another sat down, got drunk even the arms and legs were a little weak.
  Pei Xiangdong noted that都市体验网 his father did not like him to just say, my heart relieved immediately, he helped hold the father, quite helpless tone: “Well, what do you want to send,Where to?”Father groping forward, he is like a wheel that comes with crutches, accompanied him step by step to go ahead, go Naochun Pei is his

  Pei Xiangdong slips surprised a moment, and my father just distance, Min Zhaochun not say anything, just head whispered.
  ”You are really great.”This time he did not hold on, but managed to stand, alcohol fits and starts.
  He was drunk, so he should send him back to the room, and Pei Xiangdong case to convince myself, but subconsciously may answer: “No, I never knew.”Maybe Dad was too drunk, head tilt to see him, blinked, as if did not understand.
  Pei Xiangdong is now much better than his father shorter, had 北京夜网little to look up to him to follow the father, now also lines on together, can in his heart, he was always still that little, only know so stare looked up at adults, arms always look forward to, but never being disappointed.
  ”I know how it?”He laughed bleak,” You know?This is the first time.Can not be considered for the first ti杭州桑拿洗浴me, it would not be the first time yesterday.”Dad’s eyes full of confusion, but instead may Pei Xiangdong feel lucky, if it is awake at the time of my father, he can not say anything.
  ”You praise me, you know the famous multi-rare praise it?Rare to me for so many years and so on, to wait until a return.”He joked,” In fact, many people praise me, really, teachers, students.But for me, their ten thousand, but better than you sentence.”
  Night, everything turned into a quiet, even peaceful district are down, from the outside, only the occasional sound of motorcycle theft, maneuver the small half-day, the lights of the house, drunken Pei Naochun been sitting on the bed, the state is not against the wall sober, standing teenager, stubbornly holding his fist, his eyes seemed to have a vague tears.
  ”You said.I will be proud, I’l杭州夜网论坛l arrogant, I should get education.I do too proud?I feel like I never owned this thing, in front of everyone, especially your heart, I was a downright waste, to no avail.”He quite at a loss,” Look, you praise me so suddenly one, is that I disagree, but I actually, secretly, I feel particularly happy

  Blackjack collision, coming and going, the door closed and opened, and later the sound of water crashed during cleaning, restau天津夜网rant tonight is to ask people room, after the end, they will come together with all the cutlery taken away, then there was no need to busy himself and his son Kurtis.
  ”Eastward, you sleep yet?”Quiet just outside the door not long, someone knocked on the door, Pei Xiangdong could hear my father’s voice, the 杭州桑拿other much like a drunk, slurred speech, intonation is also very strange.
  ”I did not sleep too, Dad!”Pei Xiangdong quickly past the door, and sure enough, there in front of a door is the father drank too much wine, his face reddened, the boss wearing a smile, did not catch your breath, there was a burst of wine smell out, Xunde people frown straight, the allure of this age can understand not Pei Xiangdong of alcohol, and alcohol can not understand why so many people smoked, but quickly helped against the father, for fear he fell to the ground.
  ”Dad, I’m in.”It Pei Xiangdong, it is an unprecedented thing, because the father of the doctor this occupation, few ordinary day holiday, but also often been called back to the hospital emergency overtime, that is, drink two cups at the party, he did not let his son see to live their d广州桑拿网runken appearance.
  ”son!”He called again, looked like a repeater, but exceptionally bright eyes.
  This time is determined Pei Xiangdong father drunk, he wanted to father escorted back to the room, the other half of your body can support him, but added it did not help move, he had to slowly back: “here I am, I’m in this.”
  Pei Naochun staggered buttresses stood still, looking at Pei Xiangdong, then forced his arms to embrace his son, holding a couple: “You are the proud