Global central banks on interest rates ushered in by the end of 2018, weeks or entered quantitative easing, the Fed tightening cycle tenth anniversary, the world is entering an overall tightening cycle, and this week's "Super week's interest-rate" monetary policy for 2018 bring guidelines。  Local time at 2:00 on December 13 afternoon, the resolution of the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates the central bank will open a window on the world for up to 18 hours, of which the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, the Bank of England Bank of the three most remarkable; in addition, this week, there are ten central banks, including the Swiss National Bank, the Norwegian central bank, including the release of monetary policy。  In addition to the Fed rate hike expectations clear, analysts say, but cautious tightening bias will be basic tendencies global central banks this week。In the case of the European Central Bank may remain unchanged, and a further announcement on how to reduce the amount of purchased debt, while the Bank of England may raise interest rates next few years promise in the removal of uncertainty in Europe。  Despite the uncertainty of short-term, but as the world economy since the beginning of 2011 the strongest period, Wall Street economists expect 2018 will be greeted by investors for nearly 10 years, the largest central bank to tighten monetary policy。The largest increase Citibank and JP Morgan expects the 2018 average interest rates in developed economies will be up to more than 1%, the highest since mid-2006。  Global interest rates are not the only or preferred way to crunch。Deutsche Bank's chief China economist Zhang Zhiwei that in the past year, the global economic environment favorable, Japan and Europe to enhance economic growth, stable financial markets。European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan to reduce asset purchases, the Fed reduced tables, etc., at least reflects the peak of this round of global quantitative easing cycle is over。  Central banks policies vary Fed rate hike this week has been basically a virtual certainty, but the European Central Bank and the Bank of England is still not tight difficulties。  Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for the Federal Reserve federal funds rate futures monitoring shows that investors expect the probability of the Fed meeting to raise interest rates by 25 basis points to 90.2% probability of rate hike by 50 basis points has reached 9.8%, while the expected probability of anything 0。  Almost all the major Wall Street institutions expect the Fed to raise interest rates, most of which is expected to raise rates by 25 basis points, the same as the magnitude of the previous times。  The latest US non-farm employment data released on Friday showed that the number of non-farm payrolls in November 22.80000, than previously expected 200,000, the unemployment rate 4.1% with expectations, but poor salary growth。  Bank of Montreal (BMO) IanLyngen said that although the November non-farm payroll data in less than expected, no effect on expectations the Federal Reserve next week, but there is no evidence that the data will influence the Fed to raise interest rates sharply route 2018。  The current market interest rate path in 2018 is still uncertain, Morgan Stanley and other big firms believe that 2018 will raise interest rates three times, and Deutsche Bank that the Fed tightening will reach four times。  Bloomberg Analysts said investors may have underestimated the pace of future Fed rate hikes。Some investors expect the Fed will raise interest rates twice before the end of 2018。But Fed "bitmap" point of view, policy makers may plan to achieve four times the rate hike before the end of next year。  Meanwhile, the European Central Bank is widely expected this week will not bring any fresh initiatives, the bank had launched a modest reduction in quantitative easing policy, announced plans to cut monthly purchase debt from 60 billion to 30 billion euros, and from 2018 in January continuation of nine months, this means that ultra-loose monetary policy of the euro era is ending, but the long-term hovering in the low inflation rate is still unsolved problems。  Due to increasing inflationary pressures, the Bank of England in November after the meeting on interest rates hiked interest rates by 25 basis points to 0.5%, while maintaining the scale of asset purchases unchanged。However, "off Europe" to negotiate future is full of uncertainty, the market expects the Bank of England's tightening measures might stall。In addition, the Swiss central bank policy decisions will be announced in the same week, it is widely expected that the central bank will keep interest rates unchanged。Analysts pointed out that the Swiss central bank reiterated that policy might occasionally intervene in currency so that the exchange rate remained at low levels。  2018 is expected to be tight in the regions other than the United States although there is still uncertainty in the short-term monetary policy, but the world's major economies will enter a tightening cycle in 2018 is the consensus of economists。  Goldman Sachs expects the central bank to raise interest rates next year may be more than the Fed。The United States has more than full employment, the UK has reached a critical point of full employment, and (labor) slack in the euro area are narrow; the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Sweden and New Zealand's central bank the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates next year to control inflation。  Citibank estimated average interest rate in developed countries next year will be the highest since 2008, rising 0.4 percentage points to 1%。While JP Morgan forecast the average interest rates from the end of the year 0.1 rose to 68%.2%, more than 0 hike.5 points。Citigroup expects the Fed and the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates three times next year, the Bank of England, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Norway to raise interest rates again。  Such a tightening in fact has continued for some time。In addition to the Bank of England to raise interest rates in November, the European Central Bank announced reduction in the scale of debt purchased, the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates twice unexpectedly in July and September this year, raised its benchmark interest rate of 1%。  The November 30, South Korea's central bank hiked interest rates by 25 basis points to 1.5%, for the first time in more than six years to raise interest rates, but also since 2015 Fed rate hike cycle turned, the first follow-up of major Asian economies。  Citibank director of global economic research EbrahimRahbari said, "2018 is what we really tighten monetary policy year。We will continue the current path, the financial market is also a good deal of monetary policy, but in late 2018 or 2019, monetary policy will be one of the factors complicating the market。"The Fed rate hike is expected to strongly non-US central banks ambiguous attitude" look now global financial institutions are focused on the December interest rate policy meeting of the Fed's December 14。"A US hedge fund manager, told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald。He said, in fact, their real concern is not whether the Fed to raise interest rates in December (as it had been "iron nails"), but by the next new release of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates bitmap with the US economic outlook, the Fed determine the real increase for next year number of coupon payments。  With Trump tax reform policy to boost US economic growth is expected to fall, more and more financial institutions began to predict next year the Fed may raise interest rates four times higher than previous market expectations of 3。  JP Morgan Asset Global fixed income, currencies and commodities to the person in charge BobMichele Business Herald reporter pointed out that in the 21st century, due to the Trump tax reform policies to stimulate the US business investment, household consumption and other needs, the US economy showing faster growth and higher trend inflationary pressures, the Fed had to consider speeding up the pace of rate hikes, will raise interest rates next year the number rose to 4 times。As a result, the dollar's yield advantage further expansion, and thus stimulate other countries suffered a new round of capital outflow pressure。  "After all, non-US central banks to tighten monetary policy on whether to follow up seemed hesitant, such as Germany restricted cabinet failure, it is difficult to apply more pressure to tighten monetary policy to the European Central Bank; European off negotiations twists and turns, so that the Bank of England He continued to raise interest rates legislator; many emerging market countries are reluctant to further tighten monetary policy led economic recovery has slowed down, leading to global monetary policy next year will once again differentiate。"BMO Investment Management analyst SalGuatieri macroeconomic analysis, told reporters。  Many in the financial industry view, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to speed up the pace of hawks can trigger a new round of global capital flows large, there are still many variables。On the one hand the US bond yields and not with the pace of rate hikes and increased, but signs of decline, leading to a weaker US dollar assets less attractive; on the other hand continues to set new record high in US stocks triggered growing concerns about asset bubbles, so that overseas funds lingering fear。  Next year the Fed to raise interest rates four times "controversy" after landing Trump tax reform policy, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates four times next year heats up。  In BobMichele view, the reason why many financial institutions bet the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates four times next year, there are three main reasons, first, the tax reform policy to reduce the US corporate tax burden with the residents, they stimulate the expansion of investment and consumption, driving up US future inflation expectations; Second, tax reform policy will attract many overseas investment capital back into the United States, is expected to boost economic growth; third is tax reform policy for the development of SMEs constitute the essence of good tax cuts, thereby further stimulating employment rate increase, The Fed had driven corresponding accelerate the pace of rate hikes。  He does not deny that these institutions more radical point of view, after all, next year the Fed to raise interest rates four times, two prerequisites must be met, one US short-term low inflation and a fundamental condition to reverse, and second, the US economy next year and to rid itself of recession sustained high growth。  "Most of the big Wall Street hedge fund cautious about。"He admits。On the one hand the United States and low inflation situation is causing more and more worried that the Fed officials, even within the Fed now appears "wait until inflation reaches 2% target, then consider raising interest rates," the voice; on the other hand the United States short and long term bond yields tends planarization (upside down may occur next year), between the invisible increase the risk of a US recession, the Fed may not dare to take such a radical pace of rate hikes。  Merrill Lynch, head of asset securitization ChrisFlanagan in the latest report pointed out that since the end of October this year, the US 2-year and 10-year yield spread fell to 50 basis points from 80 basis points。Although this new evidence will not hinder the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates further to avoid future inflation situation。But the result is that once the short and long term bond yield curve inversion phenomenon occurs in the next year, the US economy earliest possible recession in 2020。  December 6, JP Morgan released the latest report said that given the US economy long-term steady growth, in September next year before the Fed will continue gradual pace of rate hikes that each rate hike before the first three quarters of next year to raise interest rates a total of three times; 2019 hike interest rates twice in 2020 once。The reason is that the United States still prefer short-term economic prospects, but taking into account long-term sustained economic growth momentum "inadequate", the Fed will need to weigh future inflation situation, and then decide whether to speed up the pace of rate hikes。  "In fact, most Fed members expected end of next year to raise interest rates to 2.215% (ie, after the December rate hike this year, next year to raise interest rates three times), which also includes new incoming Fed chairman Powell。"JP Morgan analyst pointed out。  SalGuatieri believes that unless the US state of low inflation sharply reversed in the short term, the majority of Wall Street financial institutions will still bet on the Fed to raise interest rates three times next year。The reason for this is in line with the usual steady pace of interest rate plus the Fed – only to see the employment rate, economic growth and other key data clearly improves, the Fed will raise interest rates pulled the trigger。  Non-US central banks ambiguous attitude in his view, because the Fed's recent rate hike a foregone conclusion hawks, greater impact of global variables in moving from non-US central banks are willing to follow to speed up the pace of monetary policy tightening。  It is worth noting that 13 countries will be held in the central bank's last monetary policy meeting of the year this week – in addition to the Fed rate hike had been "iron nails", the rest of this ambiguous attitude。  Many financial Insiders pointed out that the European Central Bank explicitly in January next year?September continued monthly QE 300 billion euros of debt purchase plan, combined with the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi promised not to terminate QE immediately after September next year, and at a complete stop before QE is likely to raise interest rates。Therefore, the ECB may not be in the December monetary policy meeting statement hurry to tighten monetary policy, so that between the invisible bets the European Central Bank to tighten monetary policy to speed up cash in euro assets worldwide spread income arbitrage funds disappointment。  Given the recent off-European negotiations twists and turns, coupled with the recent inflation data showed signs of a slowdown, the Bank of England will show more "hawkish bias attitude" in wording, the actual behavior is greatly reduced。  Prior to the Bank of Korea to raise interest rates at the same time, we have made it clear to continue easing monetary policy to support export growth。  "Therefore, whether the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates three times or four times next year, as long as non-US central banks to suspend the pace of tightening monetary policy, the dollar's yield advantage to expand next year will become a high probability event。"SalGuatieri noted。  However, the dollar's yield advantage to widen again, not necessarily return to the US and global capital investment plans on "equal sign"。The reason is, first, Treasury yields have not increased with the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates – the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates twice this year, but the 10-year bond yields fell 15 basis points instead, resulting in lower attractiveness of dollar assets actual return。As long as emerging markets currencies are not depreciated sharply, many prefer to stay in the local global capital to earn higher rates of return; Second, tax reform policy has led to further increase the US budget deficit, it may affect the prospects for economic growth in the United States, many global institutions that will fund its return to the US "risks", it is better to stay in the other country's economic growth more robust fundamentals get all the risk-free return。  A large US investment bank, told reporters that the current tax reform policy Trump superimposed Fed hawks to raise interest rates, the impact on global capital flows cause is not yet clear。Trump tax reform policy since landing, where he daily by global investment bank reflux US capital investment is probably around $ 20-30 billion in investment flows primarily in US stocks, US stocks rose and linked to financial derivatives, etc.。  In his view, mainly due to tax reform policies have made the United States Trump telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and other industries listed companies to benefit, in addition to specific provisions to be tax reform policy adjustment will help to enhance the valuation of technology stocks, in order to attract many global flow of capital investment in the United States to carry out short-term arbitrage。Therefore, this trend can be sustained flow of capital, there are also many variables。  "So on Thursday the Fed's monetary policy meeting on the future of the US economy's outlook, as well as coping strategies for stocks and other asset bubbles, to some extent determines the enthusiasm and earnings prospects of global capital return to the US。"SalGuatieri respect to the 21st Century Business Herald Correspondent。If the Fed's concerns about asset bubbles warming, even though its release and then a strong voice hawks hike, not much would like braving the global capital investment and risk taking of dollar assets spread income, this big global capital flows will quickly dissipate the invisible。  Internal and external factors superimposed central bank funds face pressure under the care of a smooth since New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve without fear flat surface into the capital in mid-December, short-term market funds face the emergence of some "disturbance", mainly due to the recent reverse repo, MLF and the industry certificates of deposit of the amount due the market are larger, and the assessment period coincides with the end of MPA。However, the central bank has begun to increase efforts to put the money, with no fear or smooth New Year's Eve。  From the point of view of funds due this month will usher in reverse repo and certificates of deposit maturity focus。According to Reporters statistics, a total of 1 open market this month.52 trillion reverse repurchase funds expire, and December 16 there will be 187 billion MLF (medium-term loan facilitation) expires, the industry will also be a large number of certificates of deposit maturity, the amount due to 2.2 trillion, were recorded during the year higher。  End funds face pressure, the central bank injected a net re-open mode。  December 12, the central bank carried out 150 billion yuan reverse repurchase in the open market, in which 7-day varieties 80 billion, 70 billion of 28-day varieties。110 billion of funds minus the maturing reverse repo, the same day the central bank injected a net 40 billion to the market。This is the second consecutive day the central bank net invested capital to the market this week the central bank injected a net 200 billion into the market。Many market participants for the 21st century Business Herald reporter said he expects the central bank will increase for some time to-market funds。  A time when tax on financial institutions and mid-end assessment, and overlay overseas soon the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates, the current financial market into the "troubled times", facing liquidity multiple internal and external disturbances。According to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter from banks and other institutions at the understanding of the day, despite the central bank injected a net continues, but the market funds face still showing signs of tightening, money market benchmark interest rate up overall。  However, the central bank to restart the 28-day reverse repurchase show the care of the end of the financial side of intent, and the impact of the Fed's rate hike has long been fully absorbed by the market。On the other hand, the banking and finance market sources, this year the funds have been well prepared for New Year's Eve。Reporters interviewed a number of analysts believe that, despite the overseas factors obviously disturbed, but there is no need to follow the central bank to raise domestic interest rates。  Centralized fund maturity tight liquidity since the end of November to December, due to the efforts to increase fiscal spending, hedge funds reverse repurchase factors due to some extent。The central bank on monetary policy also highlights the characteristics of "camera operation", last week (December 4 – 8 days) in five trading days, the central bank did not have four days to carry out open market operations。Last week, the whole week the central bank net capital return 510 billion, the highest amount of central bank net return of a single week in nearly 10 months。  Even so, the total amount of liquidity in the market is still at a high level, the overall easing。However, by the end of this week, the financial side of disturbance factors began to have an impact, but also showed signs of tightening liquidity。On Tuesday, the money market interest rates generally upward, in addition to individual species, inter-bank collateral repo rate and the Shibor (Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate) hikes, which, inter 14D, 21D and 1M of the bank collateral repo weighted average interest rate respectively, compared with the previous day up 16bp, 29bp and 16bp; 1MShibor overnight and 3 respectively upstream.8BP and 3.24BP。"New Year's Eve is now difficult to borrow money, there is little institutional funds out of New Year's Eve。"A banking source told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald。  In addition, the issuance of certificates of deposit, interbank interest rates, the current 6M small and medium banks interbank certificate of deposit interest rates basically at more than 5%, has risen to a higher level earlier in June, "now feel the bank is still very short of money, although 11 March credit data is good, but that is the table, the deposit can not bring in external rotation table, bank certificates of deposit and now continued high cost。"One City firm of financial markets department official told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald。  Specifically, on the one hand near the end of the year, and the tax on financial institutions will enter Friday; on the other hand, the Fed will announce interest rate decision last year in three weeks, regardless of the current Fed Chairman Xi Yelun or designate of the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell are optimistic about the US economy, he hinted that it would raise interest rates。At the same time, Trump's tax cut bill has been passed by the Senate, the final version is still under discussion。These internal and external factors are closely watched domestic financial markets。  From the point of view of funds due this month will usher in reverse repo and certificates of deposit maturity focus。According to Reporters statistics, a total of 1 open market this month.52 trillion reverse repurchase funds expire, and December 16 there will be 187 billion MLF (medium-term loan facilitation) expires, the industry will also be a large number of certificates of deposit maturity, the amount due to 2.2 trillion, were recorded during the year higher。  New Year's Eve or no fear, however, for New Year's Eve funds may not need extra worry。  "Our New Year's Eve bank capital has long been ready, tax positions are also ready, if financial resources go low, there may be some surplus funds can be a。New Year's Eve is now a little money indeed, but banks should be left in the final position, until no access to the back and then out。"A bank financial marketing sources。  According to the reporter, many banks as early as November has already begun in preparation for New Year's Eve funds。In fact, it is this year since the implementation of MPA (macro-prudential assessment) evaluation system, showing the flow of a different characteristic than in the past, that is, every time a node assessment across the quarter, the bank set aside more time than ever ready money, reflected in the fluctuations in the financial side, the financial side cross season is early may will be tightened, and the end of the month but more relaxed。  Another banking source told reporters that this year is a bumper year of strong regulation, the mood is very cautious on the market, in fact, money is not imagined so nervous。  The central bank's operations attitude is also very clear, the continuation of "load shifting" idea。December 7, the central bank in the open market to carry out a one hundred billion of 28-day reverse repo operations, which since October 26 this year to re-launch 28 days reverse repo funding period, the period covered by this New Year's Eve, showing that the central bank liquidity care attitude。  It is worth noting that last week the central bank sequel MLF, only hedge the amount due that day, and not like before one-time hedge。In this regard, some market participants interpreted as a "hold back", i.e., to be observed Fed tightening the boot floor reaction market then operated accordingly。However, a number of organizations who receive financial reports Reporters interviewed expressed the 21st century, more likely to be taken into account that the market is awash in liquidity, and after January 1 New Year's Eve will usher directed RRR execution。  For the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and tax cuts Trump possible effects, blue stone, director of research and information management Zhao Bowen told reporters that this year, the central bank for RMB liquidity and capital management very well, it seems, does not need to use price tools, raising interest rates。  Tianfeng Securities chief fixed income analyst at Sun Binbin team believes that the intent of the policy and the market trend, the key policy rate adjustments are not present or not, the current market interest rates much higher than the interest rate policy, on the one hand that the market interest rates for a number of operations more sensitive to central bank policy is not to force the point that the policy rate and regulatory, pain points, the market is also characterized by higher market interest rate certificates of deposit represented the industry rather than to policy rate too high。  Opinions in the market related news agency (original title: the world usher in the end of the central bank's interest-rate or weeks in 2018 entered the tightening cycle) (Editor: DF318)

Today fluctuated, finished lower, brokerage stocks among the biggest gainers, Shanxi Securities once daily limit; Internet industry, civil aviation airports, steel and other sectors also performed well; strong early and military plates of gold today fell forward。As of press time, stock index rose 0.09%, the GEM were down 0.44%。  In news today: 1,2,3,4,5 for A-share market outlook, agencies said that the current market is still repeated in the repair market, investors can be combined with the annual report and a quarterly performance bargain involved pre-victimizes growth the potential of stocks, do not continue to radical chase。  Caida Securities: From the current market trend, A shares is still subject to the ups and downs of Wall Street and the impact of trade tax provisions, we can light index heavy stocks, hold rally。White Horse in the adjustment period, we should not be too involved, small-cap stocks is the focus direction。  Dongguan Securities: shock down the broader market on Wednesday, weakening trend。Pudie sector stocks, especially blue chips led by White Horse greater impact on the index, the market sentiment is relatively weak, significant cooling hot plate, the GEM also has a callback。From the market point of view, the Deputy Prime Minister's statement will help boost market confidence, but the trend peripheral turmoil, the situation is still repeated trade war, coupled with the recent financial side is slightly tight, a negative impact on the market。Overall, the market trend reversals, technical has weakened, consider peripheral trend instability and weak blue-chip sector, is expected to short-term market is expected to continue to shock bottoms。Operation suggested that appropriate caution, focusing on finance, medicine, environmental protection and other sectors varieties。  Huarong Securities: Since last year, embracing the core assets to become the market consensus, blue-chip funds around Whitehorse and hold together for warmth, pushing up the valuations and performance expectations, and self-reinforcing trends。With the gradual disclosure of annual performance, whether it is lower than expected panic, or good out of the floor, in the current market environment of high uncertainty, adjust to lighten up easily lead to panic stampede。The concept of value investing, in addition to good business, good company, good and reasonable price is a very important part。Rational judgment on its intrinsic value, they can jump out of fear and greed, and to take advantage of market volatility to grasp the opportunity to approach and departure timing。  Open Source Securities: Investors are cautioned that recent performance, then the card 50 is touted as China's 50 beautiful, now see from the graphic, not at all handsome, has completely broken bits of。Then it shows the blue chip earnings outlook has declined, because the stock market is expected to have fried。Now the US trade friction began to trouble, investors still worried about China's economic outlook is bleak。Fortunately, the two trading days left in the end of March to the end, which means the end of the market to adjust, because the end of the quarter the bank's prudential assessment is over, the next month will ease the financial side, the market will re-up to shock two days。  Market outlook, expected this year, the lack of foundation-than-expected performance of blue-chip, blue chip funds will be gradually withdrawn from, to find new investment opportunities。Unicorn, GEM, they are representative of the new high-tech economy, so we must not miss this wave of the new economy feast。Currently there is an uncertain factor is the US and Chinese trade negotiators, are very difficult to predict what the final outcome。This is also done to the blue-chip part of the psychological impact of the funds triggered exit。Market is still structured, high-tech is still hot。  Chuan finance securities: Looking to the second quarter, long-term market-style conversion turning point may have come。Increased growth factors and volatility will be a market-leading core logic。Replay history display style change needed to meet the conditions three aspects of policy, performance and mobility: the core policy, performance lags, liquidity is the accelerator。March on management policy continues to release positive signals, exemplary return unicorn enhance the market's risk appetite。According to our estimates growth performance of the GEM obvious signs of improvement。The macro liquidity marginal changes facing uncertainty, the stock market micro – liquidity in the second quarter may be tight margins。Relative valuation decisions plate configuration value, determine the absolute valuation risk-benefit ratio。In summary we believe the second quarter in the case of weak market volatility may be arranged in such a good opportunity。  Hua Securities: The current market is like a child-like face, every day up one day down day operation significantly increased the difficulty; in fact, this is an important feature shock bottoms; we repeatedly prompted you to investors, the bottom will not happen overnight, but a arduous and lengthy Marathon。In fact, the market is a good side, the highest board has gradually strengthened the trend, as long as the next critical position does not break 1800, we continue to be optimistic record board; markets may be adjusted, then we repeatedly prompted oversold small and medium-invasive, theme stocks relatively good performance, such as adjusting a year and more recently oversold male security to be seen again。According to this idea to operate, continue to capture market victimizes, has a policy to support small and medium oversold record, once the new stocks, and continue bargain-hunting interest the new economic, technological unicorn, the Internet industry, civil-military integration, large aircraft, etc. concept stocks, the market adjustment is actually repeated opportunities to give us a better admission of meat。  Jufeng investment adviser: US stocks continue to adjust, but the State Council promulgated the tax cuts, is expected to A shares will be ascribed。Operation, investors can bargain-hunting interest state-owned background of the bottom of the small cap stocks and the GEM high-growth stocks。  Pershing investment adviser: Wednesday, led by a white horse with wine stocks dropped sharply, in the short term will also affect the performance of the motherboard。Therefore, the recent market is still repeated in the repair market, sector and differentiation of individual stocks as much as the strong stocks exacerbated recommended to keep wait and see position, appropriate to do more GEM stocks strong growth。  Guangzhou Bandung: On the trend, since the agency has chosen to vote with their feet even at the evacuation of blue-chip kill more and more led to such a stampede tragedy, showing its determination to adjust positions overweight small record has been quite strong, so investors have to learn to size up the situation Hold this high-quality growth stocks and long-term main line without wavering。As for the short-term, blue chip sell into a row should not be liquidated immediately, to be oversold bounce after the transfer positions convertible too late。The small record, despite repeated active hot money lead to local high popularity, but taking into account the GEM has experienced two consecutive days after the retaliatory rose significantly increased market too many differences, there are peripheral continued turmoil dragged down, so investors operating Note that to avoid another job on low, do not continue to radical chase, but can be combined with the annual report and a quarterly performance bargain involved pre-victimizes the growth potential of stocks。

  According to statistics, as of October last year, the national audit institutions implemented a total of 827 outgoing audit pilot projects, involving 1210 people being audited leading cadres。 Only in Guizhou province, in Libo, Chishui and Rongjiang has carried out a pilot 35, the forget once "eco accounts" for the officials, including county clerk, including。   Wuhan City, Hubei Province since the pilot audit of leading cadres natural resource assets, currently has more than 20 cadres were accountable accountable, eight of them due to sewage collection system construction to promote the poor be given demotion。 Local Audit Office reports, audit results will be included in the file of cadres, the lifelong Responsibility。
  Bottlenecks, fully open a lot of pain points "to quantify the value of natural resources is very difficult on accounting。 "Southwest University of Political Science Department audit Hu Yun Tong said, has not yet formed an effective linkage mechanism between relevant government departments, information was not shared。
  "How to evaluate a major problem is also troubled by the audit department。
"CASS Institute of Finance Financial Audit Strategy Research Office Wang Dehua said, a very important reason is that the audit department lacks an objective evaluation criteria。
  According to reports, taking into account the complexity of the problems of resources and environment, local audit department generally only required to do a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of duties, divided into "good" and "good," "fair," "poor", "poor" 5 levels。
Wang Dehua believe that this relatively simple qualitative, and the lack of confirmation of responsibility twinning standards, it is difficult to accurately quantify visit。   If there are problems, there are also defined the accountability problem。
Grassroots audit, Environmentalists say pollution damage to natural resources, there are generally cross-regional, lag issues, and because the organization, discipline inspection and supervision departments to lack of appropriate follow-up measures, hard for accountability。
  In addition, the outgoing audit policy, professional level of the staff members are higher, rely solely on the existing strength is difficult to complete。 Libo County in Guizhou Province Audit Bureau official said, the audit grassroots power is relatively weak, relative lack of experience, in the face of complex natural resource assets, team building should be strengthened。   Truss cage, to implement green performance concept "should audit sector-led, multi-sectoral participation, the establishment of resource sharing platform for environmental data。
"Hu Yun Tong suggested that on this basis, the preparation of good natural resource balance sheet, really find out the real situation。 He also suggested that the current situation for the "departure after audit" can be sooner, maximize the deterrent effect of audit。   Some grassroots environmental audit cadres also believes that to really form a Forced mechanism of ecological protection, we must build a systematic, specialized evaluation system as soon as possible, and with the discipline inspection and supervision departments, the judiciary, etc. form a concerted effort to ensure that specific operational measures , not a mere formality, not going through the motions。
  For lack of professional challenges, a Director of Guizhou Provincial Audit Office audit of financial responsibility Zhang Yan said, can take "large formation audit", "open the door to engage in audit", break down departmental boundaries, to borrow an external expert resources。
In addition, to improve audit efficiency, but also combined with advanced concepts of information technology, big data, and accelerate the modernization of technological equipment, application of measurement。
  Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, Hu Xiaoqing, deputy director of Audit, etc. also suggested that we should strive to improve the quality and ability of existing auditors, to strengthen the training and recruitment of professionals have focused on natural resources, improve the existing personnel structure。 (Banyuetan given to reporters Jie)。

Huang Xianghui Chinese girl died of suspected drug overdose inside a mansion in midtown Manhattan。
(Ye Yongkang Photo) June 14 – U.S. local time June 11, 22-year-old Chinese female student Huang Xianghui (ShangWeiWang, transliteration) was found dead inside a Manhattan luxury apartment, the police have been involved in the investigation。
At present, the cause of death of the female students is still uncertain, awaiting dissection results。
But evidence at the scene point of view, Manhattan Police suspect the cause of the woman's death was a drug overdose。 Chinese woman or a drug overdose deaths, according to apartment building doorman, the deceased was a student, her parents have received the message, take care of things were coming to New York。 The building administrator, said this building 15-story building, home to many students, including the Chinese, security is tight, down the elevator requires tenants may use magnetic induction。
When asked whether many tenants of drug abuse, the administrator said, because the police warned not to say too much outside, so no comment.。
New York was in the White House drug abuse severely cut the budget data show that the number of drug deaths in 2016, died of drug overdose in New York City more than car accidents and homicide。
In the New York range, mid-2015 drug deaths in New York compared to 2010 doubled。 When New York City and New York State is stepping up efforts to prevent the widespread use of drugs at the same time, the White House has proposed budget cuts of National Drug Control Policy Office。 An internal White House memo shows that the current US administration is considering to cut the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy about 95% of the budget。
National drug control office to get 2017 billion dollars (1 US dollar equals yuan) funding, if the budget were to be reduced, then it can only get $ 24 million in 2018。 New York Senator Charles Schumer (d-NY) said the White House National Drug Control Budget cuts are most of the fight against opium and heroin abuse "destructive" and "contribution"。 He stressed that "this will kick the Americans who seek treatment outside, make our communities less safe。
"(Comprehensive Editor: Zhu Jianyu) Editor: Zhu Jianyu, Fan Fei。

July 20 electricity for most Chinese people, the Central African States far beyond million kilometers they will never set foot in the place。
However, if they come here: to see Chinese people coming and going on the street, listening to the radio playing the song "Death must be love", and speaking fluent Chinese of Congo (DRC) people pleasant conversation, feeling in China here profound influence……Learn Chinese, learn the most advanced knowledge in the Congo (DRC) the second largest Lubumbashi interview, met with fluent Chinese, Jonah wood Kaku。 Ring started quite unexpected, after all, Congo (gold) the official language is French。
The 30-year-old Congo (DRC) youth skills can be said of Chinese culture by the Chinese people。 Six years ago, the East Congo Mining (CDM) and the Congo (DRC) top universities Lubumbashi University jointly launched the project, selection of the school outstanding students to study in China for two years free。
At that time, the project has attracted more than 160 people applied, through mathematics, English, French and Congolese culture written four courses and two rounds of interviews, the final selection of six people, including wood, including Kaku。 August 30, 2011, wood Kaku began studying in the University of South Africa。 Before departure, he heard that China has everything, it would not bring too much luggage。
High-rise buildings, highways, street flower beds……Watching these scenes not seen in the Congo (DRC), first arrived in China's wood Kaku shocked。
To his delight as well, "the school has a computer in every classroom, every dorm has air conditioning."。
Wood Kaku recalled: "At that time, I go to work every day 8:00, 5:00 to work, review work overtime to 8:00 pm, go to practice speaking Chinese students dormitory。 "The reason is the 'commute' rather than 'on class', because 'this is the Congo (DRC) to pay the company sent me, so learning is work'。
Two years later, six people together to study in China, the best three letters of appointment to get the CDM, wood Kaku is one of them, he is now the company's production department just wet plant Fang Jingli。
They then cool and wood card with hired CDM has now been poached by other companies, the other three are not admitted CDM has also been a good place to go。
With the Chinese people go to Africa in recent years, the increasing number of local Chinese people more and more in demand。
This year 40-year-old Nigerian hair, said as early as mid-1996, he began to notice the capital, Kinshasa Chinese figure, that China in the future will certainly be developed, then began learning Chinese。 At first, he collected Chinese people not to newspapers and magazines, and later a friend to bring him materials from China, and thus, made Nigeria trained skilled Chinese。
For future plans, made Nepal said, "I went to China to investigate several times, after trading plan to do business in Yiwu"。 Wood Kaku told reporters: "I want to go to China to read a master's degree, learning the most advanced knowledge, came back to help the development of the company, to help develop my country。 "CE did a lot of things to provide free health care, roads, repair classrooms 'Chinese hot' and enterprises in the rapid development of the Congo (DRC), quite good reputation inseparable。 Since the 2008 financial crisis, Congo (gold) originally state-owned enterprises and the survival of Western companies have been hit。 The past decade, the development of enterprises to speed up the pace: the end of 2005, in the Congo (DRC) in only 15 enterprises; the end of 2013, only in the Katanga province of the country associated with the mining of registered Chinese-funded enterprises have more than 100。 In the eyes of many locals, CE means "welfare and health care."。
Kemi Ka Mining Co. chairman and general manager of Easy Pengyun Qi said that in addition to membership of employees just outside himself, his wife and children can enjoy free medical care。 CE also provides partial funding to families can not afford school fees, if necessary, employees can book just ahead of wage advances。 Pengyun Qi told the ring, there is no threshold in enterprises to recruit people, willing to work Congo (DRC) as long as the identity of the legal person, it will try to give them the organization of work。 "Chinese companies do not ask history, the opportunity to everyone, willing to spend effort and staff training", working in enterprises in the Congo (DRC) to ring people Mulamba said, "In the past a lot of men doing nothing, or even addicted to gambling。
Today, these people were employed in enterprises, learn job skills, they also have chicken on the family dinner table. "。
This story in the enterprise and even the locals are Mulamba painted on the wall as a poster company, to remind everyone to cherish the moment, work hard。
Sony 33-year-old in Lubumbashi in an enterprise of any chef has been eight years, he had worked in a restaurant company in India, a monthly salary of $ 150, and later heard in the rate of wages much, so he jumped slot, though it when he did not do Chinese food。 By climate environmental impacts, in the Congo (DRC) is the most common food gooey corn, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and other essential ingredients lunch, Sony never seen before。
"They often do not cut no concept of weight, meat。 "Chinese Master Chef Zhang told said:" Then we set pieces must be cut two index fingers so big, with reference, they slowly on the familiar。 "According to reports, the Chinese cook Chinese food ingredients accompanied by all the required print out the Sino-French bilingual instructions so that employees can quickly learn just membership。
Congo (DRC) employees eat in the restaurant prices。
Employees can enjoy free in just two dishes。
XING Xiao Jing Sony now taken monthly income is 300 dollars (1 US dollar equals yuan), his wife by selling clothes to earn $ 50 to $ 100 per month, so pay enough for his family four school-age children go to school。
Sony said that his wish is to remain in the enterprise to work and children to study hard in the future to go to China。
Dressed in work uniforms, sitting in the company bus to work in the enterprise, which is kind of a status symbol in the local。
Gang membership staff attaches great importance to corporate leadership condolences to the family。 I heard that, they will find ways to borrow beautiful lighting and other household items to decorate a room。 Witnessed by friends and family, who took over the leadership from sympathy gold prices is a gift, "especially face" thing。
CE has not only created a large number of local jobs, but also did a lot of things。
For example, when traveling from Lubumbashi to Kolwezi, found after the asphalt road and viaduct will sign on end: China Railway Group。 Local Chinese Geng Changqing said, "Before the corporate road, probably need more than five hours from Lubumbashi to Kolwezi, now the drive is three hours."。 Ka Sulu school to mine 齐姆邦伊斯特 joint interview, happened to meet Chinese engineer Wang Haitao in directing the construction of new classrooms, he said: "Central enterprises funded project completed in August, when the children will be able to move in the new classroom。
"Simon school principal about the matter excitedly raised his voice, 'students and parents are happy, the impression is very good for the enterprise'。 That comes from China, school children gathered around, saying "hello" in Chinese, "Welcome"。
Aceh came to Kolwezi ore trading market Mosong Bo interview, met the flying dust。 Dayan Mao even when wearing scarves and dust, can not hold back the strong wind and sand into his mouth drill。
In this case, Mo Songbo card marketing director William Pender · extraordinarily adapt。 He stood outside, pointing to the market, said, "We want Chinese companies to build roads in this neighborhood, are covered with the soil。
There is also need power, hopes that Chinese companies bring even generator "。 Why we want to help solve the problem in the enterprise?On this issue, the card Pender smiled sheepishly said: "The family is in just two countries, we will jointly build and Chinese people。
"" Chinese people are also under construction at night / built a blink of an eye the / work day and night / ah / hard-working Chinese people。 "In a corporate employee said just membership, the locals put a good impression on the Chinese people compiled this song。
"They can not wait to imitate Chinese" in the Congo (DRC) interview, noting that the office wall hung high government officials bust of President Joseph Kabila, to show respect。
Lualaba Governor black sand co-Mouille told the ring, just in perfect cooperation in various fields between the two countries, the President had studied in China-related。
In February 1998, Kabila was in the PLA National Defense University studies。 But less than six months, he was forced to return home early domestic rebellion。
Kabila was being investigated along with teacher in Shandong, heard the news and immediately leave to return home。 It is said that Kabila think you can handle things quickly come back to China, so Beijing is not passing back to school pack。 Unexpectedly, the rebellion continued for several years, Kabila failed to continue their studies。 In 2006, the first democratic elections in Congo (DRC), a Kabila victory over an enemy has been elected president。 Kabila has said, "Although I only learned the Chinese National Defense University for six months, but the benefit, if not this experience, I probably will not gain a firm foothold in the country。
"China in mid-2015 to commemorate, Kabila also attended a military parade in China。 Mouille said Kabila understand China, while the Congo (DRC) nationals can agree with the president's point of view。 Past government officials like to send their children to study in Europe and America, now more Chinese charm, "My daughter is in China."。
Secretary Lualaba Provincial Bureau of Mines Jean Marie's four children are also studying in China。 He said: "I want them to seriously study Chinese technology, after graduation must come back to help the Congo (DRC) Development。 "He also quietly said," I have hopes that he can find a Chinese wife。 "Both the Secretary governor of such a government official, or like wood Kaku such people, they have to ring the expression 'to change through learning Chinese motherland' ideas。 Peng Yunqi that this indicates that all sectors of the country have been impressed by China's pace of development, they admire the Chinese people, can not wait to imitate China。 "Along the way" Forum held in May after Beijing, "along the way" in Africa the opportunity to become a hot topic of Congo (DRC)。 Mouille for China is very interested in this initiative, he told reporters that he is concerned about every day, "along the way", there is hope in the future more companies other than mining enterprises to Congo (gold)。 Mouille According to reports, in fact, the current areas of cooperation have been expanded, formerly in the province in 10 CE, 7 and mining-related, is now banking, and other industries have settled companies are。
"Congo (DRC) is a promising country, first, because the national common good deeds; Second, focus on education, high school popularity。
"Said in an interview in a local enterprise level," In the past China 'going out' are mostly pure corporate behavior。 Now the country has 'along the way' after initiative, greatly enhanced business confidence, confidence in the Congo (DRC) to flex its muscles more foot "。 Mouille said Lualaba province also plans to set up Confucius Institute to promote Chinese culture, Chinese will become increasingly popular。 "Maybe next time we meet, I can talk to you without translation to communicate the。
"Mouille said half-jokingly。 (World Wide Web micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

  With newspaper Phoenix International iMarkets FRANCISCO, March 23, Japan's Nikkei 225 index opened lower%。
Reporting points。
Japan's Topix index opened lower%, while Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell to expand by 3%。 Other Asian markets: Australia's S & P / ASX index fell in early%。   Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said: pay close attention to the US response to China's measures。
  Japan's trade minister Toshimitsu Motegi: the United States will continue to seek an exemption given to Japan on tariff measures。
We hope the United States can be compatible with the WTO rules against China's tariff measures。
  In addition, the Japanese National CPI YoY% in February, expected% before the value%。   Japan February nationwide core CPI (except fresh food) up 1%, 1% is expected, before the value%。
  Japan February nationwide core – core CPI (except fresh food and energy)%% expected, the former value%。
  Japan March 16 week Japan bought a net 853.8 billion foreign debt, the previous value of 1.09 trillion yen。   Japan March 16 in Japan the week of net buying of foreign stocks -3861 billion yen the previous value -230 one hundred million yen。
  Japan March 16 the week of foreign net buying Japanese bonds -3 523 billion yen the previous value of 486 billion yen。   Japan March 16 the week of net foreign buying of Japanese stocks -11 532 billion yen the previous value -4325 one hundred million yen。
  Days remind attention: 20:10 Atlanta Fed President 席博斯蒂克 (voting) issued a speech on the economic outlook 20:30 US February durable goods orders for the initial value, Canada February CPI, retail sales in January 22:00 US February new home sales ⑤ 01:00 US oil services Baker Hughes oil rig will be released weekly (7×24 seen and heard live on Wall Street is more than fast)。

In case of wind more than the occasional tree, mountain and water in case of divide and waterfall close encounter, so I loyal to the millennium, drip off drops of blood and tears, penance years in front Buddha, you win back sight, so I in the most beautiful and the Red and to meet you!Cheng pulls forget the past, forget the past life where lean, the hint of tears sprinkled incense in your palm, but also you the truth I!    Under Albatron peak, my penance Wan end of the year to no avail, raging day took my Red Dust, Ruoliu Fufeng also not the end, I was tired, sleeping quietly, death is not terrible, I have become accustomed to such bitter without the light of day all the suffering。Dark heavy, maybe this is my destiny a grass!The wind gently swaying, Yu Xiaoxiao down, fled dew atrium, I also my cool summer!You came in a hurry, carrying a Orchids, gave me the sweetest of springs, a touch of incense leisurely Qinru my heart, graceful smile, you smile, disappeared in the Red Dust!Drip grace, Yongquan!    A mountain, can not be separated across pairs, a bridge, not break Qianqianquege, my life buried in a mountain stream, in exchange for your long life!Perhaps this is meant to be。    Chuan regrettable situation, immersed River, thousands of drops Acacia, Wanlv worry wire end is no solution Chien knot!Two vast horizon love and hate, for love comes to love angry。Finally meet in future not know, tears of thousands of new heavy head point。Little place, missed the opposite hand pull hard。Is a last resort, still can not help, as both wind drift in the distance!    Little stars, scattered in Oliver, hurried pedestrians, living away from home, so people, the situation is also true!    Pouring rain ruthless hit in the cheek, drenched atrium, wet dream, this silent side, that side of the rain, you still laugh or thousands of years, though already are times by the vicissitudes of life, but their hearts are still the heart of the Millennium!Gently express“Albatron peak at even met, drips of kindness memorable, met Chihiro Wan lingered, as you turn into the wind heart die”。Greet hand in hand, a big crowd, we of band life, Juanqimei。Happy days are always fast breath!However, everything is so short!    People cents sparse way, although I have the essence of heaven and earth aura, you can always escape the fate of mercy!    I am the embodiment of birds, leap Qianshan Wan Hai, escape the fate, you can always escape atrium。Buddha I saw you with years of penance!In the barren Albatron peak, rain, wind, cold summer, I always, in my mind just karma。    Suffering no light of day, dark matte wall, but their hearts are surprisingly quiet。Buddha asked if I would repair to the edge and you have to see, I laughed!Everything is not important, life is just a few Spring, Cheng pulls past, such as clouds filled the air, bearish secular, breaking the Red, forever in the hearts of love!    The essence of heaven and earth, of all things is Purdue Dade Health, National Cheng Kung University small love love, maybe true love!

  DENVER June 19 news, Ray – Allen seconds before the end of the regular time hit a record third, saved the Heat, and ultimately to 103-100 victory over the Spurs, will always tie 3- overtime 3。   Allen became the number one hero, the audience got 9 points。 LeBron – James triple-double, 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds。
Dwyane – Wade 14 points, Chris Bosh – 10 points and 11 rebounds, Mario – Chalmers 20 points。 Sean – Shane Battier 3 3-pointers, scored 9 points。
  - Tim Duncan is the hero of the first three quarters, the Spurs scored 30 points and 17 rebounds, while Tony – Tony Parker is angry at a critical time, contributed 19 points and eight assists, Manu – Manu Ginobili scored nine points, but 8 errors。   After losing the fifth war, the Heat once again forced into a corner。 In this year's finals, the Heat is always a disadvantage, after twice to tie the score, and today in the edge of being eliminated。   Back home, the Heat will initiate a more violent attack。
"We understand the importance of the first six games," Spurs guard Tony Parker said, "Obviously, we want to seize the first opportunity, we also know that the Heat will break out more energy, playing at home would be good。
They shoot better, behind the audience to support them。
"Two years ago, the Heat also in the same boat, to 2-3 behind back home, but lost to the Mavericks。 "Big Three" stronger than before, but in front of the old combined GDP, they are still struggling。
  Two teams remain on a starting lineup, the Spurs continue to let Ginobili starter, while the Heat still use Miller。
After the opening, Miller first shot to hit the third, the Heat to a 7-4 head start。
Duncan also immediately to a basket ball, Leonard then steals, the ball has run, after the change had lost to James layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Spurs to 9-7 lead。
Chalmers just to a record one-third, Leonard immediately hit third, the Spurs still is tit for tat。 After the first section played 10 minutes, shooting 6 6 Duncan, scored 12 points。
After his fate rest, Chalmers and Shane Battier hit third in succession, the Heat to 27-25 beyond the score。   Shane Battier in the second quarter and the beginning of the third hit, the Heat to 40-33 lead once。
Duncan began to show, he first tipped succeeded, then a layup after a person scored six points, to narrow the gap to 1 point。 Spurs implement defensive tactics of James, give him space shot, but James feel bad, do not jump several times in。
This section last 5 minutes they did not hit a ball, the Spurs 11-0 to end a wave of this section, in one fell swoop to 50-44 halftime。
  Duncan first half, 11 of 13 shots, one person scored 25 points, just half the score for the team, he also grabbed eight rebounds, "Stone Buddha" of the old and solid surprising。
Leonard had 10 points, 4 points and 6 assists Parker, Manu Ginobili lost the last game of magic, a scoreless。 James hit rate is still not high, shot 3 of 9, 9 points, 5 assists, Chalmers scored 14 points, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh each scored 6 points。 Heat team shot only 41 percent, and the Spurs up to 58%。   Ginobili finally opened, the third start-thirds vote, but also Chalmers also to third, the Spurs errors began to increase, not in continuous shooting also。 This section will be more than half, after the break Miller, saw the Spurs defense has been lax, immediately layup, the Heat to 56-57 behind only。
Spurs after an emergency called a temporary halt to strengthen the defense against the Heat, this section there are 5 minutes and 40 seconds, Parker in the case of the body out of balance still shooting, and even scored three points with a fine cast, and thereafter hit two free throws Dior , the Spurs to 62-56 and slightly widen the gap。   The Heat called timeout, but a come back is a mistake, Leonard Allen broke the fast break, layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast。
James not in the third, Duncan grab frontcourt offensive rebounds, shooting succeed and cause foul, another "three-point play," the Spurs to 68-56 lead, forcing the Heat suspended then told。
After the Spurs extended the advantage to 13 points, Shane Battier of a mind divided into three heat to stop bleeding, Wade hit a ball, the gap to eight points。 But after three, the Heat still 65-75 behind。   Two years ago the sixth game against Dallas, the Heat behind nine points entering the fourth quarter。 This time facing the same situation, the Heat can only Last Stand。
Chalmers in the fourth quarter start-thirds vote, while Miller after which the shoes came off, bare foot also hit the third, chasing the score 73-77 Heat。
James headband was also destroyed, he simply threw the sidelines。
James bareheaded recovery attack, began to hit the basket strong, succeeded several times, and the Spurs began outside shot, a wave of 19-7 start this section, when the Heat in this section there are 6 minutes 03 seconds, Heat to 84-82 go-ahead。
  Parker had shot not in the state of sudden outbreak of the fourth quarter when there is 1 minute 27 seconds, his third hit, then he succeeded steals, fast break shot, the Spurs to 91-89 go-ahead。
Heat will be the key to a ball to James, he was in the basket mistakes, Ginobili under the fast break, resulting in foul, hit two free throws。 After that mistake again, James, continuous soft key moments, Ginobili made two free throws, leading the Spurs to 94-89。   James atone, makes a record three Heat to 92-94 behind, this time from the left end of the conventional time 20 sec。
After Leonard hit one free throw, James, not in the third, but Bosh grabbed offensive rebounds, Allen after the ball, pulled beyond the arc, the face of defense, stone mandrel, in the game sec, to tie 95-95。 Parker the final vote, the two teams into overtime。   Allen Heat will pull back from the brink of death。 Extra time he hit a ball, but James also close succeeded, when the game 1 minute 43 seconds, leading the Heat 101-100。
  Spurs continuous shot, when there are seconds in the game after James steals initiated the break, but get rid of the ball layup, the ball right to the Spurs。
Parker's shot was Bosh blocked shots, while the seconds before the whistle, Allen once again meritorious, steals from the hands of Ginobili。
  Allen hit two free throws, leading the Heat 3 points。
Ginobili was the last shot and Bosh blocked shots, the Spurs lost by the wayside。

  US media pointed out that the ruling will ensure DACA program at least until the autumn to survive。 This allows more time for Congress to develop a permanent solution for the "dreamer" who。 Media summarizes the impact of the decision to bring a series of。   Applicable DACA program "dreamer" Trump may temporarily relax the US President Obama announced that he would end the era of the DACA program, which formally terminated the date set in September last year to March 5, Congress has six months to seek legislative solutions。
  But in this six-month period, subject to the protection of the DACA program "dreamer" in a state of panic, because if they lose the protection of DACA program, they will be deported and lose a work permit to bring the DACA program。
  Here, employers are ready to dismiss "Dreamer"。
At the same time, many participants DACA program are unsure whether they can continue to stay in college, or continue to help them afford tuition grants and loans。
  Now, these "dream catcher" can relax。
They will continue to be protected, and can continue to postpone their plans in the DACA refer cases to lower courts to protect identity。
  Congress more time American lawmakers have been working to deadline March 5 to protect the "dreamer" by law。
  Recent months of negotiations between Congress and the White House intensified。 Democrats introduce a requirement to protect only "Dreamer" as the goal of "clean" bill, Republicans are required to strengthen exchanges with immigration enforcement and border security bill。 Earlier, the impasse in the negotiations about the DACA program also led to the US federal government closed three days。   Now, Congress has more time to seek a compromise。 However, immigrant advocacy groups warned that Congress should not forget the problems DACA program。
  What is "the law of war," the next step is?  Last month, US District judge in California ruled that Trump 威廉阿尔苏 Cape government mistakenly end DACA program, "legal battle" Thus started。   At that time, the University of California and several California cities requested the government to restore al-Sup command Trump DACA program。
Al Sup agreed that the decision Trump might be "arbitrary and capricious" and based on a flawed legal premise。   US Department of Justice subsequently announced that it would appeal immediately thereon to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California, but it also asked the Supreme Court to hear the case。
The Supreme Court did not make a determination to al Sup ruling, but said the case should be through formal channels。
  This means that the case can now come to California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 At the same time, a judge in New York ruled against Trump government also plans to terminate DACA。
The case will be in New York by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 Once the court ruling, the US Justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court before。

  Beijing on March 8, internationally renowned academic journal "Nature Communications" published online diffuse gastric cancer proteomic research Military Academy of Military Medical Research Institute and the Cancer Hospital of Peking University jointly carried out。 This achievement shows that the protein can provide important and comprehensive information for clinical science, there is likely to be directly carried out the precise basis for future medical care for patients with gastric cancer。
  Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed 16 after the relevant parties understand that this research, led by Academician He Fuchu marks the "China Human Proteome Project", to capture the first seat to the protein component type as the main reference for precision medicine " city ", indicates that 'precise medical proteomics-driven era' coming。
  The "Gastric Cancer Gastric Cancer" accurate diagnosis "stomach cancer diagnostic analysis techniques like the use of proteomic tumor 'portrait'。
"National Center for Protein Science Academy of Military Medical Renqin Jun introduced himself master of research results," by proteomic analysis techniques, we can give as like a tumor tissue and healthy tissue a painting of each patient, comparing different people 'two portraits', find the difference between a healthy person's 'looks' and different types of tumors 'appearance' in order to determine what kind of suffering from the disease。
"Statistics show that China's annual new cases of stomach cancer are about 680,000 cases, accounting for about half of incident cases globally。 Currently, according to the clinical pathological features into the gastric intestinal, diffuse and mixed, which diffuse the worst prognosis, and the lack of effective targeted treatment, known as "gastric cancer and gastric cancer."。
  From the beginning of 2014, a joint team of Qin Jun Shen Lin Beijing Cancer Hospital team started a large-scale analysis of gastric cancer samples, to diffuse gastric cancer "portrait"。
They screened to meet paraneoplastic tissue samples and paired cancer research requirements from the 2451 cases of gastric cancer samples。 Samples were analyzed by mass spectroscopy, we identified 11 340 different gene products, covering all possible protein expressed by tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment。
By next gastric cancer tissues and whole protein expression profile of cluster analysis, they will diffuse gastric cancer is divided into three closely associated with survival prognosis and chemosensitivity molecular subtypes, selected 23 candidates associated with the prognosis of gastric cancer protein drug target, and is expected to replace protein with a small number of whole protein expression profiling mode, determines whether the diffuse gastric cancer for which one of the three molecular subtypes, thus laying a solid foundation for clinical application。
  Studies have shown that diffuse gastric cancer patients with these three types, there are significant differences in postoperative chemotherapy and survival duration。
"The proteome study accurately distinguish found associated molecular typing and prognosis。
The next step for different types of diffuse gastric cancer, or other types of cancer, we will be able to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, which is precisely the implementation of targeted therapy after accurate diagnosis。 '' China Human Proteome Project 'chief scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences He Fuchu military representation。
  With "innovative painting techniques" to identify the therapeutic target group is the study of the laws of life from a holistic point of view of science, just as the five senses together, in order to identify the person's appearance。 Proteomic and genomic there are differences: genome reflects the inherent genetic information, like the appearance at birth; and proteome reflects external function information, looks like people of different ages。 Of course, we can speculate that looks at different ages by appearance when a person is born, but the actual appearance will be affected by various external factors。
  "This is like the original that need painting portraits in pencil and sketched out a rough outline and then coated with paint, sketch and later found to be a new art form。
Constitute the body's various organs genome is the same, but the performance of different organs vary in form and function, one of the key decisions in the proteome。
Proteome is much more complicated than the genome。 "Task Force's expert science channel, does not depend on any genomic information, proteomics can provide an important basis for clinical science。   Jun Qin research team found that some patients can detect gene mutation, but beside carcinoma and cancer was not detected in its corresponding protein expression, indicating that the drug can not play a therapeutic role for this gene mutation。
  "It's like the relationship between pigment and pigment pool。
"Qin Jun said that the genome is like pigment pool, offers a variety of pigments to depict a picture。
While the protein is a pigment of various colors, by the interaction exhibit different colors。
Check the pool alone is missing some paint pigments, may not be able to find which part of the painting produce color。   "We can 'innovative painting techniques', accurately detect the protein expression of cancer and adjacent cancer tissues by big data, to analyze what is the kind of pigment problems, to explore the relevant laws of science, to distinguish between different types of diseases。 By studying the proteome, we can accurately find therapeutic targets, it is possible to find the exact cause of tumorigenesis, and even have a special role through protein, inhibition of cancer cells, tumor treatment。 "He said。   Proteomics will drive accurate medical boom "proteomic technology breakthrough has been made in recent years。 "Qin Jun said, now typically 6 hours or more can be quantitatively to a 6000 gene products, the type of the actual protein expressed within the cell rather, the required number of samples can contain up to 000 cells, about a few cubic millimeters the organization。 This allows the individual to carry out a certain number of proteomic studies of people with the condition, so "China Human Proteome Project" in just four years to basically complete the task of data output of the first stage, which is not until 10 years imagination。
Recently published results of this study are part of the "China Human Proteome Project" of。   Reporters learned from the US-led human cancer genome project (TCGA), in the past decade depicts the genomic variation profiles dozens of tumors, drawn genome "topographic map" of cancer, it has made great for human understanding cancer contributions, also gave birth to the United States of "accurate health plans" and "cancer moon program"。
The post-genomic era proteomics as development in China has been maintained with the international trend goes hand in hand。
Start at the Ministry of Science 863, 973 and the "International Partnership" jointly funded under the 2014 "China Human Proteome Project" trying to understand cancer at the protein the higher dimensions, reveal the molecular mechanism of tumor, finding therapeutic targets。
  He Fuchu Academy of Sciences, said, "China Human Proteome Project" is to give different normal physiology and disease "portrait" that can accurately identify health and disease, the first stage selection than ten kinds of liver cancer, diffuse-type gastric cancer, lung cancer, etc. cancer as the research object, the current output data has been completed, we have moved into the data analysis and results output stage。
The stomach cancer proteomic research molecular typing just the first one, there are a series of follow-up cancer research organs also will follow, will be coming together to form a "precision proteomics-driven medicine" new wave。 Individual therapy, the accuracy of treatment, targeted therapy and other new treatments, therapeutic strategies and ideas will treat large numbers。