Part One: is graduation year, parting Mo gardenia Fang do not know when the street has begun selling gardenia, that innocent color, rich fragrance, a reduction that is full of youthful dreams, but also to attract with too many people pass.The flower bud hawkers, even with the line up, fall into a fragrant flower chain, for people to wear in the chest, clothing or hanging between.This is a symbol of youth flowers, so pure and fragrant, so at the moment I have been a youth flying recall those times, remember those school years sunny fragrance.It’s June, June is part of the summer, also belong to the parting of June.Looking back, everything seems fresh in our memory, those parting reluctantly, and those tears of sorrow and grief, one by one in my mind.Once those arms around, and common joys and sorrows of the students now have far apart, each bear the miserable reality brought.Years expel us, to society, to mature the various obstacles on the road, whether it is nostalgia or guilt, we must go straight ahead.  Pure white flowers, gardenia heart is clean qualities, her frank and forthright, not from the bright appearance to please, but with that hidden in the heart of the fragrance and gentle to others, and to remind all of our wonderful youth read to.About Gardenia, there must be a beautiful story: “The young woman, she was gentle and moving, but never bees and butterflies, just a touch of walking in the crowd.But it is this elegant, attracted many people’s joy, so many married men are away, frequently eyebrows.It was not pleasant in a married woman who seems, as opposed to stimulate their jealousy, envy is not such a pretty dress but also several times higher than their own, without decorative naturally attracted the audience of young woman.They may be absolute beauty, but there is no clear and ethereal beauty of the share of youth.They began raging anger chest, and dark traps, up to no good.How can a young woman escaped this dragnet, because she is beautiful too eye-catching, her youth flying too pretty.In the conspiracy married, she changed a face, suffered a variety of combat and exhibit inconsistent with age, appearance, but the heart still does not change that ray of gurgling fragrance, still fresh fragrance, still adhere to self.With fall coming years until really, she remove her innocent face, with a red makeup to show her loyalty unto death.”This story is not beautiful, but it really reflects the troubles brought beautiful, even if we did not have such a beautiful, but it must desire such a beautiful, and to this end much ado about nothing.  In every young mind, it must have such a flower, open in the maturing of the air, the fragrance of the romantic breeze.How much we desire, how eager for such a beautiful, because although full of youthful immaturity, but natural and youthful atmosphere make us fibrillation, make us rejoice.In the mature growth, we are probably nondescript green leaves, only Bise posture no longer any bit of quality worthy of praise.Until the young bud, bud our hearts quietly breeding, we began to focus on our face, we began to appreciate the beauty of others.This time, we are quietly changing, as if overnight, the mirror we also attach some beautiful qualities: innocent face, in God’s eyes, tall stature, gentle willowy.Not even the United States, there are at least a ray of youthful atmosphere, supporting us to become beautiful and enjoy the beautiful.For beautiful, we began to catch up with acne, we began eyebrow hair rope, what can the United States can keep up with clarity and simplicity it brings youth?Most people go through a transformation of the ugly duckling, and slowly found himself not ugly, and even that is unattainable White Swan.Our joy, our apprehension, fear such a beautiful fleeting, so we are eager to express themselves, to the stage, to the communication, for fear that such a beautiful hastily dying in a hurry years.  The school is a paradise peers, we wander with their beauty, but also with joy, surrounded by their.Here alone, we all enjoy and appreciate beauty, there is simply no time to heavily taxed, but also beautiful and brings anguish attendant, can not give up the beautiful people will give up that also makes people feel happy and worry youth.I like the campus avenue, also like the wide lawn, more obsessed with that late-night stroll in the moonlight pond.I love the profound feelings of the same table, but also love the poetic aspect of a teacher, so I love that girl eyebrows.  Gardenia is now open, and I really want to return to school, to see those who let themselves fascinated beauty, but also had to go and see those mature parting.If you can encounter old friends, I wished him a must in mind: “Your friend is still beautiful.”And in the mouth, I’m afraid casually ask what work, how the situation.We also belong to our youth, but no longer have that kind of life, who no longer has that kind of Sentimental.I am no longer the master of the youth campus, just an itinerant rush the passer, but also on campus only once a site just my detention.  White fluttering of those years, a reflection of how bright youthful style, I always could not stop his thoughts, not to rush like a reincarnation of that era.There are passionate youth gone, there is also an oasis of youthful imagination, like the gardenia in full bloom at the moment, Shu shadow bright eyes, distant fragrance.Helpless time reversal, the world displaced, only feel resentment, hate when people say that unusual.  Is graduation year, I do not know how many people are going to this parting, I do not know their hearts may have retained enough wicker pavilion hands as a friend.In this parting of Mo, certainly full of gardenia, for the friends silently wishes for this trip bloom worthy to be straight off.After a number of years, we’ll forget a lot, wash out those lives less important joy and sorrow, but this parting will always be buried in the depths of memory in each gardenia fragrance of the season, each surge of youth hours, wound up warm heart.It is dreaming of those years, just like the silence in the fountain of jade, nourish silent, but timeless.    Part II: graduation is a year Time flies, In the near future, that there will be a group of students to complete four years of college study and life, to a new course.  Look at those school brother sister were about to leave the school at the time of the last memory of this university record with the camera, that he (she) show their faces to the school and nostalgic feelings of sadness, but also a deep infection the presence of each individual.  Youth finish, waiting for the opening of a wait for us in front of our journey in, facing the sun, the courage to dream of flying heart; wait for us in front of the story, to the stars, and from memory in this life the best four in full bloom over flowers.Nightlife net future as an erratic sky clouds, and we, from this day, began a long journey to chase the clouds.  Tomorrow is wonderful, but the road may be rough, but in any case, we have a precious to recall a can not let go of friendship, for a lifetime of experience.  Great Wall, the trail edge, green lawn.Sung half, had burst into tears.Just for this campus, we did not burn to youth?  Graduates no longer write home.Every time the phone, a few words lazily cope.This does not mean they do not love father and mother, they just could not find a better way of expression.Graduates more than love mother newborn.Freshmen favorite girlfriend, and experienced the ups and downs of graduates who understand that the most lovable or mother.Graduates more talk about home, whether to return home or not to return home, whether it is sports or scorn tone.On the home as if talking about the campus, campus and talk as if talking about home, talking talking talk about mixed.Campus, will become the other islands, another home.Cottages and dormitories on campus home, two photos overlap.Where is the real home?  ”Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes,” he said: “One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the forever.The sun rises and the sun falls, the urgent return of the land.South wind blowing, and turn north, could not spin down, and return to the original channel switch, turn the rivers run into the sea, the sea is never full, from where the rivers flow, thither they return again.”This is the only faith graduates.  Graduates have to take pictures under the tree.Is the name of the people, tree shadow.People’s names are illusory, roster one-year change; shadow of the tree is real, this is heaven on earth to give.What is called the “mature” to the tree to look for answers.Splendid tree will go on, because there will be summer; bright graduates who will go on, because their mind, this campus.  So, people look back, they stand somewhere?We have only the youth, but this is enough.Youth means 铁肩担道义, Cherish the article, it was Li Dazhao youth.Lu Xun said, young people also have faint eggs, there are a coward, traitor.It seems, youth is also questionable.  Each of the graduates want to say the truth is, this one.However, after all, not a campus life like “Love Story” movies.When the large lawn in front of the library is erased, the singer who moved to the quiet garden.  He graduated, no waving, it’s too hypocritical.Hunched, back carrying heavy luggage.Remember to come, not so heavy luggage.  Note: I wrote this article not only themselves, but also wrote science brother sister were about to leave college life.Part III: Graduation time have traveled several times Love, scattered mood or remember the story of the people.Seoul come to me to college, I do not know who inadvertently think of the ivory tower of the fragrance, and now I graduated, student career ended.Although not appreciate that kind of hurt Yi San, mood can still bleak as the leaves of autumn.I should also not sensible to own tomorrow!Confusion or will struggle on how to locate later in charge of the bite now my whole.No preparation, no goal embarked on a new journey.  Walking in the scenic campus, more and found that he had not belong here, watching the familiar people leave school one by one, filled with ignorant mood influx of graduate candidates army, I feel like all of a sudden silly from otherworldly life fell reality.Once remembered the dream, once the rhetoric, are blown in the fall this season, the only feeling now think of nothing smile.  For graduate of us have to do a person’s travel, a person walking, a crowded bus, a person accommodation, commuting on a person, a person to track a person’s Romance.Solitude with injuries, for stability, for high-paying, for the house, for the families, in order to take up their responsibilities in order to dream Haomo remaining, to love my people and I love people.Burdens of luggage, alone on the road.There are also hesitant to panic, there is also a strong pull, sweat, tears or will we have to endure alone!The grown-up children, and the hearts of the helpless uneven away, the bitterness and hard carry, finishing up their new clothes, go right!  Campus, is still so silent, without a trace of sound, you bring young season, and like gangbusters off the season time.Gently, I go, as I gently to.I gently waved, not take a cloud.  A thousand miles begins with a single step.I need to do is take every step firmly, constantly moving forward.

Summer is the season of burning.  Mention this season, people naturally link from heat, mosquitoes, thunder and lightning storm……It can not help but subconsciously spring and autumn contrast, could not help but produce feelings of helplessness.  Now touched the ancient versa.Liu wrote in Yongzhou rule “summer day even as a” poem “Southern states such as ruffles drunk wine, a few hidden Shumian North lattice window open,” the sentence, Po Chu “full steam summer rustic” concept mow wheat “poem, back burning Yan matte “sentences and Li Shen in the” hoe Wo ‘poem’ hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil ‘sentences, have expressed to the summer heat, oppressed feel uncomfortable emotions.  In fact, ah, strictly in rotation seasons of the year, every season are loyal to their own responsibility to create the good fortune.Gentle spring, germinating life; the summer of passion, unassuming life; forthright autumn, gave their lives; winter bear, protect life.And in all seasons responsibility, from the point of view of life and growth, I think that passion is more valuable summer.  Summer is valuable is that it absorbs the sun’s energy burning themselves, so that all of life with full vigor full of radiance essence, racing against time to flourish luxuriantly, multiply gene, brewing their own prospects.  Not the kind of burning up hot summer, there would be no life to fade spontaneously Conservative closed inert.- life, as long as life is motion, there will be inert, which is used to warm and protect others accustomed to being accustomed to the status quo.Under inert, everything is hard to.Only after that hot zeal the ideal seed cells hidden life and romance restless, life began to start their own great journey.  Even burning summer breeding the mosquito, it is nothing but equal treatment for life.It is this equal treatment, allow mosquitoes to survive a deep understanding of the truth, even if it is “dark moon toward the bacteria do not know, I do not know cicada mantis Spring”, but also without any hesitation, without Zhangu efforts to implement the right to go to the mission and growth.Then, as the other life may continue to go through the spring and autumn, but also to seize the opportunity and do not despise the natural reward you?  The summer course will burn crazy thunder and lightning storm, I will not speak of how these natural phenomena by the energy of the sun and summer conditions of strong and prosperous, and later just how proud and how much are destructive, but they and the summer sun, but also warm “burning” surging emotions.With them Cuikulaxiu to Dao, vividly moist, searing urging and encouragement, have a life of initiation – growth – robust – tenacious, as well as enrich and improve the process and the dedication of a successful outcome.These natural son of thunder and lightning storm, summer is also the responsibility entrusted to them fulfill.    Burning summer is burning.  It’s awkward hot pepper sprinkled on the body like taste on the tongue.It is this taste, let the red thunder playing all the red, the green cast green skills.All life is gone it thinks mysterious privacy, the courage to open their pungent carried away.  Sentimental put away the trees in spring, open chest exposed pregnant, stretch a shade, to attract cows, dogs, cats, chickens children, who would not let anyone who does not afraid to share it from underneath it fire flee to the strands of the wind through the shade produced by processing the coolness.At this time, cattle exhibition Shu leg lying belly breathing evenly roots of the tree, chirping chicken children break to rest back on its belly, dogs and cats in cattle stout legs screwed up his eyes nap, let the burning temperature these Zhuer put away the barriers of race, put them in harmony in the character become another “hot” flavor, that is their own nature or temperament of the “brave” to suppress or betrayal.  In the open countryside naked body of a profile.Those bulging lines and sink into the secret life clearly reveal the body out.Open skirt under a thin white legs; onion skin of the chest was opened hazy mountains; hair away its strict makeup, let the show eyes, eyebrows and the entire face Overflow youthful wine syrup.A lot of desire and fantasy begin Fluttering like a flame.  It is burning hot mess of a group of children playing the music of.Those innocent children take advantage of the golden opportunity of the summer, gather invite them happy in the river, the lake, the boy naked body exposed blackish, white ass, wore brazier and somehow the sun on the shore, under the order then a loud thump to jump into the clear water, swim away and diving competitions, stir up a spray, a group of flush wild birds.The girls at the shore shrill voice as they clapped their hands, shouting refueling, or when the referee.Burning hot summer sun for them, so funny.    Burning summer is fresh toot.  It’s where the momentum built up in diastole, where traces of life impulse, the dream of growing up sound.  On the vast land, everywhere can clods, stones top up of Hercules – the seeds under the influence of temperature, no longer willing to stay in the parents’ gift of the house, and they desperately struggling with growth power bursting shell to hide, no matter where they are in the drilled out.People’s walls, tile, it can be the life force out of a gap to crack.That face was ashen and hard board game iron cement board can not stop the progress of life.Qiu underground root strong tie trees, topsoil it hard to break the drill, pierce slit pebbles, deep geological formations in all directions and stretching, sucking, the trunk of the screen, in the cooing output from trickle flow “underground factory “made in nutrition.That Qiu sticks, fingers or on, or cross out, or obliquely, the more it is the same as the dragon blade is covered with clouds like Maolin’s twisted in layers, rolled, circling, no matter how powerful forces are it is to overwhelm the forces of light and sun.Poplar, willow, camphor, no matter what kind of tree, every day is a sturdy up, sit up.They believe that he is Optimus Prime.  After the lake, river fish freed from detention in winter, in the spring Shuhuo little exercise, they incite passion in the summer, she began to search for pleasant companion.In this significant year in parenthood romantic season, these fish who rule the roost hegemony, fighting vigor and beauty of life.Then they are moved off the water spray, entertain crashed clapping.  When summer fresh tension toot farms fell to the side, rice, corn, sorghum, all the crops are jointing children grow up with the ideal fengren.  Jin Zhang Lifei summer toot in the orchard, these sweet with the fragrance of flowers drunk mind of fruit buds, then in the summer and warm fresh agitation began moving day and night, tired dream burning huge abundance of ambition.  Summer it awkward transferred to the dark tendon, long village road will flash suddenly creak of the burden, the burden of those under steady pace, supported by a mountain-like results, heaps of labor the joy.    Summer is busy burning mediocre.  As the temperature increases, heat is full, busy as anything up.  The universe class, regardless of whether life, because life and work on their own will to speed against the clock, when a grasping mechanism Dream, Dream, Dream.  When all dreams are to the busy summer together, the most active or humans, and humans like a bee “flowers honey,” the farmer is the busiest, could busiest farmers in the south particularly conspicuous again.  Jiangnan farmers in the summer, is simply hectic – because they have a summer season of Bangladesh and two quarter rush in the harvest plant crops task.For example, high cotton seedlings grow, watermelon out vines, and peach blush, pond fish in the water jump, all summer vegetable garden to be planted……These things do not wait until you’re done, immediately urged the wheat harvest season and rape, summer crops planted fields, culture tube rice seedlings, weeding fertilizing to cotton, sorghum planting corn, melons listed to buy……A suddenly have to rush in the harvest of early rice, late rice grab plug……  These say no so much to live, if it is fine point, let me see, “grab grab inserted to close” it’s April, the day the farmers south of Ye Hao, Ye Hao night, they did not stop when.  Early in the morning, a farmer.  Awakened by the sound of the door squeak and Sun Li Chelsea man back to shovel out, a woman opened the cages, bucket into the machine pick the well pressurized water; the water will come to bear, he went to the garden to pull dish.When the voice sounded on the chopping block chop vegetables, pen where the lazy awakened, these guys kick yawn, stretch the waist lazy strike, they began to call out annoying them, so women have to immediately call yesterday from pigwash tank late potable water ready to pour into the pig trough.Later, a woman can confidently make a fire to cook.  Kitchen food wafting smell of children, the man came back, he was followed by a group of people.Busy woman set the table to put an end meals bench.This group of people whistling meal to go the wheat field.Just mown wheat, when everyone is busy splitting to the threshing floor, farms chug Tude voice sounded pumps, canal water rushing uproar to Catcher in the fierce Note.Just see the water, the tractor’s voice rang from far and near to the ridge, it was eager to plow up.At this time, the owner immediately urged farmers to speed quickly pick wheat, because the tractor run a few rounds in a cornfield, it is necessary to catch a live mud plug the rice seedlings.Rural people know, live mud plug seedling root line fast, early rice seedlings live another day, that is one day earlier production.  In this case, after we eat a woman in Shimoda, immediately close the bowl, quickly scrub clothes, ready to open noon meal dishes.Some wheat fields to pick back up, a woman with a bed of rice seedlings rice seedlings Tin pull dustpan.Wait until everyone to pull seedlings, the woman saw the sun coming top of his head, went home meal arrangements, while at the same time go back the way while cutting roadside grass, pick the fish pond behind the house.Into the house, give food for pigs, pigs solve the impetuous and then began to do lunch.  After lunch, the sound of the machine are stopped, and also in the morning yellow wheat field, now mirror-like flat’s show swayed skylight paddy.At this time, people put rice seedlings to pick a Tam Tam, blue sky backs grasping Wong rushed to plug up.  Women have ended bowl lunch, tea burn barrel, after transplanting mentioned farms also rolled up his pants.  It was dusk, and school children back to farms for the keys to his mother, a mother immediately confessed: “Hurry home, a load of pigs cut grass; chickens, ducks sprinkle food……”The children turned and ran, just ran a few steps, stopped the mother shouted:” the garden to pick a pumpkin, a few eggplant, a beans, and chili……Not forget the rice cooked, with a large cooker –5 pounds of rice – Do not play!what!When the “sunset hand in planting the mud close to make all of Xia Yu, the siege of mosquitoes buzzing up and bite people planting difficult to look to the end to end ‘lovemaking session’ and fight mosquitoes, mosquitoes sniffing human body odor smell even the clothes back bite right through, one by one leg, face, body muster all the knots, headed this matter Tian finished plug not plugged finished, he called on the ridge dinner……  Throughout the summer, especially the “plug Shuangqiang income,” the critical time, farmers south almost every day.    Burning bright summer is bad.  People are used to fight Yan flowers, colorful rhetoric to the spring Yan United States, in fact, summer is also colorful, colorful.  Rose blossoms on the fence.Rose twist twist climbing on the fence woven bamboo, twigs, a leaf of a red, compact and clever, blushing.Leisurely fragrance exudes you are not careful in the summer wind, fresh and cool people.  Pomegranate clusters conglomeration of dozens of branches in the yard, a large roadside fruit in the garden, hydrangeas thick to hang from the sun shining on her brilliant luster, hearty red, bold, chic, so people vertigo confusion.  Rows of sunflowers and some, like sentinels, neatly set up under way, and the ridge edge of the yard, and some like the masses to participate in the General Assembly, the orderly build-present house.They are holding a round faceplate, full of golden flower petal flower, facing the sun laugh, follow the sun.  Ash stunts like night flowers, put it opened green leaves cover down, from afar, is a pile of violet hill.White tangelo tree, hidden in the blink of an eye that broad leaves, a bit like the stars in the sky, when the wind shake the tree, it is clever flashes, like that little white petals, painfully tender could not bear to her hand.Both the flowers, with fragrant Yuyu Fu Fu, the dye through the surrounding air, the breeze with a fire Yifu, radius of a few in the day, night, fields, streams, curtains, Luozhang are lazy drunk crisp up.The bees, butterflies, then diligently frequently patronize.  Tada stretch of lotus leaf, hold high the high lift of the lotus, in the summer without masking the smooth release, forceful, overbearing.Jiangnan lake, river, ditch, pond in the summer, almost all of them are occupied.Cuiye set off a red envelope with yellow flower petals dense, yellow stamens and layer upon layer of guarding the green lotus, white lotus room to grow with baby fat lotus.Fish, Kingfisher was tempted to put it here as a play park.Red with green men and women is also a lure to it, as in the lotus leaf Punta mandarin ducks playing in the water, like, pick lotus flowers, warmth whisper.  Bright summer colors set off not only in the land of rivers, but also romantic in heaven.  Colorful summer clouds playing with the US-hyun.In the evening Huoshao, with raging flames burned through and through the day but also to be reflected through and through, almost hear the whirring sound of the fire.Sun and clouds fight, it was like cotton, horses, mountains, clouds devil, red, yellow, purple, white, black color, what color are, constantly changing, playing with cosmic kaleidoscope.  The most exaggerated summer, the most romantic, the United States and to the number of the largest gas across thousands of miles, high in the sky portrayed rainbow.This rainbow, red orange yellow green blue purple, summer is high in the sky dancing Supergraphic, the universe is set up in the walls of the arch days.It is from this earth head frame to the far other end.Arch high into the clouds, then the star Qi month.It landed on this bridge, will be able to walk into Temple.

Quiet town, a few heavy mottled.Autumn wind blows, several times autumn Mu Hua Yan.Text, wrong wrong yo, peace of mind is very.    Autumn Saola a few tree leaves, rustling sound.Shocked the rise, the sky is still blue delicate, white clouds still soft; people are gentle, leisurely heart, meaning also lightly.    Grind ink intended distant party, he argued that read like a silk thread.Enron, dressed in plain keep fireworks.I was in the most simple rhyme tune spectrum soften the years one of the most song.Accompanied by the breeze, still bustling, jealously guarding a period of years is good.Moon spring tours over several times, the number of clutch and everything tasted it, when is enough.The quiet beauty of life, willowy and more emotions, such as love of old.    Smile, thousands of miles, misty clouds, tempting.Traveled per journey, unconsciously becomes like that long,.Just know, after the fleeting, the final disposition is not changed, how many ways of the world, perhaps slowly change in the cycle of the seasons in many, or the vicissitudes of life, or sad, or graceful.    Former German Xinyu heart, after all, arrived, but the passage of time, after all, is their tired tired aside, the wind division, sparking thousands of emotion.Collection of a strike through, why would tilt in time where?Close their eyes and took a deep, autumn and flies so long, busy has not diminished elegance.    Although no changes undergone earth-shaking, but also inexplicably feel a little changed, helpless.Getting used to, with the most delicate of mind, a beautiful collection of past.    Red slightly, washed away all the time Magnificence.Since breeze, Yang Yi Mei, the heart remains the same, but pedestrians too hastily, this situation there who knows, who knows this meaning?A few pens, but also said endless demands and wistful.    Epiphyllum perishable, difficult to move the rock.The situation honestly, you are all.Tian Ran rest, dream Butterfly, butterfly incense at around.Nightlife net pull situation, did not return from the people; no martyrs, stable years.Flowers, is met is fate; the flowers, I see the petals falling quiet, your a frown all at once, into my heart has been quietly hidden.    Eyebrows heart, gentle as before, Yiyi regret and guarding you give warmth.I’m a tea and a water Seiitsu years, quietly waiting, quietly waiting for you.He forgets his own, hearted smile.Mouth, dream rhyme flow, or you.Fleeting love, fell silent.    Ichikawa hay, a few Cang Shan.Du Yi window, uneasy mood ups and downs.You did not, I dare go, everything changes, why the situation has not changed, it seems like real magic.    Often wonder: If, can also still safely in place from the hustle and bustle, this is exactly what state of mind?Worth of secular interference, desolate life how much things hurt?    A bustling study, an idea has become gray.Jin always bustling everywhere, a pronounced ego, begins to Acacia begins to gray.    Line Ichikawa love affair, a ride through the landscape, temporary streams to quiet right, visit with Susan vegetation.In harmony with the landscape, the world learned how to get along with where self.    Flowery Meijuan, Homecoming, but said only as shown signs of life.Who will remember those flowers in bloom, bud withering rush, missed not owned by people just passing.    Past incense, but this life with you again I miss the emotional hang around.This life, this is the final encounter became dust obscure nostalgic dream, a few San Francisco, San Francisco several times, but has always been reluctant to forget.So, this smoke in the years to come, and who broke our hearts?But never regret this Red in the encounter, knowing each other, even if this life you are in the horizon, my cape in.The distance across impassable, but I still worried about the jump in between the lines, and you, as always, this life, you are always waiting for me the same.    Life, there is always some stories, the graceful Looking back over the years; sea, there is always met, the aesthetic Homecoming.Also take the time, people also finish at people and things in the past days, we will also face these old days as it was the same as to retain the same smile.    I thank fate, creating an encounter which.Since I do not want this bustling world, you are my world.This gave birth to you, the world is no longer her.    Busy watching flowers, heart Lianhua scattered, but unfortunately can fight crossing, leaving a dash of gentle, Qianpan, affectionate pending.

REVIEW burning stove must be attentive, so my mother so many chores, but also packed up the stove every day, winter is not let off the stove, or cooking and heating became a problem.So good burning coal does not burn very important, catch fire does not burn coal is often the.      Three years is not to burn the stove, thirty years ago to the village every house is burning furnace, stove attached to Tukang, either boil water for cooking, heating can also.Attached to the furnace is a large pit furnace, the furnace is used to dig, pulled out of the furnace ash directly into the large pit furnace, ten half months to dig a pit furnace.There next to a pond and wet coal pit furnace.Next to the mouth of the stove furnace, there is little in a covered cylinder (we call altar tank), which was filled with water, because of the small cylinder is immediately mouth of the furnace where hot water inside it, This is equivalent to having local supply of hot water, which first into the cold water, put in some time on the water warming up, wash the dishes are what need it; inside the hot water will almost added into the cold water , so as to ensure there is always a hot water.There is also no water altar jar can, if done inside the water, the tank must be burned altar, because it is next to the furnace.So my mother always told us to pay attention to the altar jar of water that will complement almost any time on, there can not do without water, or to burn the bombing.Furnace pit in the middle of the main house, has a large piece of place, above all covered with wood, the same level with the ground, we call furnace pit board.    Burning stove to the annual general in late October, the weather is cold, the room would light a fire, Tukang also warming, has been burned in the New Year in late March, a whole winter passed; the other time in the yard shed for cooking is firewood, winter firewood every year to play a lot, to consume the late autumn from spring, a year’s time not to burn the stove.    We are the last to burn the stove with coal Mentougou, are called the production team coach to go Lajiao Mentougou, Lajiao money, that is, the cost of pulling coal cars to let the end of the year from work-point deduction in the production team.Mentougou coal several places we often use, what Wang Ping village, what Muchengjian, as well as Yang lump, and then pull the coal are big coal, a ton of coal blocks more than ten dollars, although coal is not expensive, but then it also can not earn much money, so many people still can not afford to burn coal, are the firewood for cooking and heating.The stove in the middle Tukang position, wood-burning stove at one end of the kang, only to a very cold spell of time, that is December to the Spring Festival this period of time to burn stove, better conditions for the people from the ten in late January of next year to late March are burning stove.    Boil coal blocks when the ball is not enough coal, briquettes to burn but shorter burn time, say to buy coal field coal supply and marketing cooperatives also need this coal, briquettes are expensive, farmer households basically do not burn coal briquettes, and burn are generally local and honeycomb briquettes of households.When we burn enough coal to supply and marketing cooperatives will also buy some of the coal field Sueko coal, briquettes or used to spread and wet coal, wet coal is used to bank up a fire by night, until the next morning to open the oven.Bank up a fire at night is filled mainly coal, then sealed wet coal briquettes on top, so as to a boil all night, or midnight fire on the up, and how much coal that was burned Yeah, no calculation is not enough to live.    A child often helped his mother to drop coal, coal smashed into small pieces to large egg like that, it makes it easier to burn; and it was the home of coal Sueko spread into briquettes.Sometimes often to the supply and marketing of coal yard line to buy coal, coal commune on a farm, in the edge of our village, the village eight miles of people have come here to buy coal, as well as local schools and forces, which are mostly residents account, so a lot of people to buy coal, a lot of time and even honeycomb briquettes are very nervous, came in the last half-day team did not buy the coal is more and more.    Burning stove must be attentive, so my mother so many chores, but also packed up the stove every day, winter is not let off the stove, or cooking and heating became a problem.So good burning coal does not burn very important, catch fire does not burn coal is often the.Where coal is good, bad where coal, with the lessons, you know where to buy the coal.Mentougou coal, Yang lump of coal in several places is the worst burning, so after mother Yang rarely buy a lump of coal, burnt a car burned afraid, winter stove is anxious to destroy things, especially the Chinese Lunar New Year of the house must get warm, do not warm New Year, which in too much sad ah!    Ground-burning stove Well, how much room is warm, the outside is frozen snow and cold, the house is like spring, winter Sa month of the year on more than indescribably happy.Tukang burned hot ass, sleep on it like baked pancakes, what leg pain backache doing it will be it.Days of heavy snow closed the door’s hiding in the warm room, sitting on the Tukang melon seeds, that is how great enjoyment ah!Mother sitting on a white picket fence, doing needlework, pear next to the cat playing in the pulled thread, so the scene is really warm na!    2011.2.21 [Editor: Can children]

REVIEW flashing 60 years, the land of China vicissitudes.In 2009, our great motherland will usher in welcome her 60th birthday, we are ahead of blessing for the 60th birthday.We use the most sincere heart to wish the motherland happiness, well-being.  Throughout history, we will never forget avenge humiliation.Those old hatred, blood and tears in our eyes has emerged as a Chinese person we have to bear in mind: Allied Forces burned the Yuanmingyuan, the Nanjing massacre, traitor despicable and shameful cause internal problems outside the storm caught the motherland among much of your dignity provocation, your body ravaged by.As China’s new generation of Chinese young people, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we are duty-bound!    October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao issued the most vigorous heroic message to the world: “The Chinese people have stood up!”Experienced many vicissitudes of war and suffering behind the Chinese people finally stood up again!The people are the masters!Since then, generation after generation of new darlings stand up, Chinese people with their own soul fire warmth of the motherland once icy body, with the blood of youth who lit the dark soul of the motherland, with passionate singing textile motherland of a pink clouds.    Industrious and brave Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the leaders of three generations, united, against all odds, like a beacon illuminating the bright future of the motherland, and has made brilliant achievements.Under the guidance of Mao Zedong carried out socialist transformation successfully completed the transition from New Democracy to socialism, establishing the basic system of socialism and developing socialism economically, politically and culture.Comrade Deng Xiaoping put forward in mid-1978 “reform and opening to change” policy, opened up a new era of socialist development, and gradually formed a line of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, principles and policies, Jiang led the people in their efforts to practice the “three on behalf of “the times, building a moderately prosperous society, towards a better future.Since the founding of New China, the Chinese are the cause of an unprecedented breakthrough and development, technological, economic, political, military, have achieved a new breakthrough and leap.This is the pride of our country.    1997 return of Hong Kong, Macao in 1999, we realized the dream of generations.Hong Kong issue, the successful settlement of the Macao issue, it shows that “one country, two systems” to achieve the guiding ideology of China’s reunification cause and has strong vitality.”One country two systems” policy will be able to advance the cause of peaceful reunification of the motherland, to achieve the overall revitalization of the complete reunification of the motherland and the nation.Hong Kong, Macao witnessed the Chinese people to safeguard national means of land integrity, sovereignty is not violated.When the flag flying in the sky Hong Kong and Macao, Chinese people your pride, your course of history will bear in mind, this moment will go down in history forever in our hearts fluttering agitation.    July 13, 2001, when the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch announced in Moscow: Beijing to become the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese People’s passion for flying, the dream of all the Chinese flowering – the successful Olympic bid.World chose Beijing, China chose this moment China has been affirmed in the world, the good kind of Chinese.It means that China’s successful Olympic bid farewell to the history of failed Olympic bid, also means that China’s efforts for peace and development in a broader space for the world, for humanity and make due contributions.    2008 was an extraordinary year.This year we experienced the Beijing Olympics bright, “Shenzhou VII” Flying stroll in space; this year we face many challenges.A 50-year freeze snow south, the north and south of decorative snow, power facilities were destroyed, many urban and rural areas into darkness, critical moment, tens of thousands of employees united power grid anti-ice protection, blood melted ice , the lighted lighting, lights illuminated dawn dark, bright melt snow and ice, not tired body come slow rate information Jihuan.May 12, sudden 7.8 earthquake, disaster once again to reproduce, Chinese people did not fall, with perseverance and selfless dedication, united, hard times.We finally ushered in the Olympic Games, the enormous pressure, the Chinese people stood firm to win 51 gold medals won the first in the world to make the world with admiration this whole Chinese people’s pride.The magnificent Bird’s Nest, the Olympic Games are our nation demonstrated a strong arts and cultural essence, combined with the technological approach, which is the portrayal of Chinese people since ancient wisdom!Beijing Olympic Games, more than a century is your most confident, most proud of a!It has been said, the 29th Olympic Games is the world’s most successful session, the world because of you proud.    Exposure history, and into which we, our grief.Things time, time flies.The wheel of history continue the line before we finally came in 2009, you have been suffering from bullying by others trampled upon, once riddled with a poverty-stricken, but all were in the past, and now people have masters, to grasp their own destiny , adhere to the scientific concept of development, growing economy, it plays an important role in the world.Motherland, you tens of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters from generation to generation, unyielding stand in defiance, passion and wisdom to defend you five thousand cast condensate dignity.Now you finally to “People’s Republic of China” in the name stands in the east of the world, to become a single show, from mid-1949 to date 60 years.60 years, gave birth to you through great changes, made a great contribution.Your charm to attract the attention of the world.My dear motherland, and I’m proud of you, cheering for you!    Inter flicks command, have become past, we applaud the glorious!However, we should never forget avenge abuse history, we must always keep in mind forever.All the Chinese people gave us their wisdom and love, let us solemn oath under the flag: we will work hard, to the beautiful country we will make every effort for the motherland beautiful eternal life!    Flashing 60 years, the land of China vicissitudes.In 2009, our great motherland will usher in welcome her 60th birthday, we are ahead of blessing for the 60th birthday.We use the most sincere heart to wish the motherland happiness, well-being.    60 years you weather-beaten, scarred, but your passion burning years, happiness and victory eventually belong to you, perhaps you are not strong enough, you are quiet enough, but there are our young generation, we will be blood and wisdom for the increasingly powerful motherland and endeavor, we will not indulge in the past, it will not be fascinated by the fantasy that we love today.Today, we work hard, we firmly believe that the country will be better tomorrow!    Motherland, we are proud of you today, tomorrow you cheer for us![Editor: Can children]

September 12, 1975 in the evening, Jiangsu Province, Lang sent home along the sand on the sea slightly light, with the ups and downs jumping waves, like a burning flame billowing endless until dawn gradually disappear.The next evening, reproduction light, more brightness.On the seventh day, the emergence of a lot of foam on the sea, when passing boats, stirred flow abnormality bright, sparkling water particles as well as.A few hours later, an earthquake occurred here.  This phenomenon is known as the luminous sea sea fire.Seafire often appear in the before and after an earthquake or tsunami.July 28, 1976 also have the glow on the night before, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe sea area of Tangshan earthquake.  March 3, 1933 morning, Japan Sanriku tsunami, people see the more exotic sea fire.When the waves rush, like a hat-like three or four circular wave occurs under illuminant, with horizontal advance, purple color, light can make pieces of drift see wreck.  Seafire is how is it?Generally considered to be the water it will be light and luminous creatures disturbed due.As the lake of fire in Latin America Grand Bahama Island, due to the propagation of a large number of dinoflagellates glow, when night, will swing with the oars, sparking fires million points.Now it is known to many species of luminescent bacteria and radioactive worms, hydras, jellyfish, giardia, and some crustaceans, polychaetes and other small animals.So people speculated that when the turbulent sea by an earthquake or tsunami, it will stimulate these creatures so light and emit abnormal.  Other researchers dispute this: big waves in the night wind, the sea is also subject to intense disturbance, why did not stimulate these luminous creatures, thus producing a sea of fire?They believe that the sea is a fire on the ground floor with a light similar to the light phenomenon.  American scholar of cylindrical rock sample a variety of granite, basalt, coal, marble, etc. rupture test.It was found that when the pressure is high enough, these samples will be explosive fragmentation, and release an electron flow within a few milliseconds, excited gas molecules surrounding the faint light emitted.In the experiments, they also noted that, if the sample is placed in water, the flow of electrons generated during fragmentation can also emit light water.  However, at the time of the tsunami, the earthquake that would not (except of course the earthquake and tsunami) happened a lot of rock burst.Well, the sea of fire and how to produce it?  Some people believe that sea of fire as a complex natural phenomena, are likely to have a variety of genetic mechanism, bioluminescence and rock burst light emitting just one of two possible mechanisms sea of fire produced by different mechanisms, with what different features , currently is puzzle.

Working day is hard, and it is boring, especially retired and sit.In order to pass the boring time deserted, detailed wage earners Zhang bought a radio, listen to radio music or something.    One day, Zhang from the radio to hear the details of such a partner notices, Maanshan has a girl called white gold, and his childhood love of literature, like writing prose poetry, cross-world literary friends.Zhang exhaustive tube to know nothing about literature, but then the girl throw the red line, is particularly interested in, then quickly jotted down the girl’s Address.    To friends, is much more contact with the girl.The girl did not leave a contact phone and mobile phone number, to contact the girl, only by writing letters.Write such a letter no laughing matter.Not a little literary talent, do not do dry dry.I have to write eloquent wonderful flower pen, and because romantic, all of a sudden can touch the hearts of girl.However, with this point of his stomach ink children, let alone writing a love letter to the girl, is to give parents a letter is Hanghang Chi Chi, a half-day to hold no more SOYBEAN.How to give a girl throw this red line?Hey, have!Liu Shuwang kid knowledge large, multi stomach ink, word write beautiful, asked him to write, turn a small word, pretty small print of a bright three five rounds Zhunneng Liaodao girl.Yes, I’ll do!    Originally, Zhang and Liu Shuwang detail is a childhood friend who grew up.Persevering is Zhang Long childhood fun, do not like reading, junior high school drop out at the field.Liu Shuwang touches reading the material, but why his mother had cancer, the family spent all their savings, but also owed a few million in debt and had to drop out of school stroked the bar on the hoe.Seeing the earth plane food is not to make money, the two will work together to Cangzhou.    Besides Zhang Long, mind made up, and got friends Liushu Wang, drink two bottles of beer, really Liushu Wang also agreed to give him to write this love letter.However, he could not swallow saliva dog gnawing on a bone dry, the brains in vain, the two speak well, write three letters each, Zhang Liu Shuwang details please eat two trotters children, plus two bottles of beer.    Said write write.Immediately, Liu Shuwang will mobilize all the flash cells in the brain, smooth writing, flower rhetoric, on life, ideals, literature, wrote as many as five manuscript.Letter sent out, you have not seen for a week, the girl wrote back.Wow!That letter was written, and is quite level ah!Quips, maneuvers, reasonable manner, without losing the women’s gentle and witty.Read such a letter, not to mention the ghostwriter of Liushu Wang, and even the beneficiary of Zhang Long, there is always toot sweet water flooded out!    It’s that, were written by the Liushu Wang, thousands of miles away and the girl child connected to the fire, even on the line!    Liushuwangzao O’clock on since high school in a writing of Gao Shou.After dropping out of newspapers and magazines are always unique situation bell, as long as a free, sit down and read a few articles, write a few notes at things like the passage of time, knowledge of literature, has been further consolidate, this time just come in large handy!Girl literary skills are quite thick, and be good at thinking, unique insights, indeed, one aspiring young.So, a love letters, across thousands of miles, travel between the south and Hebei, a bridge of friendship, so stand up.Naturally, Liu Shuwang trotters children eat a lot, drink a lot of beer.Nevertheless, Zhang Long was happy face, happy in my heart.    With the increase in communications, heating, Zhang Long friendship with the girl’s white gold, gradually has been sublimated, unknowingly seed of love in the hearts of the young pair of germination.On this day, the girl a letter, a letter written shy, speech Hebei mountain water good good good, so big she has not been out of it Ma’anshan!Girl’s intention is clear enough, as an excuse, but in reality want to meet her lover!Zhang detailed the moment I do not know is happy surprise, and sometimes not much mind.Liu Shuwang give him ideas that this step is to go sooner or later, as clean water sprinkling Street, loess paving, meet distant girl!    Thus, a passionate love, flew to the southern sections.Sure enough, the girl Ruqierzhi.But see the white pieces girl delicate features, dressed in a white dress, destroyed a beautiful crescent purse, slim, it appears to be very noble beauty.Zhang Ying door girl was detailed, the two began a long-awaited but shy to talk.

1 leaves, and many years ago, covered with branches, again and again in this cycle of season.  exuberant.Eye-catching.Overwhelming green flames.  Prisoner of us who live, has long been imprisoned.  So our skin, lost the most original flame.  2 pick a leaf.  And then pick a leaf.  Woven into a green circle.  Worn on the head, I became the reigns of King.  Your noble blood, in my eyes, quietly drip.  3 side of the mountain, or mountain.  Mountains vigorous gesture, the spread of green cover up.  Misty mist, where is my old house?  I only know that you are the only poem.  4 Fan Chun-sheng summer, autumn and winter yellow fall.  Experienced a winter of waiting, you are a bloom of life.Thy lush green eternal flame, lit the boys and girls how much passion.A quietly from insects, searching for their destination.  Your soft, broad-minded, there is be tolerant to diversity tolerance.  Receiving a bird of happiness insects, also accommodated all of my thoughts.  5 wind suddenly began to surface in your body, float to the surface layers of ripples.  All sounds are stalled.  Green leaves, is the only color this summer.  Those start to shop, like a burning flame green sea.  6 Busy.vulgar.Seoul Yu.Just teasing.  This is not a poetic era.  Even the green of life, and have lost some vigor this.  Just Erotic full spectrum of flirtatious gesture, to hide his pallor.  .I wrote you on paper, mind you want.  Imagine the afterlife, turned into a free Insects.  Wang Yang nestling in your arms.

He lit a stick of incense hands together in front of the Buddha pious, zealous comfortable open.  I went back to Lotus Taiwan, Buddhist sitting..Eyes closed, your breath, thoughts, a worldly passing by, and disturbing signs such as Kiyoshi ablation, residual cold at the heart of a stranger!  Smoke and dust of the past, shrouded in incense flashing, the convergence of the coveted Red purple street, such as the lotus of the heart with the beat of Fine, echoed each other.Since then, the bell Drum idea, leisurely ran aground mundane fireworks.Buddha, infinite Wisdom heart at ease, natural body language silent movement.  Buddha said, breaking all the obsession, as Ching supreme being of pure mind, able to fruition!  I do not know, Xi mouth covered with dust filtration familiar move the soul “Compassion”, a tear, a silent glide.Burning with pain to the extreme heart, his thoughts about the sad memory of Man, had grievances and misunderstanding in burning incense in silence sparse.Without any excuse to say goodbye, clear sky also is free and easy.Face down posture, also with the edge of cause and effect.  Clean smelling sandalwood dense, very tactful, sober, Enron.The ultimate beauty of style, turned out to be bright and clean of heart, indifferent.What is the purely aesthetic feelings, chaos had developed results.  Flowers and silence fell again feelings of regret, only vague silence.  Qingyu were the prelude to abandon eyes in the Jueao, grievances, but also do not want to damp the spirits!  Burning a stick of incense, clear understanding of the signs of pain, turned into ashes falling flowers.

— Han Guomin impression literary friends remember the Spring Festival, a national and a collection of poems “inner flame” published.Carefully read his poetry was boiling hot, eyes could not help Tiaodang a clump of burning flames, flames that Huhu long, dancing in the wind, like a bunch of ice through the aurora, suddenly the sky bright open, then drift into a brilliant fireworks.    This should be left to me to be a national poetry in the text of a deep impression.The eyes of the citizens, in calm fills passion, solemn in the sediment of thinking, always a thin gas of gas appearance, but full of vitality and passion continue to dream.He scattered with the nature of life, like a field full of natural flavor, drift with the fragrance of crops and weeds.    Know the name of national, it was in the year 2000.I was in a village middle school, often read his articles in the press, very admire his talent and hard work, knowing that the same teacher he taught in Masan, but it has never met.    In spring 2000, I transferred in Cape Department of Education to help UNESCO.One morning near the work, the office walked a thin body, thin face young man.He said the school let him pay part material.I saw that Masan II materials, and asked if he knew Han Guomin.He said, I am.My eyes suddenly light up, suddenly encountered a mind like old friends, suddenly welled up in his excitement and joy.I gave him a dig smoke, gave him tea, then a small crack with, we started talking to the smoke-filled.After that I became the national good friends, our friendship, like the more deeply buried in the cellar of the old days Mi Hong.    National fond of literature, as a season of love with boys favorite girl.His dream literature, is lit up in the early nineties during normal school.Then Nanyang Second Division active in a group of boys and girls love of literature, which is a national.That is the poetic Zither Love, nationals of an article published in the blackboard campus, or hand carved mimeographed tabloid transfer classmates.Later nationals as a magazine editor, writing more strenuously invested in more than editing the manuscripts, published debut in 1991, the eve of normal school he has been “Nanyang Daily”, “Solar Rain Poetry Daily”, “Monica”, “China Youth Daily “,” university student poet, “Henan radio and other newspapers published articles more than 20 articles, has become sought after by students on campus poet.After normal school, he was assigned to the National Qiliping rural primary schools Huangshahe.It was a remote mountain village primary school, transport facilities, lack of information.After school, the teachers and the students had gone home, leaving a national of an empty school, alone and lonely, like insects Kenshi his heart.Schools do not read books and newspapers, the only cultural life, is listen to the radio broadcast is not timely, read it occasionally sent his published works have sample issues.At night, the National lit kerosene lamps, lamp in yellow halo of creation, his own loneliness, ideals, love and teaching of complex written that poem Changchangduanduan.Morning, the National woke up early, sitting on a pitch-black stones outside the campus, waiting for the broadcast relay.Winter wind Leng, nor his desire frozen.He understood from the broadcast with the wonderful world outside, savoring those believers literary masterpiece, when they heard his poetry broadcast on radio or radio, he often excited jumping on the rocks, which they will sounded tears.    Hard life, to be the strong stronger, the weak to be more cowardly.In that difficult time, the national poetry in the Kingdom’s worked hard, his pen stopped working, gradually becoming a remarkable rookie who.At that time, held a literary Nanyang PEN, the late famous writer Zhou Yi and the other teachers to participate in a timely manner to inform him, often encouraged him to write, now also national treasures and treat them like saving the teacher’s letter.Later nationals out of the mountains, went to several schools to teach to the county Board of education secretary, to Man United job.Recalls these events, citizens always irrepressible tears poured out, he compared himself to a country road covered with weeds, from the mountains into the shallow hill, into the plains from shallow mountain, from the plains into the city.The move is the location, change of work, the same is he tempting lingering in poetry.    Birds of a feather flock together.I nationals are like-minded lovers of literature, language and share a common pursuit.After self-awareness, together we always look forward to becoming, talk about literature become a topic of most interest to us.We often meet together, or in the shabby homes, recalling past writing experience, exchange reading experience, experience of creation; or go wild for a walk, watch the seasons, to know folk customs; or to tourist attractions, enjoy Qingshanxiushui, pick odd flowers and grass.One morning in the spring and early summer of that year, I and several other friends as well as national, went to Mashan Yun Lu Mountain.We walked along the dirt road, marching leaves, climbing climbing, sightseeing talk about the text, spread all the way to laughter, kindness overflowing mountain.The next day after home, I wrote “Overnight Lu Yun Villa”, included in the 2002 “Chrysanthemum village Chant,” a book.Since then, my prose “light yellow and leaves” by the National modify the recommendation, but also “Gonggeng” magazine published.    For several years, I encouraged each other with national, literature farther and farther on the road, and walked into a piece of a new world.National more out of a string of achievements in the “Green Wind”, “Muse”, “Shi Lin”, “Poets,” “Star Poetry”, “youth poetry”, “Northern Literature”, “Tokyo Literature” Philippines “Daily”, Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” and other overseas more than 60 newspapers published poetry, essays, literary criticism nearly 300, published “the other side of the dream,” “inner flame” two collection, also with the county tourism development, as “picturesque Baotianman” and “into Baotianman canyoning” two album with poetry writing and become Chinese Poetry Society, Henan Province writers Association, and was awarded in 2001 magazine “youth poetry” named “new century poet Laureate” award, in Nanyang, Henan poetry and even has its own place.    In recent years, swept the literary impetuous and “illusion” Let the bones beloved national hardship uneasy literary outsider puzzled and frustrated teasing him – is to adhere to or abandon, after experiencing a painful struggle he decided choose love.National says in his book, “God is not painful, because we can only see his back; praying under the Cross, sufficient to show that life is painful journey.Closed world, independent of the mind, we live far from the surface of scenery.’Disarmament, demobilization and throw helmets’ in the comfort of total human candlelight also true original.Those pain and love, pain and joy to those, those fluctuations of the mind, those expressing Xu Xu, perhaps the real life.”Whether this can be seen as a large deep understanding of national life, the world around, and as seen through life, he became more calm and relaxed – and stick to their inner quest, In the tumult of life stage live out the true.    Flame of national poetry, is not always extinguished.In his chat, I saw him uneasy expression, heard the helpless sigh.Often talk about poetry, he always said: “Having a poetic heart, will gain a true multi, one good, one US, at least do not want to make money and become the soul of evil minions, running in the interests of and Happy Valley floor trading.”Thought nationals, pulling his behavior, but also inspired me to fight.We encourage each other in and out of the fetters of worldly troubles, as always, the pursuit of sacred literature as a spare.    After a period of contemplation and pains after mid-2006, the creation of a national heart flame and strong together, works in a number of newspapers published one after another.February this year, the Writers Publishing House launched a new “heart of flame” This collection.Collection consists of three parts “echo earth”, “soul candles”, “Poetic Landscape” component.”Earth Echo,” a collection of major national poetry in recent years, was invited to recite some of the party’s creation, poetry healthiness, close to reality, describes the fiery reality, expressed his concern and Acura era.”Soul candles”, recorded the rhythm and soul of the national mentality, and describe their pain in the hearts and love, pain and joy, reflecting the real life.”Poetic Landscape” is a painting with poetry, by Baotianman mountain, stone, trees, water, flowers, grass and other things highly condensed depiction, showing another poetic and beautiful life.    And “the other side have a dream” compared to the “heart of flame,” the prominent feature is a breakthrough open up the subject of poetry from his usual “classical romantic” style shift to focus on real life, the poetic text style has undergone a qualitative Variety.This brings me joy to see the creation of a national information brings, he has begun to gradually awakening as a mature poet, out of the circle express minor personal or small, with a thick, practical-minded look at the big stage of life, take on a poet should have consciousness and responsibility, gradually revealing the atmosphere, vigorous tolerance.At the same time, he always inherited his ethereal poetry, dancing artistic beauty, rich imagination to melt into the image, creating an extraordinary beauty of reading.Nature ordinary stone, trees, flowers, grass, his eyes are with Emmanuel’s life, he opened the doors of imagination, with a clean and bright ribbons as soft language, so those things came in a little guilty, become subtle ethereal poetry song after another, otherworldly feel to savor the poetic and beautiful, by washing the minds and hearts of.    I like the “inner flame” the name, this is the heart of the national mentality portrayal, but also his inner flame of poetry leaked.”Earth echo” of emotional expression was more straightforward, like a string of red, bloom Zhangzhang Yang Yang.”Soul candles” and “Poetic Landscape” in the emotional expression more tactful, like pomegranate, shame shy astringent bloom, but they are vigorous march like that, so that readers both in cold and windy winter, or the scorching sun of summer They are as roasted at the fire of passion, the whole body warm.    The “warm” if the answer can be found from the national “Xinyu”, the national title page anthology say – “Just open your eyes, the earth is always full of life; as long as love life, there is always a heart song.Blossom in the world, the era of vigorous, colorful life, always make me not suppress his urge to.May have hoarse voice, but alive, we must sing, to the gratitude for the love, to the praise and bear in mind, as with all good good intentions, but also for the life is so ephemeral.”As a friend, I sincerely offer blessings nationals, nationals willing hearts forever gushing flame of fire, he is willing to brave the climb towards the temple of poetry, it belongs to the fragrance of flowers planted his dedication Dream.