Spring temperatures rose rapidly, all kinds of bacteria, viruses began was the explosive growth, the baby gastrointestinal function is not yet complete, the care of a little attention, it is easy to cause diarrhea。
Spring baby diarrhea precautionary reasons, we must first understand what the baby in the spring of diarrhea。Spring baby diarrhea precautions 1, the head diet everyday life, diet therapy is the most simple method of conditioning。Mom usually can eat some baby food to the stomach, such as mountain ones, almond soup, sesame paste, etc., and avoid eating spicy, cold, greasy food。2, sports keep getting warmer spring temperatures, the mother can bring a baby to outdoor activities, such as doing running, skipping, aerobics, ball games and other outdoor and baby together, to help the baby limbs, improve the body immunity, to stay away from spring diarrhea。
3, pay attention to hygiene usually let your baby develop good habits of washing hands, fingers and other unhealthy eating behavior should be properly stopped before eating bacteria, germs, etc.。Meanwhile, my mother also used to baby utensils disinfection, the food must be clean and sanitary。4, leading to the baby vaccination due to the common cause of diarrhea rotavirus and other pathogens, suggested that the mother rotavirus vaccine for vaccination before 3 years old baby。The best time to be vaccinated every year from July to October, winter and spring to avoid the high incidence of diarrhea。Of course, the baby after 3 years there is no need of the vaccine, TA who have basic rotavirus antibody。
5, Chiropractic "Chiropractic" can stimulate the baby through the air, strong taste function, promote digestion and absorption, enhance immunity。
The correct way is the mother handed the baby to pinch the skin at the back of the caudal, lift, pinch to move up the spine along the neck, pinching even 6 times。Best every day。These are preventive measures for diarrhea in infants and young children, mothers and quickly get up GET。
related suggestion。

Folk widespread this winter tonic, next year the Tiger, 39 make up a winter and next year no pain, so winter tonic is very important for women, especially if there is pain, it is in a good tonic for the symptoms of some。
Stew not only to maintain the original flavor of food, but also the most nutrition melt in the soup inside, will not be lost。
Eucommia stewed chicken is characterized not dry up for the old and infirm, weak blood, backache, cold extremities and weakness and other postpartum women。 Angelica dates Laoya Material: duck 350 g, Angelica 10 grams, 50 grams of jujube, 10 g ginger, 1500 g of water。
Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 3 g chicken, 1 g of sugar, 1 g of pepper。
Tangtangshuishui more nutritious food machine to seize up blood practices: 1.The duck boil water cut into pieces, angelica, dates washed, ginger slices stand。 2.Net pot lit, add water, ginger, duck, angelica, red dates, the fire to boil, turn Syria stew 50 minutes seasoning Serve。 Warm Tips: Angelica has the effect of blood, nourishing, opposite the yellow blood deficiency, pale lips, menstrual disorders, palpitations, dizziness have some therapeutic effect。
Duck basic nutrition elements are metabolizable energy, crude protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and other trace elements, and multidimensional。

6.Do not eat are likely to cause gallstones。 The survey found that 97% of patients with cholelithiasis often do not eat or rarely eat breakfast。
7.Do not eat breakfast will accelerate aging。 If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, then the body can not get energy stored in the body can only use glycogen and protein in the long run will lead to dry skin, wrinkling, and anemia, accelerated aging schedule。
8.Skipping breakfast reduces the body's resistance。 Cardiff University, UK in a survey of 100 students found that 10-week, get upper respiratory infections in humans, 80% of those who do not eat breakfast。
9.Do not eat breakfast so that human workplace "chronic overdraft"。
Long-term do not eat breakfast, can lead to autonomic dysfunction ,, thereby causing chronic organ dysfunction。
Men do not eat breakfast hazards 10.Do not eat breakfast affect the brain "switch"。
The energy required for brain activity accounts for 20% of total energy in the body, breakfast is critical to maintain brain vitality。 Men ate breakfast piece buy organic corn flakes, apple juice is usually added to make it sweetened, and with a non-polluting organic soy milk, or goat's milk。

People of a foot, as if the tree has roots; tree dry root first dried up, old people feet first decline。
Since ancient times, many doctors and saints have described the use of holographic medical treatment from the soles of the feet of the Chinese and foreign history。Medical St Bian Que Spring and Autumn Period, proficient foot therapy, stimulate the foot to save the dying days of Guo State Prince; Han Shen Yi Hua compiled the "Hua Tuo Tips Zuxin Road" from plantar treatment of systemic disease , in minutes and seconds to the rescue, medical treatment between coaching。
In ancient India Sakyamuni passed away before leaving the code of life treatment of plantar map, posterity。Positioning human organs in the sole of the foot, which is the organ in the foot reflex zones。
Physiological changes and pathological changes of the positive reaction occurs in the reflection area, specific treatment is to heal the point of the disease, also known as plantar life password。First, a disease, a trick, too good! 1, hypertension trick down position: bottom right thumb bone the bone joints performer method: using a tool or finger joints to rotate counterclockwise as pain intensity of 2 stimulation, hypotension trick boost position: front feet intermediate sole chevron surgical operation method: a tool joint or finger pressure above the point 3 forward, headache headache trick position: inner feet foot heel slopes surgical operation method: forward and upward with the index finger or tool joint 4 point pressure, dizziness, vertigo trick position: the back of the feet, muscular depression treatments method 1 cm of four or five toes instep fingers: index finger or tool joint with vertical tap 5, palpitation palpitation trick position: bis intermediate sole forefoot chevron surgical operation method: a tool or finger pressure point 6 above the articulation forward trick constipation constipation position: both feet above the ankle muscles after depression, the ankle up four horizontal central finger width performer method: by scraping tool or finger, pushed up at three minutes to start again from 7 to push down two minutes, back pain trick position back pain: pain spot treatments edge method in the talus and the navicular feet ankle To have a tool or finger joint pain pressing point 8, knee pain spur trick knee pain position: feet below the arcuate outer ankle muscles art methods in band: the index finger or tool joint 9 on the point stimulation as pain, pain tonsillitis tonsillitis trick position: dorsal feet thumb root treatments method: index finger or tool joints 10 massage pain, sciatica sciatic pain trick position: inner side with feet pain point intermediate performer method: tool blade or finger joints pain Pusher Editor's Choice:。

  On a certain age of the woman, no stranger to Wujibaifeng。
It is a woman used to conditioning, the pill, generation after generation of Chinese medicine and the woman says。
Upset stomach, eat a few pills Bak Foong Pill; leucorrhea more, irregular menstruation, and also eat it for a two boxes; and even now there is the beauty of Chinese medicine said the woman warned, Nobody is allowed to spend money on beauty products, every day take two pills Wujibaifeng, inexpensive, more than anything else obvious effect。
As for the service tube no matter what, it does not matter, after all, is a traditional Chinese medicine Well, so what side effects?Eat better than not eat well。
  However, the reaction of people around, Bak Foong Pill is not the panacea。
For example, for irregular menstruation such symptoms, some women eat really solve the problem; while some women ate, the more stressed the more chaos。
So, what is a medicine Wujibaifeng?How broad its scope?With these questions, we went into the Shanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, please 66-year-old Yu-Fen Zhang, director of the authority of a physician to talk about one of Gynecologic Wujibaifeng。  Dr. Chang said: Bak Foong Pills is the ancient books, "Jiyin outline" of plus or minus side Wuji pill size, estimated to have a hundred years of history。
Wuji is very rare in the past, it is only for the court, and now black-Montreal run, it widely used among the people。
Because it is prescription, regardless of which manufacturers, the dose is fixed。It consists of black chicken, ginseng, astragalus, red sage root, Chinese angelica, peony root, habitat, Rehmannia, licorice, Cyperus, antler, Lugushuang, silver Bupleurum, oysters, do A, Sang cuttlebone, Gorgon, yam, asparagine and the like made of 20 herbs。Wherein, astragalus, ginseng for qi; antler, Lugushuang for liver and kidney; Sang cuttlebone to receive kidney yang; angelica root, peony root, habitat, commonly known Siwutang for nourishing; Salvia , oysters, not for a blood circulation, relieves congestion, Yin and nerves; silver Bupleurum, do not have Qingxudong a heat only; Yin is asparagine; yam, Gorgon with spleen, dehumidification, and Gushen stopband effect; perfumery Annex drug is qi。

  State Drug Administration food Reminder: food, health food advertising and promotion, who alleges disease prevention, treatment function, should be not to buy。
Health food advertising does not state that "This product can not replace drugs", should be not to buy。In case of problems, you can call 12331 to report complaints。
  How to face generally on the market can be divided into general health food, health drugs, health care cosmetics, health supplies, etc.。
   Health food nature food, such as tea, wine, bee products, drinks, soups, juice, herbs, etc., with color, smell, shape, quality requirements, generally no requirement on the dose; health drugs have nutritional, food sex natural medicines nature, should be used with treatment, there dosage requirements of the current key word with the drug batches; cosmetic care cosmetic nature, not only a small local modification, and there transdermal absorption, the effect of external effect, such as health care perfume , cream, mouthwash; nature has health supplies of daily necessities, such as exercise, massage, magnetic water, health sachets, clothes, shoes, blankets, and other pad。As we continue to enhance health awareness, health food market has unprecedented hot up。
Hot market, the quality of various products is uneven。
Next, teach you how to choose the right health food formal。
  Precautions include the following six aspects: 1.Propaganda, prohibited the use of medical terminology, or easy to be confused with the term drugs, prohibit publicity efficacy。
  2.The role of propaganda is prohibited improve and enhance sexual function。
  3.Shall be accompanied by a clear sky-blue uniform on health food advertising signs, which signs of health food in newspaper print ads, which shall not be less than 1 cm in diameter。
  4.Health administrative departments above the county level after sampling unqualified health food, will suspend its advertising in the area, after the original sampling departments or higher authorities once again checks pass, may continue to publish。  Fives.Print ads must be based on the business sector approval of content publishing, you are not allowed to modify, add advertising content must indicate the approval number of prints。
  6.It must be marked to identify health food and health food approval number [Wei Jian fresh word (years) No. XXX] or [country food key word G (year) XXXXX] on health food products。

  More and more younger, protect our blood vessels is particularly important。
Many diseases but also because more and more narrow and blood vessels induced, therefore, we should always clear our blood vessels, blood vessels clean up garbage。  Blocking vascular disease born of our blood flow throughout the body, it is transported by blood vessels, in particular arteries。
The inner wall of the artery of soft, flexible, so that the blood flows smoothly。  Once blocked blood vessels, the most common is atherosclerosis (arterial wall thickening, hardening, loss of elasticity), hardening of the arteries, blood flow slows down after stenosis, heart, brain, kidneys and limbs inevitably be affected。  Protect blood vessels, improve diet through a blood vessel with five strokes 1 First, eat less oil, such as fatty meat, grilled fried foods, pork, beef and mutton, etc., cooking oil should also pay attention, try to eat vegetable oil。  Secondly, less salt, and on the basis of more potassium can eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as garlic, hawthorn, persimmon, watermelon, jujube, bean sprouts, melon, etc.。  In addition, eat starchy foods, eat less sugar, fructose and sugary foods, reduce calorie intake。Principles do not drink tea, quit alcohol limit, remember that "small meals" of。  Finally, eat vinegar, appetizer Lee vessels。Modern medicine, vinegar can help digestion, enhance liver function, promote metabolism; also can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of。  2 positive, adequate exercise adhere to moderate exercise, not only can increase fat consumption, to reduce the deposition of cholesterol, reduce blood fat, accelerate blood circulation and prevent blood stasis, very good for the health of blood vessels。Jogging, walking, calisthenics, tai chi and other aerobic exercise is a good choice。  3 away from alcohol and tobacco An international study shows that smoking on young myocardial infarction "contribution rate" is the first, long-term smoking can damage the vascular endothelium, leading to the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis。
  Excessive drinking is to promote sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, can cause an increase in myocardial oxygen consumption, coronary vasospasm, myocardial infarction resulting。
  Similarly, passive smoking will hurt the blood vessels, even greater damage。
  4 enough sleep can make blood vessels relax during sleep, the body detox and night time, and only enough sleep can better clear the body of toxins garbage out, protect blood vessels being blocked calm toxins。
  Over five Drinking water can reduce blood viscosity, speed up the body's metabolism, clean toxins out of blood vessels inside the garbage, make blood vessels more healthy, and more so every day to drink water, especially office workers。

  One of the most common chronic diseases, there are getting younger and younger。You may not know that some of your usual habit of action, it could be reason to accelerate joint degeneration。
, Look at the computer, sitting cross-legged, climbing, jumping rope。.Today World Arthritis Day, most of these actions hurt the joints, joint protection, usually pay more attention!    Large and small joints of the body, most commonly to the knee, but also the most vulnerable, on the stairs, the knee joint to bear the weight of times, bear weight at times down。
As slowly as possible, and when the speed on the downhill, try 45-90 degrees sideways; downhill, to make use of the armrest; crutch can be more elderly, to reduce the weight of the body of the pressure。  Maintenance of the current bone of a patient widespread confusion, namely: osteoarthritis or not activities general principle is: Whether the prevention, treatment of osteoarthritis, should exercise, exercise can make the thick bones, strong muscles, enhance nutrition intra-articular cartilage , improve, slow down aging of cartilage, which is the way to prevent osteoarthritis fundamentally。
  But the key is that there should be a right approach and activity。
  To make full preparations when attention to preparations for physical exercise, gently stretch the knee at least 1 minute。  Note that often changing position and posture change position and posture, avoid prolonged standing or sedentary。When you do sitting or squatting work, should stand up and move around from time to time, but also multiple massage the knee, the knee will not for a long time fixed in the same position。
This will not only help promote blood circulation knee, and can reduce the adhesion joints inside and outside the organization。
  Strengthening the lower extremity exercise training methods introduced here two。  Method a supine position, put a pillow height of about 10 cm behind the knee, the lower leg on alternate jumping knee fully extended, and then down, every time 20?30, can be arranged before going to bed at night and wake up in the morning, doing so allows the knee fully extended, rotate, prevent stiffness rigidity of its。
  Method Two straight leg raising functional exercise。Supine position, legs fully extended elevation, lifted off the bed about 30 degrees。
Adhere to 5?10 seconds, lay down, relax 2?3 seconds。
Each exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day。
Action essentials is the whole process to be completely straight, can not bend, our aim is to exercise the muscles around the knee muscles strong is the best support on the knee。
  In general, the function of the knee is not good people should avoid three kinds of exercise: joint weight-bearing exercise, such as running, climbing; frequent need to twist the knee joint exercises, such as dancing and so on; repeated squatting exercise。
  While swimming, cycling and stretching the lower load-bearing joints and other activities are ideal。

  Healthy sleep an average of seven hours per night。
Scientists also confirmed that a small number of people during sleep, reducing the causes of weight loss, not fat, to lose by muscles, bones, organs composed of "net weight", is harmful to health。PS: After less yo!  Harm 1.The skin condition is getting worse Said a woman to rely on sleep to keep a lot if they lose enough sleep, this skin condition also will be poor。The best time to skin care is 22:00 to 14:00, if this time is not sleeping well, then the body's endocrine and nervous system will suffer damage, skin will become worse and worse, harm a woman's first injury skin is。
  2.Deterioration of eyesight Many people know the long-term there will be "panda eyes", but this is not as simple as dark circles, eye fatigue in the state just appeared, the eyes are not fully rest, vision becomes weak, appear dry, etc. situation, but also easy to appear dry eye, etc.。  Too tired eyes is likely to cause retinitis, blurred vision and other problems in order to solve these problems。
So we are bound to reduce the chance of。
  3.After low immunity, a lot of people feel lack of energy, it is prone to fatigue busy this case because the body organs do not get proper rest, so long, the body's immune system to fall dramatically。
If immunocompromised people itself, this time many diseases will swoop。
  4.Sympathetic rest time memory is more and more police at night, in the excited state during the day, if under the circumstances, sympathetic nerve is in a state of excitement。
So during the day, it is difficult sympathetic in the excited state, which will be memory loss, poor attention, headaches, etc.。  Fives.Easily lose a lot of girls should find such a problem, wait until after night, his face from time to time to take some of the acne。The reason for this is because people in long-term physical work load in this case functional disorders are prone to, which is lit symptoms。
  So be sure to pay more attention to add water, avoid eating when not coffee instead of water, this will only deepen the situation you get angry。  Women have a lot of harm, and the most common reason is that five or more of these types, the more we need to keep in mind, be careful not to commit these mistakes oh!  It is a modern life often hear or do a phenomenon, the human body is a danger to bad habits。
But the pressure of the times, and sometimes have to stay up all night, people can not eat, and ultimately occasionally stay up late, "Night Cat" family。How do skin care stay up all night?。

Vitamin d is a fat-soluble vitamin, also seen as an effect on calcium and phosphate metabolism before Hormone, which is closely related to the sun, so called sunshine vitamin。D is a family of Vitamin A, the same as B, C, d ring structure, but the structure of the side chain of a different generic term for a class of composites, A, B, C, d steroid ring cyclopentadienyl derived from ethylenically hydrogen phenanthrene ring structure, present vitamin d known there are at least 10 species, but the most important is vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)。
Vitamin D2 is ergosterol ultraviolet irradiation plants produced less presence in nature。
Vitamin D3 by the most senior animal epidermis and dermis contained 7-dehydrocholesterol by ultraviolet light (wavelength 265?228 nm) irradiation transition from。Vitamin D3 is the highest metabolic rate of a biological active form of vitamin d。Later mentioned mainly refers to vitamin d vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is mainly synthesized by the body itself, contain a human skin cholesterol, after sunlight, vitamin D3 becomes。So, if the child can fully accept the skin more than 4-6 hours of direct sunlight, then own synthesis of vitamin D3, it can basically meet。But skin cancer caused by ultraviolet radiation rise, under the impact of air pollution, local weather changes, people receiving countries sunshine time are on the decline, and many countries clearly defined to limit the acceptance of sunshine time, so worldwide vitamin d deficiency showed a wide range of phenomena。
In addition, vitamin D3 can also come from animal foods such as liver, especially refined seafood from the fish liver of cod liver oil。
In addition to the presence of vitamin D3 in addition to a small number of animal food, mainly form after ultraviolet irradiation of 7 – dehydrocholesterol through the skin, and the 7-dehydrocholesterol cholesterol level is generated by the transformation of cholesterol, so some people call it the sun vitamin。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。