B6 can cure what disease?Vitamin B6 is one of the vitamins, vitamin B6 that you know what the disease can cure it?Following small to talk about with you what vitamin B6 can cure what disease it。
Vitamin B6 can cure what disease remission vomiting。
Nausea such as anticancer drugs and radiation therapy induced vomiting or vomiting of pregnancy。
Prevention and treatment of a variety of neurological disorders。 Relieve nighttime muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness and other symptoms of peripheral neuritis; peripheral neuritis because of massive prevention or long-term use of isoniazid, hydralazine and other causes of anxiety ,,; reduce the treatment of infantile convulsions or to take to prevention of infantile convulsions。 Treatment of skin diseases。
The topical application may be the treatment of rosacea and seborrheic etc.。 Reduced by taking tricyclic antidepressants to cause dry mouth and difficulty urinating。 Vitamin B6 which disease vitamin B6 physiological function of vitamin B6 can cure some of coenzyme as a component of the human body, can participate in a variety of metabolic reactions, and in particular metabolism are closely related, in the metabolism of amino acids, essential amino acids can help tryptophan is converted to niacin。
In addition to participating in protein metabolism, vitamin B6 is also involved in the metabolism of fat, protein and fat helps digestion, absorption, can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood。 In addition, it is related to the synthesis of DNA, prevents aging of tissues and organs, affecting the body's immune function。

Old music [Wagner] shown in Figure 1, the Shanghai Composite Index rebounded weak, what chance did not give a blue-chip today, the banking sector continues to receive the green, but downside momentum began to decay。
Today, the Shanghai index is not innovation lows, rebounded candle bit before half-point cut entity Yinxian, the general strength。
Let's look at the GEM index 2, GEM received an average of five days to ride the line Yang, a contrast with the Shanghai index will be more clear, the Shanghai index hit the highest point of no five days moving average。
And there is also formed a GEM a?Line combination, a female two male clip。
And the last four trading days there is no obvious overall center of gravity down。
Of course, even if there is an important low, there will be an iterative process of compaction。
Even not completely rule here is still down relay。 Step by step, not a conclusion, to form the habit of thinking of confirmation, but should not always give a definition market。
[Old] Yue said shares shown in Figure 1, from feeling the disk subtle changes were observed tracking changes in the disk, the disk draw some basic inferences based on the fact that, at the same time, this line of reasoning but also on their own from time to time to maintain vigilance in order to timely correction。
The purpose of this is out of the self-centered way of thinking, there is no absolute, only to deal with。
In this time of the fall, I carefully from subtle changes in the small board felt the opportunity and possibility, step by step, careful to verify this change in the disk。
So I would not go to the blue-chip hold together for warmth, but also proactively find the super rebound opportunities of small and medium-invasive。 In this wave down, adhere to strong stock selection [five], timely transfer positions convertible, timely response to changes in the disk, and finally resolve this wave more violent fall。 2, today's intraday rebound from the point of view, mainly small and medium-creating opportunity for the representatives of the oversold bounce。 Blue Chip at least so far have not given decent rebound opportunities。 3, today gives wisdom agriculture 6th consecutive daily limit。
This is a benchmark oversold, but also a touchstone self-examination of the suspension, the company can focus on tonight's announcement, to see whether the information appears suspended, if only stocks was suspended, then, for the oversold low price the rebound in stocks will have a significant psychological impact。 Also affect the overall tempo of the current rebound and run。
Only stocks I have repeatedly talked about, not to chase, but the significance of multiple, look at stocks as a benchmark。
4, the operation, in the course of the initiative to lighten up a rebound。
This is unchanged。 Open a new can, but the overall position to do subtraction。
If the latter continues to rebound, there are positions that, if the end of the rebound and then down, then down a long position, as well as the opportunity to participate again。
5, pay close attention to the trend of US stocks tonight。 The following is the daily chart of the current US stocks: Dow is above the daily on the latest figures。 If this position and then pull out the giant Yin, then you run down to the range of the stock market crash type, it will have an extremely negative impact on the global stock markets。
If the stocks in this position of the disk to live, at least temporarily or two can be a situation。 The probability of this position if the sun, it will increase to stabilize。
Similarly, the need to verify step by step。
Here is the most can not afford now and then a big line。

What are the peas snow peas can be said to be a very common dish, I believe many people have eaten this dish, because it is very nutritious, the nutritional value of peas which have together and go and see small series!The nutritional value of peas snow peas which have a high nutritional value, which not only have a certain effect, and its therapeutic effect is very powerful, not only can the spleen and stomach, Tom Lee stool, but also can prevent cancer carcinogenic, beauty, can even use on governance, enhance immunity。
Life, we must take advantage of the nutritional value of good snow peas, and use it to enhance。
Rich in leaves and sugar pea pods in the Netherlands?And enzymes which can degrade in vivo nitrosamines, nitrosamines can be decomposed, has anti-cancer effects。
Peas and vegetables in general different from, the acid contained in the locking branches of a tree, and the gibberellin plant lectins and other substances having antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhanced metabolic function。 Contains abundant in peas and sugar pea dietary fiber can prevent constipation, have a role in bowel。

Meridian physiotherapy critical point, and now more and more city people understand the health, meridian therapy which is a lot of female friends love to do, then Meridian physiotherapy key points which have together and go and see small series!Meridian physiotherapy key points 1, Meridian 1 physiotherapy key point, the key point: the tip of your little finger Meridian: Hand Shao Yin Heart Sutra method: often rub, pressing the tip of the little finger a heart-healthy, chest tightness, palpitation ,, seasick heavy force when the little finger pinch cutting-edge, can quickly relieve symptoms。 2, the key point: the tip of your thumb Meridian: Hand lunar lung health care methods: frequent friction, has the effect of pressing the tip of the thumb Xuanfei, Lee lung, help maintain respiratory health。
Especially in autumn and winter, hand lunar lung meridians run, it is the best time to respiratory health。 In addition, heavy exertion pinch the tip of the thumb, but also to relieve cough symptoms。
3, the key point: the central meridian therapy palm critical point belongs Meridian: Pericardium by health care methods: squeeze often with the index finger knuckle palm center can promote blood circulation, have a certain effect on conditioning, color。
In addition, there are heart-healthy。 4, the key points: Jianwo belongs meridian: Hand Shaoyang triple burner。

Most is the use of Radix, Radix this drug usage is high。 Ill have to choose the right medicine to cure。 Radix is not for all。
So, under what circumstances eat Radix?What circumstances it can not be used Radix?We take a look。
Radix use the following symptoms: 1 line fever, high fever coma。
2.Yu lung phlegm, thick yellow sputum。 3, liver and gallbladder damp heat, two will be negative。
4.Poison boils carbuncle, swelling carbuncle。
5.Suddenly spit bleed at the nose, blood red。
Where there are any of the above, and see red tongue, greasy number strong person, can be selected Radix treatment。
Five cases using Radix Radix five cases with caution if the following five medical problems arise, should be used with caution: 1 hormone deficiency, frequent colds。 2.Patients with chronic gastroenteritis。
3.Hypotension, lethargy person。 4.Allergies。 5.Those suffering from blood diseases。
Others such as suffering from ptosis, peptic ulcer, hypothyroidism, arrhythmia and other diseases, should be used with caution。
In recent years, allergic reactions caused by Radix, such as poor digestive system, blood system reactions have been many reports。
Allergic reactions manifested as dizziness, blurred vision, chest tightness, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pale and so bruising, numbness, or skin rash, severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock, even life-threatening。

Local women's health impact of what are now everyone's living conditions have changed for the better, for their own health more attention than before, but our lives still have a lot of places are being neglected。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about what areas will affect women's health, nine places to pay attention Oh!1 local influence women's health, public shower room frequented by some of our pool or gym shower room, is where most contagious foot, because it is not only very warm wet, so we just have to bring their own slippers。
As well as to develop good health habits foot: feet every day and to insist on a thorough clean dry, and this is a good way to prevent。 2, a telephone handset office phone could contain 2,000 different bacteria, but mostly harmless。
But if there is a person suffering from hand to wipe your mouth or rub your eyes after you use the phone before, but when you use the lips touch the phone, or making phone calls, it might be infected。 3, according to the study drug pen manufacturer Rinstead, in addition to writing, the pen is four purposes: crunch with, or scratch the back foot with itchy, or tea with stirring, with water flow channels。
So when you want to pen in your mouth, think again。
And do not borrow the doctor's pen, according to research at the University of Salzburg, Austria, from the patient to the doctor's hand, and then to the doctor's pen, the pen so doctors are many different types of bacterial and viral contamination, including urinary tract infections A small rash and pus (pustules disease) Dermatology。 4 local influence women's health, toothbrush we must remember not to use others used toothbrush, even the most pro-people do not use。 Because our oral bacteria and viruses are retained on the toothbrush。 5, hand recent US study found that 94 percent of respondents say after they wash their hands after using the toilet, but based on actual observation in a public toilet, only 68 percent of the public to comply with "Wash your hands" instructions。
Unclean hands most likely to infect food-related diseases。 6, toilet。

⑦ "Jade Catalpa drug solution": dry soil and water, vent drink Phlegm, stasis, Gloomy, go missing, ringworm, in addition to disease, physical Tunsuan to rot, the provision of mountains quotidian, back bones and muscles atrophy soft, clear urinate drowning of turbidity。
⑧ "Materia Medica original": diarrhea supper vent sealing, summer diarrhea improper diet, lower blood spleen wet。 A medicinal compatibility with a dry run, complement each other, spleen and moistening, good governance dysphagia abdominal swelling and spleen moss thin greasy。 Per reference element with reference to the product manufactured by the dry run, the system dry and greasy to the reference element of the product, the spleen ney, Yin by the wet, two good at the long。
Plaster with a temperature of a cold, hardness and softness, heat and dampness not to hurt the organs healthy atmosphere, good governance dampness and heat, the sun Yangming taken by the two Tongzhi meaning。 Summer temperature, wet temperature, strong thermal polydipsia, body weight, the most suitable female short embolism。
Cork herb with what drugs are two gas with magnificent, two bitter consistency, dampness force multiplier; cork too herb, manufactured by cold to warm, and heat loss without the male。
The phase two-phase system drugs, heat and dampness significant skill, the power used to heat the foot of the knee pain, swelling, weakness foot atrophy, vaginal discharge or heat, and see urine dripping wet sore short red, yellow and greasy tongue and other syndromes。
With Sichuan pepper warm in the cold and dampness dampness go, the spleen and stomach health movement can stop diarrhea。 Temperature increase force in diarrhea, cold and dampness can cure chronic diarrhea than Sheng, greasy moss thick cloud embolism。

BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) Australia Network published an article on the 20th compilation, Sydney, Australia curfew policy has been controversial。 The latest report shows that more than half of Sydney people are not satisfied with the night life, many people have called for Sydney NSW Government introduced new offices, such as "Night Mayor" (nightmayor) or "night economy Minister" (ministerfornight-timeeconomy) to improve Sydney nightlife, so that Sydney has become subject to all ages have loved。 Data for: the night of the Sydney Opera House。 Photo agency issued Jiang Zhanggeng article excerpts are as follows: Economic Commission for Sydney at night under the Commission (CommissionforaNight-timeEconomy) spent a year of time to study, hoping to find an effective way to improve the Sydney CBD and the wider region of nightlife。
According to the agency released a research report shows that less than half of the Greater Sydney area residents are satisfied with the night life of leisure and entertainment。
Since 2014, the debate on the Sydney CBD nightlife are escape curfew law, and violence caused by drunkenness。 Although the report welcomes the curfew law state government implemented in 2016, but at the same time expressing a long-term implementation of the Act, may adversely affect the reputation of the city of Sydney International fears。
To this end, the report recommends that the new state government to re-evaluate the pros and cons curfew law。 In addition, the report also proposed to extend the opening hours on Friday and Saturday the store, extend the opening hours of public transport, museums and art galleries of。
In this regard, Chairman of the Committee for Sydney Ross (MichaelRose), said poor urban planning and transportation could not create the vibrant nightlife in Sydney。
Although Sydney has a lot of special events, such as the White Nights Festival, the Lunar New Year celebrations, but in this regard, the city still has a broad development space。 He also said that the appointment of an independent coordinator, such as "Night Mayor" or "night economy Minister" responsible for consider how to maximize the interests of Sydney residents is very important。
Editor: Xu snow。

  Configuration more and more fashionable "new car equipped with oversized screen, a collection of rich Internet access。
"A few days ago a car 4S store sales staff, he said to reporters when recommending a new car," with models of chairs is the most fashionable color design, also using the latest high-level leather。 "It is understood that these very eye-catching fashionable configured as a selling point of the new car more and more, many brands of car sales in the introduction of the vehicle to the customer, often in trying to highlight the big screen, air purification, Internet, audio and other selling luxury , while the vehicle's engine performance, transmission type, fuel consumption and safety performance rarely mentioned。 Reporters noted that in an interview, adding many models in the so-called fashionable configuration, the price is also rising, with the Department of models due to an increase in luxury features, it may expensive seven or eight thousand or even a few million。
  But these seemingly flashy new car highlights stylish, luxurious configuration, many of them flashy。
Consumers Mr. Zhang city before the Spring Festival of the purchase of a new SUV, only to upgrade a "two-tone leather interior" to spend 7,000 yuan。
But since the car more than two months, Mr. Zhang has been plagued by the smell of car interiors。
Zhang told reporters after his friends have to buy the same model, the election is ordinary interior materials, the car is almost no odor。 Another optional luxury to spend more in the control of large screen Tucao when buying a car, Mr. Wang also told reporters that there were only notice that the screen size, but only use found that many cars have Internet phone, car navigation, this car is not supported, but the screen resolution is relatively low。 In addition, there are many owners reflect, like a multi-zone air-conditioning, air purification, surround speakers, and other configurations, the actual use of the effect is not obvious, is money well spent little loss。
  Reason to choose a car Mo forest for the trees insiders tips to consumers, the new car market does exist now configure more fancy phenomenon, but it is worth noting that, for the family car, the color and size of the car interior appearance in the control screen , chair of the material, size skylights, etc. compared to the number of speakers, a powered vehicle safety, fuel consumption is the essential element of these large consumers should be more concerned about。
The industry also called on car manufacturers in the development of family cars for the needs of the people, not forest for the trees, and the so-called cool technology, ultra-luxurious configuration, positioning itself does not conform to family cars。
Manufacturers and their far-fetched to upgrade configuration, might as well return to nature, a better experience for consumers in improving the safety and comfort and reduce fuel consumption。
( "Tsukumo" News editor Liu Ying)。

Since the party's eighteen, according to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and 12th National People's Congress and its Standing Committee will formulate general civil code and civil code codification of the key tasks as legislative work。 General Principles of the Civil Code and by the sub-grouped, the legislature is currently considering the sub-series compiled for the property, contract compiled, edited tort liability, marriage and family and inheritance knitting, etc.。 General Civil Code to provide for basic civil law system, the basic principles of civil law, civil entities, civil rights, civil legal action, civil liability and statute of limitations, etc., to build the basic framework of civil law system in China, laid the foundation for the codification of the Civil Code。
General civil code fine traditional culture concept of our country, promote the socialist core values, emphasizing civil entities engaged in civil activities should follow the principle of voluntariness, fairness, integrity and principles; it should help conserve and protect the ecological environment; shall not violate the law, must not violate public order and morals。
General civil code to implement the State requirements on the realization of citizens' rights to protect the rule of law and improve property rights protection system, strengthen the protection of civil rights, civil subject to further clarify personal rights, the protection of property rights and other legitimate rights and interests protected by law as the Civil Code sub civil and commercial Code and special laws specific provisions provide the basis for civil rights。 After the General Civil Code by the contract, ownership and other property, civil liability and other details General under existing civil law also requires further co-ordination, system integration in the compilation of the sub Civil Code。
Temporarily abolished after the Civil Law by the General Civil Code, Civil Code and the General Civil Code provisions inconsistent with the principle of the new law is better than the old law, general civil code applicable provisions。 General of Civil vote, marking the first step in the work of Civil Code has been completed。
The second step will be the codification of the Civil Code of each sub-series, to be in 2018 as a whole the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee, after deliberation stages, fight the Civil Code in 2020 brought together various sub-series National People's Congress the meeting reviewed and, thereby forming a uniform civil code。
(Reporter Yang Weihan, Rosa) Editor: Liu Siyue。