[Can cough eat fish]_Fish_Cough disease_Can you eat

[Can cough eat fish]_Fish_Cough disease_Can you eat

Speaking of the problem of cough, everyone is more concerned about it, because everyone also knows that after the occurrence of cough, it may cause pneumonia or bronchitis. A little carelessness may cause larger and more serious problems, so this should beBe alert.

You can eat fish during coughing, but try to eat less.


Cough is a common clinical symptom, mainly caused by bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, etc., eating fish is not affected.

But please note: Many fish are high-protein foods, which can easily cause allergic reactions, while others are hair products, which will worsen the symptoms of colds, so it is best not to eat fish for coughs caused by colds.

Guidance: Should eat more light and digestible foods, prohibit spicy spicy foods and greasy fried foods, and pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water, insist on soaking feet with hot water every night, rinse with fresh water after meals to removeOral bacteria.

Keep warm, avoid catching cold.

If there is phlegm in the cough, you can drink some rock sugar stewed pear water, or a small cup of health licorice every day to further moisturize the lungs and detoxify, eliminate and eliminate, repair damaged airway tissues, thin the sputum, and make the cough obviously relieve.