After The Amazing Rescue, Netflix made another action movie High Energy Warning

After “The Amazing Rescue”, Netflix made another action movie “High Energy Warning”
Sauna Night News May 15 local time, according to foreign media reports, after the success of “The Sky Rescue”, Netflix will shoot another action movie called “Trigger Warning” (Trigger Warning).Jessica Alba.The picture comes from the network. The film will be starring Jessica Alba, directed by Molly Sua (“They Will Not Appear When They Are In Love”, “Marina’s Killing Four Segments”), Josh OrrSen (“Jack Jack”) and John Blancato (“Terminator 3”) wrote the script.Jessica Albaba became famous for appearing in the TV series “The Last Angel” produced by James Cameron. The film’s masterpieces include “Fantastic Four”, “Sin City” and “Blue Sea Tracking”.This time, Jessica Alba will play a traumatic veteran in “High Energy Forecast”. She inherited her grandfather’s bar and closed the moral conflict after discovering the truth of her grandfather’s premature death.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun