”This is your girlfriend ah?Really pretty, perfect match ah.”
  Xu Xianglin white at them: “What nonsense, she is my sister.”
  He insisted took her to lunch, micro-Xin long decline, however, after dinner, holding back the packaged cake.
  Cake is to set out his brother, the company colleagues also help him set up the cake, so to eat finish, simply let her back with a.
  Xin long micro met downstairs to see a doctor Xing twilight of middle-aged men.
  She was a little face blind, but rather the man to talk to her to say hello.
  A few pleasantries to exchange names with each other, looking at his face, Xin could not help but speak out of turn long micro asked the sentence: “Mr. Shen, Xing twilight of the disease is very difficult right?”
  Mr. Shen look at her, did not speak.
  Xin long micro embarrassing touched his nose.
  ”I’m his psychiatrist,” Mr. Shen had a Club Road, “His condition is very complex, and very eccentric character, I do not convenient to say too much.”
  ”He usually looked quite normal.”Xin long micro tell the truth.
  Mr. Shen strange facial expressions together, asked her to