”.”You did not even co-preparatory program ah?Lu seventy-one waved, “Whatever, anyway, a lot of you than I am black history.”
  Yu Miaozai Resentment very suddenly, “I am so tangled uncomfortable because you are not?You in the end how you think ah?So they kill each other really okay?”
  ”Do not worry ah.”Lu Yu Miaozai seventy-one pushing,” you said, there may be changes in his crew over there too.Go, prepare your monologues go.”
  ”Talk show called!!”Zhang Yun did not go,” you can not keep up with the times!!”
  ”Comic monologues also requires basic skills it, talk what is required?You do not xenophilia the.”
  Lu seventy-one would not finish, it was Shao Yan patted the arm of the chair snow, “the little fairy, you see.”
  [This play is not a bucket of gold small troupe online self-directed adaptation of it?]
  [This is it plagiarism?]
  [This is directly used copy, ah, this is not right?]
  [Authorized it?]
  [How many dramas have been played countless people over and over again, which is what you want to authorize ah]
  [It is not plagiarism?Anyway, I do not think]
  [Feng beginning they did not say it was their adaptation of ah]
  [Before fairies interview, Guo Yajie said, is their own adaptation]
  [Guo Yajie not say that, that it prepared a drama]
  [Copyright and performers’ rights